(from the Foster Report, 1971, Chapter 7, pages 142-4)


(ii) Doubters outside the fold

181. The attitude of the Scientology leadership - and especially Mr. Hubbard - to those outside Scientology who are unconvinced of its excellence - which must include most of the population of the United Kingdom - is in my judgment the key to the relationship between Scientology and the rest of society. It is therefore worth quoting at length from the internal Scientology documents which lay down policy on the subject, and I do so here: -


Office of LRH

9th February 1966

SECED 45 WW & 310 SH
Exec Secretaries and
Secretaries and Legal Officer



1. The "news" that some lord [Lord Balniel] is "going to ask a question in the House as to why the Health Minister here does not conduct an Enquiry into Scientology like in Melbourne" as published in the "News of the World" which we are suing gives us this planning.

2. First, it isn't anything to worry about.

3. Melbourne went awry because it was a non-compliance. Hemery gave the Melbourne Office permission to agree to an Enquiry. I okayed only this: That we agree into an Enquiry into all mental Health services and activities. This was the order. Hemery or Williams narrowed it to Scientology only.

4. Obviously we could have had a ball and put psychiatry on trial for murder, mercy killing, sterilization, torture, and sex practices and could have wiped out psychiatry's good name.

5. That went wrong and Melbourne wouldn't follow any other order either. So it was a mess.

6. If we are ever so involved again we demand one or all mental healing activities including psychiatry and demand it loudly. And lead them up the path to slaughter.

7. Planning would be If any more is heard of this:

(1) Mary Sue will write a letter for the Chaplain to all members of Parliament and have it photolithioed and if it hots up mail it to all members of Parliament.

(2) Get a detective on that lord's past to unearth the tid-bits. They're there.

(3) Stress sex and blood in psychiatry and collect data and mount an all out attack in the press on psychiatry, so that "Mental Health" sees that they are going to get hurt and will cool off.

(4) If an Enquiry after all OCCURS and we are pulled in, we try only Melbourne's illegalities all over again (not their transcript) and try psychiatry only. We refuse to discuss or describe Scientology. As near as we come is "Well Scientology isn't like Psychiatry. In psychiatry they think adultery is a cure for ..............". You get it. Curve every answer with answers that MAKE LURID PRESS TO PSYCHIATRY'S COST. Papers by policy only want blood and sex - so give them Psychiatry's and they'll print it. Further couple the words Psychiatry and Capitalism - allege that Psychiatry is the Capitalist tool (a Conservative opened the attack in the UK) and found the press beating the drum for us.

(5) Refuse to let the enemy introduce Melbourne transcripts as suits are in progress - "sub-judice". Use only Melbourne illegalities.

8. Remember these things - we won against the FDA. We are winning on US tax. We have caught the ball on UK tax. Part of our trouble is that we're an up statistic and governments are SP and strike at all rising statistics. (See Income Tax scales of tax; as your wage rises the penalty percentage rises.)

9. The Melbourne staff set up a nice new org in Adelaide and other states in Australia are revolted at Victoria.


10. The US is clean operating ground.

11. And England's Parliament is not about to pass or even introduce law barring religion or philosophy. After all these aren't ex-convicts.

12. These flurries can be expected. Plan for them and handle.

13. This is nothing compared to what will happen when we start taking SPs out of the government. They are rightly afraid.

14. So don't you be. Tomorrow belongs to us. Inevitably there are bumps in the road.