by Dave Bird

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ancestry | birth | move to Montana | to San Diego | to Washington

1863   Great-grandfather Abram Waterbury comes to Grand Rapids, Michigan (8).
1864   Grandfather Lafayette Waterbury born; later marries Ida de Wolfe and moves to Burnett/Tilden, Nebraska (8).
1885   Mother May Waterbury born, followed by younger sister Toilie (9).
1904   May goes to college in Omaha, meets Harry 'Hub' Ross Hubbard (11).
1909   Parents May & Hub marry
1911   and return to Tilden, where
Mar 11 L. Ron Hubbard is born (12).
Dec 25 Family moves to Kalispell.
1912   Waterburys join them, from Durant, Oklahoma (13).
1913   They move to Helena, Montana, where Hub has a job managing a theatre (15).
1914 Aug 2 War in Europe, theatre closes, Hub works for coal company (16).
1916   Waterburys follow them to Helena, set up in business with a coalyard (17).
1917   Ron enrols in kindergarten there (18).
Apr 6 US declares war; Hub rejoins Navy (19).
1918 Nov 11 Peace. Hub remains in Navy job, and May & Ron at the Waterbury's house (20).
(age 10)
Sep Hub posted to USS Oklahoma.
May & Ron move to San Diego, its home port (23);
1922   then to Seattle when the ship is based at Puget Sound.
Ron joins the scouts (23).
1923 Oct Family sent round the coast to Washington.
Ron meets 'Snake' Thompson (23).
1924 Mar 28 Ron becomes an Eagle Scout (25).

to Bremerton | visits Guam | high school in Montana | drops out | ships for Guam

(age 13)
Apr Family moves to Bremerton, Washington, near Puget Sound.
Ron enrols at Union High School (27).
1926   Then across Puget Sound, to Seattle; Ron at Queen Ann High School there (28).
1927 Apr 5 Hub posted in Guam, with May & Ron to join them until July (28).
Voyage via Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila to Guam (30).
Ron teaches english in local school etc.
Jul 16 Ron to return on USS Nitro (33), by train to Helena and
Sep 6 enrols High School; joins national guard; goes on school paper,
1928 May does float at parade (36).
Drops out of school (37), boards USS Henderson for Guam.

ten days in China | prep school | university 1st year | 2nd year | drops out

(age 17)
Jul 25 Ron arrives in Guam.
Oct Family spends 10 days in Peking, China (40).
Dec 18 Back in Guam. Ron writes short stories (44); fails exams to naval academy.
1929 Aug Return to Helena where May stays on, while Hub is posted to Washington DC and Ron is in prep school. Ron rejected by Navy for poor eyesight. Hub tries to get him into George Washington University (46).
1930 Feb Ron therefore enrols in Woodward "crammer" School, also joins the U.S.M.C. reserve.
Sep 24 Enrols at George Washington University to study Civil Engineering (47); becomes reporter for campus newspaper the Hatchet.
1931   Is president of gliding club. Earns a 'D' grade average.
Aug 18 Grandfather Lafe dies (45), (49).
Sep 13 Forced landing in Gratis, Ohio;
first article published in the Sportsman Pilot (51).
(age 21)
Feb 2 Publishes fiction in the Hatchet (52).
Jun 20 Farcical "expedition" on the Doris Hamblin (53).
Drops out of university, sent to red cross in Puerto Rico (57).


first marriage | children Nibs and Katie | move to Bremerton

(age 22)
  Back in US (59) with Polly Grubb.
Apr 13 Marries Polly Grubb (61).
Discovers pulp magazines as a market (63).
1934 May 7 First child L. Ron Hubbard Jnr ('Nibs') born (64).
In New York, Frank Gruber introduces him to American Fiction Guild (66).
1935   Lots of stories in the pulps; Hollywood (69) The Secret of Treasure Island.
1936 Jan 15 Second child Katherine May ('Katie') Hubbard born (70).
Hub & May move to Bremerton, Washington (near Puget Sound);
later joined by Ida and by Ron & Polly who take a house at South Colby.
1937 Nov First novel Buckskin Brigades (72). He buys a boat Magician with the proceeds, & befriends Robert MacDonald Ford (73).

Campbell at 'Astounding' | Explorers Club | Alaskan expedition | joins Navy

(age 27)
  John W Campbell becomes editor of Astounding (76), meets Ron.
Publishes The Dangerous Dimension (77).
Ron supposedly does first draft of Excalibur, writes a run of cowboy tales.
1939   H L Lewis tries to get Ron in US Air Corps (83);
Sep 1 US proclaims neutrality.
Ron gets small apartment in New York (84), lobbies to join the Explorers Club.
1940   Three classic stories: Fear, Final Blackout and Typewriter in the Sky (86).
Alaskan fiasco "expedition" (88);
Aug 30 gets stuck in Ketchikan, Alaska;
Dec 27 returns home to New York (89).
1941 Mar 15 Ron has various people write lobbying to get him into the Navy (92).
Jul 19 Finally joins the Navy as a Lieutenant (94).


base duties | submarine chaser | USS Algol | hospitalised for ulcers

(age 30)
Jul 21 US effectively at undeclared war.
Ron (96) assigned to Navy Public Relations
Sep 22 for two weeks, at Hydrographic Office in Washington, then leave.
Nov 24 HQ3ND New York to train as Intelligence Officer (97),
Dec 7 Japan bombs Pearl Harbour.
Dec 18 Assigned to Phillipines, but
1942 Feb sent home from Australia for annoying superiors (98).
Apr 22 HQ12ND in San Francisco, office of the cable censor.
Jun Refit of USS YP-422, in Neponsett, Massachusetts.
Sep 9 Refit complete (99).
Oct 1 Relieved of command and returned to HQ12ND.
Nov 2 Submarine chaser training school Miami, Florida. (100)
1943 Jan Ten days ASW training at Key West, Florida,
then to command after refit USS PC-815 based in Portland, Oregon.
Apr 20 PC-815 commissioned,
May 18 sails and attacks imaginary submarines (102).
Jun 8 Enquiry concludes no submarines were present (105).
Jun 28 PC-815 Shells the goats on uninhabited S. Coronados Island, Mexico (106).
Jul 7 Relieved of command and sent HQ11ND San Diego; malingers in hospital for 3 months (107).
Oct Small Craft TC at San Pedro, California, for 6 weeks.
Dec Assigned USS Algol under construction at Portland, Oregon.
1944 Jul Algol commissioned (108).
Aug Crew trains at sea.
Sep 22 Sails to Oakland, California to load supplies.
Ron applies for Navy school of military govt at Princeton.
After "detecting sabotage", he leaves the Algol.
Oct 4 Algol sails without Ron (109) for the Phillipines landings.
He later joins SciFi brainstorm group at Princeton.
1945 Jan Onward to Naval Civil Affairs S.A. in Monterey, California.
Apr Ron reports sick with possible ulcer.
Sep 2 Japanese surrender (110).
Sep 5 Ron in Oak Knoll hospital with ulcers. He has just four routine medals, including those to all serving at the times of Pearl Harbour and of the surrender.

to Pasadena & Jack Parsons | OTO magick | marries JP's girlfriend

(age 34)
Dec 5 Discharged from Navy in San Francisco (112).
Moves in with Jack Parsons (113) in Pasadena, near Los Angeles:
black magic & demonism at Parsons/Crowley Ordo Templi Orientis.
Aug Lou Goldstone (116) introduces Ron to the OTO house on South Orange Grove Ave.
Ron seduces Parsons' girlfriend, Sara 'Betty' Northrup (117).
1946 Jan 4 (120) Hubbard & Parsons engage in the magickal "Babalon Working".
They form partnership, "Allied Enterprises". Polly settles in Bremerton, Washington, estranged from Ron. Ron & Sara use partnership's money to buy a yacht in the east.
May Parsons is warned (126) and goes to Miami, Florida to track them.
Jul 1 Parsons sues, dissolves the partnership (127).
Ron asks Veterans Administration for increased pension (128).
Aug 10 Second, bigamous marriage to Sara Northrup (age 21) in Chestertown, Maryland.
Parsons moves in with Marjorie Cameron (129); in 1952 he dies in an explosion.

resumes writing career | divorced by Polly | acquires agent | book of psychology

(age 35)
Sep 19 Dogged pursuit of bigger VA pension. Ron & Sara at Laguna Beach, south of Los Angeles (131).
Dec Ron & Sara in New York a few weeks; he re-contacts John W Campbell (133).
To Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania where he writes novel The End Is Not Yet (134).
1947 Apr 14 Polly files for divorce; Ron & Sara move into boyhood house in Bremerton, Washington.
Jul They return to North Hollywood, California, where he writes the Old Doc Methuselah stories (135).
He hires agent Forrest "Forrie" Ackerman, and tells him about Excalibur.
Another letter, begging the VA (137); inconclusive med exam leads, incredibly, to increased pension $55/month.
Ackerman introduces him to Los Angeles Fantasy and Sci Fi society.
Van Vogt and the incident of hypnotising Bill Cox.
1948 Aug 19 Ron is prosecuted in San Luis Obispo, California for passing a bad cheque (142).
Ron & Sara then move to Savannah, Georgia (143); Sara transcribing both fiction and Excalibur.
1949 Jan Supposedly working on a "book of psychology"; but also churning out quantities of fiction.
Dec Issue of Astounding F & SF mentions Dianetics article in preparation (145) and
Apr trails it for next month.


move to Bay Head NJ | Dn article done | Dn Foundation established | science pans it

(age 38)
Spring J W Campbell finds them a cottage at Bay Head, New Jersey (147),
Jul contacts Dr Winter
Oct 1 who comes to stay at Bay Head (150).
JAMA and AJP both reject his paper on Dianetics.
Dec 25 Dn article completed (152).
1950 Mar 8 Third child Alexis Valerie Hubbard born.
Apr Hubbard Dianetics Foundation established in Elizabeth, New Jersey; May issue of Astounding carries Dn article.
May 9 Dianetics:MSMH book published (155); Dn courses priced $500 each (159).
Scientific American (160) and others pan it; Ron gives media interviews (162).

returns to LA | Dn finances in trouble | Palm Springs | kidnaps Alexis | flees to Cuba

(age 39)
Aug Ron returns in triumph to Los Angeles.
Aug 10 Event at Shrine auditorium (163), where world's first Clear, Sonya Bianca, is a washout (165).
Money pouring in but poorly controlled (166).
Affair with "Barbara Kaye" (age 20) (167).
Sep Ron & Barbara go on Dn tour of S.F. area (168).
Oct Briefly in Elizabeth, New Jersey (169); finances in trouble, Art Ceppos & Dr Winter leaving.
Ron & Barbara double date with Sara & Miles Hollister; Miles becomes Sara's lover (170).
Barbara keeps a diary (171);
Nov Van Vogt cuts staff at Los Angeles Foundation (173).
Dec Look magazine pans Dn.
1951 Jan New Jersey Medical Examiners start proceedings against Dn (174).
Ron & Sara in Palm Springs, California, join Richard de Mille, to write 2nd Dn book Science of Survival.
Feb 3 Barbara comes to Palm Springs after Sara returns to Los Angeles (175).
Feb 24 Ron seizes Alexis, puts her in nursery in Los Angeles (176); next morning kidnaps Sara (177).
Mar 3 He reports Miles & Sara to FBI as Communists (180).
J W Campbell resigns. Ron, Dick & Alexis flee to Tampa, Florida, then to Havana, Cuba (181).
Apr 12 Sara goes to the press (183),
Apr 23 files for divorce (184).
Hubbard asks Don Purcell from Wichita, Kansas to bail him out (185).

divorce from Sara | Wichita Foundation bankrupt | Mary Sue | Scientology introduced

(age 40)
May 4 FBI told of Dn setting up in Wichita (188); Ron invites Barbara; divorce from Sara proceeds.
Jun 9 Sara forgives debts and grants divorce in return for custody of Alexis (192).
Jun Dn conference sparsely attended; Science of Survival published (194); Helen O'Brien's account.
Mary Sue Whipp (age 19) arrives as Dn student and moves in with Ron (195); Perry Chapeldaine's account.
Aug Another medical exam for the Veterans Administration.
Hubbard and Purcell fall out over finances and "past lives" (197).
Nov "Allied Scientists" mass-mailing backfires, attracts FBI and mail fraud investigation (198).
1952   Courts hold Wichita group liable for Elizabeth, New Jersey debts; it goes bankrupt; Ron resigns (199).
Mar Third marriage to Mary Sue Whipp (age 19) (200).
Ron introduces Matheison's E-meter and announces the advent of Scn.


HASI opens in Phoenix | and London | PDC | Phoenix grows

(age 41)
Apr Ron & Mary Sue move to Phoenix, Arizona, where the
Hubbard Association of Scientologists is opened (202).
Jul 3rd Dn/1st Scn book History Of Man published (204), followed a few months later by Scientology 8-80. Nibs arrives to join Scn (207).
Sep Ron & Mary Sue, on first trip to Europe, meet HASI members in London.
Sep 24 Fourth child Diana Meredith Hubbard born (208).
Carmen D'Alessio describes being audited by Ron.
Nov To Philadelphia, where Scn franchise run by Helen O'Brien & husband (210)
Dec 1-19 Delivers Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures.
Dec 16 Briefly arrested for fraudulent cheque on Dn in Phoenix; upon release, revisits London (211).
1953 Feb 27 Acquires diploma-mill Doctorate from "Sequoia University" (212).
Mar Asks Helen O'Brien to move Phoenix publishing operation to Philadelphia.
Apr 10 (213) Writes to Helen suggesting the "religion angle". Fourth Dn book The Factors.
May Ron & Mary Sue travel to Spain.
Sep Addresses Int'l Congress of Dn and Scn in Philadelphia (214). Helen O'Brien quits, disillusioned.
Oct Lectures at Camden, New Jersey 'Org'.
Dec 25 Returns to Phoenix, where HASI continues growth.
1954 Jan 6 Fifth child Geoffrey Quentin Hubbard born.
Apr HASI moves into larger building (215).
Accounts of Ray Kemp and (216) Jack Horner.
Jun John Galusha inflates LRH biography for Phoenix Better Business Bureau (218).
Don Purcell abandons claims to Dn (219).

religion incorporated | flood of money | buys St Hill manor

1954 Dec 18 Church of Scientology (California) incorporated (220).
(age 44)
  HQ moves to Washington DC (221).
Feb 13 Sixth Child Suzette Rochelle Hubbard born.
Jul 11 More mad letters to the FBI, and the infamous Brainwashing Manual (222).
"The law can be used very easily to harass" squirrels (223)
Sep Third trip to London; Cyril Vosper's account (age 19).
1956 Feb Presides at wedding of Ray & Pam Kemp (225).
Mar Visits Dublin, Ireland.
Jun "Casualty Contact". Hubbard's gross income is just over $100,000.
1957 Mar CoS to pay Ron percentage of gross income, about $250,000/yr (227).
Apr All About Radiation.
Jul Performs "christening" at Freedom Congress in Washington DC (228). CIA opens a file on Scn.
1958 Jun 6 Seventh child Arthur Conway Hubbard born (230).
Spends most of year lecturing in Washington DC.
Oct Revisits London (231) for six-week "Advanced Clinical Course".
Dec Returns briefly to US.
1959 Feb Hubbards (with 4 kids) leave US for London, rent Kemps' house in Golders Green (232).
Buys Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, Surrey.

[<< 14 >>] LORD OF THE MANOR
Ron the gardener | mother's death | meddling in politics | SHSBC & Washington DC

(age 48)
May 29 East Grinstead Courier excitedly reports his arrival (234).
Ron audits tomato plants (235).
Oct 31 To Melbourne, Australia (236).
News comes that Nibs has "blown".
Nov Aunt Toilie orders him to Bremerton where his mother is dying; rapid return to London.
1960 Mar Book Have You Lived Before This Life (238);
Ron insists everyone be sec-check interrogated by E-meter (239).
Apr 24 Telex: "keep Nixon out of power" (240).
Jun "Special Zone Plan" and "Dept of Govt Affairs".
Oct Johannesburg, South Africa.
Dec 25 Washington DC.
1961 Jan Johannesburg.
Feb Back to Saint Hill (242).
Mar Saint Hill Special Briefing Course introduced at £250.
New buildings to hold increased student numbers. Increased "sec-checking" (243).
What Is Scientology published.
Dec 28 To Washington DC, for Scn congress, to promote SHSBC.
1962 Aug 13 Writes President Kennedy how Scn can help in the space programme (245).

FDA raid | heavenly report | Anderson report | expelled from Rhodesia

(age 52)
Jan 4 FDA raids Scn in Washington DC (247); next day Ron issues a statement.
May 11 He issues the Visit to Heaven HCOB;
Aug new policy on the media (250).
Nov Board of Inquiry convened in Melbourne, Australia.
1964 Mar Saturday Evening Post interviews Ron.
Ron's butler, Ken Urquhart, describes life at St Hill.
"Ethics Conditions" introduced (251).
1965 Oct Anderson report published in Australia; Lord Balniel initiates British enquiry.
New "investigate the investigators" policy (254).
1966 Feb John McMaster (255) world's 1st clear. Ron renounces fake doctorate.
Visits Rhodesia (257); poses as financier, seeks refuge for Scn.
Jul Expulsion order (259); must leave Rhodesia by 18 July.
Jul 15 Leaves Rhodesia; big welcome back to England organised (260).
In US, IRS challenges Scn's tax-exempt status.
"Sea Project" conceived as escape from government interference.


company founded | Enchanter to Canarys | Royal Scotman to Sardinia | Avon River storm damaged

(age 55)
Nov 22 Hubbard Explorational Co Ltd founded for "surveys" i.e. the Sea Project (264).
Ron buys the Enchanter with Ray Kemp, and the Avon River, then flies to Tangier (265).
1967   Enchanter brought to Las Palmas. Ron arrives having completed OT3 "Wall of Fire" (266).
Apr Avon River joins fleet (268), prepares for refit (269);
Aug Hannah Eltringham arrives.
Sep Royal Scot(s)man purchased in Edinburgh (270), has registration problems. Other ships to Gibraltar.
Ron goes to UK to fetch the detained ship (272).
McMaster, demoted and humiliated, assigned to ship's galley (273).
Nov 28 Hannah re-registers Royal Scotman in Sierra Leone.
Departs Southampton, stormbound at Brest, refused at Gibraltar, reprovisions Monte Carlo, then to Sardinia.
Avon River damaged in storm; O'Keefe demoted (277).
Dec 25 Ron sends ship to Valencia, Spain. Churcher leaves.
1968 Feb 21 People newspaper does article "the craziest cruise on earth".

treasure-hunting | strike bound in Marseilles | Corfu

(age 57)
Feb Avon River sails to Sardinia on "Mission into Time" looking for past-life treasures (281). Hannah made captain.
Engine problems (283), Sicily, Calabria, space station in Corsica; mission aborted by 'flap' in Valencia (285).
Royal Scotman nearly breaks hawsers in storm; rudder damaged.
"Liability cruise": Mary Sue (286) made captain. Avon River to Alicante, then Marseilles.
Jun Royal Scotman joins them, then with Ron to Morocco (287).
Royal Scotman evades strike, to Barcelona, Valencia, Tunisia.
Hannah (288) gets the blame.
David Mayo's account: overboarding of Otto Roos and others.
Jul 25 UK govt bans entry of students and of Hubbard.
TV interviewer arrives (290); Royal Scotman sails for Corfu.
Ron fawns over the Greek junta (291)
Aug Avon River joins them. Ships renamed Apollo, Athena, Diana.
Class 8 auditor course (292). "Overboarding". Hubbard's kids.
Vice consul John Forte delivers notice: Hubbard persona non grata in England.
1969 Jan Traders oppose talk of ejecting Scn (294).
Mar 19 Scn ejected from the island (296).

Casablanca & conspiracies | the Azores & Alexis | Tangier & "handling" Nibs

(age 58)
  Apollo sails into E. Atlantic, along W. Coast of Africa/Iberia for next three years (297).
Sep US consul visits in Casablanca.
Nov 2 "Covert Operations"/Tenyaka Memorial Foundation (298).
Scn worldwide run by telex (300) and courier.
Goldstein and the frozen shrimps. CMO founded (301).
1970 Sep They weather out a heavy storm in the Azores (303).
Diana, age 18; Quentin, age 17.
Alexis (age 21) tries to contact him and is rebuffed (305).
1971 Jun 25 Suicide of Susan Miester (306).
1972 Jan Hubbard falls ill; Jim Dincalci treats him; Otto Roos (309) reviews his PC folders.
Docked in Tangier, Morocco (310); attempts to train soldiers and bureaucrats.
Sep Mary Sue (312) runs GO "handling" of Nibs Hubbard.
Dec 3 Because Ron might be extradited to fraud trial in France, the operation moves out to Lisbon, Portugal.

hiding in New York | Ron rejoins ship | to Bermuda

(age 61)
Sep Still fearing extradition, with ship drydocked, Hubbard, Dincalci and Preston hide in New York (313).
Dec Confirmed US won't extradite, GO advises "stay undercover" (315); move to Queens (316).
1973   Uses FOI act to get govt records on Scn, and conceives Operation Snow White (317).
Sep Now safe to rejoin the ship at Lisbon (318), heads south
Dec to Tenerife. Ron injured in motorbike accident. Dincalci's assistance rejected; Kima Douglas nurses him (319); RPF established (321).
1974 Mar Injuries heal. Young CMO messengers (322) wield growing power.
May 28 Applies for war medals (324) he never earned;
Jun 18 Navy refuses medals; Ron lies to crew.
Shipboard dance/concert band, the "Apollo Stars".
Quentin (age 20) attempts suicide in Madeira (325) and is RPFed.
Oct 7 Ship arrives Funchat, Madeira, but on the 9th is mobbed; next day, sails for the US.
Oct 16 Refuel at Bermuda (328). FBI waiting at Charleston, so they head back to Bermuda.
Kima sent to move Scn's millions from Switzerland to Lichtenstein (329).
Cathy Cariotaki's account of life w/Hubbards (330).
1975   Ron's father, Harry Hubbard (age 88) visits the ship (331).
Rumours flourish in the area. Ron has a minor stroke.
Mark Shechter is sent with cash to buy a land base.


arrives in Clearwater | flees to Washington DC | Snow White discovered | flees to LA

(age 64)
Aug Neptune Motel rented for 3 months in Daytona Beach, Florida (333).
Oct Fort Harrison Hotel bought in Clearwater, Florida, for $33M cash (335).
Dec 5 Ron hides in Dunedin, just N. of Clearwater (336).
Snow White in full swing in Washington DC.
St Petersburg Times exposing Scn facade in Clearwater (337).
1976 Jan 28 "Rev" Art Maren announces that United Churches is Scn (338).
Identified near Dunedin, Ron flees w/Douglases to Washington DC (340).
GO frames Clearwater Mayor Cazares w/fake hit & run accident (341).
Jun 11 FBI arrests Snow White agents Meisner and Wolfe (codename 'Silver').
Ron flees to Los Angeles (342), buys ranch at La Quinta.
Oct Moves into La Quinta (344).
Nov 17 Quentin's suicide; Art Maren identifies the body (346).

[<< 21 >>] MAKING MOVIES
FBI raid, hides in Nevada | film org, hides in Hemet | trial & disappearance

(age 65)
  Doreen Smith's account (349). Suzette nearly disinherited.
Arthur illustrates What Is Scientology (350).
1977 early Dincalci invents the Purification Rundown; Ron wants Nobel prize.
Jun 20 Meisner blows and talks to FBI (351).
Jul 8 FBI raids Scn in Washington and Los Angeles (352).
Jul 15 Ron flees with Pat Broeker to Sparks, near Reno, Nevada; film-script (353) Revolt in the Stars.
1978 Jan 2 He returns to La Quinta but Mary Sue moved out.
Film studio at Silver Sands ranch.
The Hartwells join the Cine Org (354), Gerry Armstrong (356) builds the sets.
Aug 15 Mary Sue et al indicted in Snow White case.
Hubbard collapses, Dr Gene Denk summoned (357), with David Mayo as auditor.
Oct Ron recovers; Gilman Hot Springs.
Ernie Hartwell blows (360), and Ed Walters blows to FBI over his mishandling (361).
1979 Mar Ron flees with Douglases and hides in Hemet (14 mi. from Gilman).
Sep 24 Intended date for Snow White trial (363).
Oct 8 Instead, nine of eleven defendants plead guilty.
Oct 26 Mary Sue and two others fined $10,000 and sentenced to five years in prison.
Nov 23 Snow White documents unsealed.
1980 Feb Ron flees again with Pat & Annie Broeker, and never emerges from hiding.

CoS reorganised | trouble in the courts | Hubbard dies in hiding

(age 70)
  Broeker & Miscavige re-organise CoS;
May Mary Sue ousted (366).
Sep Ouster of Mary Sue announced.
1982 Apr Ron appoints Mayo to safeguard Tech (367).
May Nibs testifies at Clearwater hearings;
Jul further disparages Ron in press interview.
Battlefield Earth released (368).
1983 Jan Mary Sue's Snow White appeal denied; she begins 4-yr sentence.
Nibs petitions for trusteeship of Ron's estate (369).
Jun Nibs alleges "Ron believed he was Satan" in Penthouse article.
Nov Ron writes optimistic letter to Scns (370).
1984 May Scn vs Armstrong trial before Judge Breckenridge; Latey verdict in London (371).
(age 74)
Jan 19 Ron issues message "The Sea Org & the Future" (372).
In 1983 the Broekers had bought the Whispering Winds ranch in San Lui Obispo, California (373).
Jan 24 L. Ron Hubbard dies there of stroke (374).
Jan 27 Hubbard's death announced (375).