Inside Scientology/Dianetics

How I Joined Dianetics/Scientology
and Became Superhuman

by Robert Kaufman
(1995 revision)

The first work ever to disclose the secret Scientology materials.

Foreword: Son of Scientology

A message from the author Robert Kaufman
A Letter in Scientologese
Introduction: Dianetics, the Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Book

PART I: The Franchise
Raw Meat
The New York Org
Saint Hill
The Dianetics Course
Auditing Live Preclears
A Scientology Party
Life on the Outside
An Evening at the Franchise
Scientology Cognition

PART II: The Hill
The Manor
The Power Process
Solo Audit Class
The Tapes
OTs and Other Superhumans
Solo Packs A-D
Twin Checkouts
The Bank
The Sea Org
Albert Ward
Practical Drills
Final Preparations and Solo Audit
Out-Going Lines

The Upper Levels
The Special Briefing Course

PART IV: In the Wog World
Scientology Sickness
Beyond the Wall of Fire
Life in Present Time

APPENDICES: Scientologiana

  1. Dramatic Personae Update
  2. English Translation of "Scientologist's Letter"
  3. Scientology Today
  4. The High Cost of Infinity
  5. Processing Revisited
  6. A Message from L. Ron Hubbard, May 9, 1984
  7. From Hubbard's Axioms
  8. Success Stories
  9. Security Checks
  10. The Clearing Course Materials (1968 and Perhaps Subsequent)
  11. A Tempered Word for Scientology
  12. Whither Scientology?
  13. Scientologese
  14. First Abridged Unapproved Dictionary of Scientologese

Robert Kaufman died of cancer on 29 July 1996. During the final years of his life, Robert Kaufman revised the manuscript of his book, Inside Scientology (published in 1972), but could not sell it to a publisher. (The extent of revision may be roughly guaged by comparing the Tables of Contents.) In late 1995, with his health failing, he gave a copy of the WordPerfect files to Keith Spurgeon <> for distribution on the Internet. In August 1996, Keith emailed the files (which are in somewhat haphazard form) to Dean Benjamin <>, who edited the manuscript and formatted it for the World Wide Web in November 1997. Robert Kaufman was eulogized on alt.religion.scientology by his friends Paulette Cooper and Monica Pignotti.

The HTML source for this book may be downloaded conveniently. Also available in zipped plaintext.