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NOTs Analysis under Attack

January 2000:

An analysis of NOTS 34 authored by Tilman Hausherr and featured on Operation Clambake as part of the documentation covering the Henson trial is claimed by RTC to be violating their copyrights.

The claim that RTC holds the copyright for Tilman's work is of course utterly ridiculous, since Tilman Hausherr is a well-known critic of the same cult. His analysis include quotes from NOTs 34, well within the right of fair use and is of course legal for me to have on Operation Clambake as long as I have Hausherr's permission.

As you will see from the correspondence below my ISP in USA asked me to remove the file from their server and to save them more trouble from this cult I agreed to temorarily replace it with a link to my original copy of the analysis on one of my Norwegian accounts. If the cult is so stupid that it takes legal steps to get fair quotes off the 'Net it is much easier for me to fight them here in Norway.

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