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Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000
From: Steve Hassan

On Tuesday, April 26, 2000, at approximately 5:45 p.m., I was filmed by an AP (Associated Press) TV cameraperson giving a copy of my new book, Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for Themselves to John Travolta as he was leaving a book signing at Borders bookstore in Downtown Crossing, Boston.

I had just finished an interview with the AP reporter outside the bookstore and had expressed my concern that the upcoming movie, Battlefield Earth, which stars Travolta was really a major effort to recruit new members, as well as promote good public relations for the cult. By using one of its biggest stars, they could try to offset the negative PR and dwindling membership due to the Lisa McPherson death and subsequent law suit s (for more information, see and

Scientology normally has incredibly high security around its star recruiter and political advocate. As Travolta was leaving the book store, his limousine stopped in the middle of the street, his electric window rolled down, his arm came out as he waved. A number of fans rushed to ask him for autographs- handing him different objects to sign. I ran over too (only about 50 feet) and handed him the new, hard bond edition of Releasing the Bonds. He signed the cover with a felt pen and handed it back to me. I stood for a fraction of a second and thought what an amazing keepsake this would be. I quickly remembered one of my long held fantasies of counseling John out of Scientology and imagining him speaking out publicly about the dangers of cults. So I said to him, "I am the author. Here, you keep it" and gave it back to him. He seemed startled and looked over the cover. Under my name it says "America's Leading Cult Counselor." In an instant, the car sped away.

I stood on Washington Street dumbfounded, repeating to myself, "I just gave Releasing the Bonds to John Travolta. I just gave Releasing the Bonds to John Travolta." I began to wonder what happened after the car drove away? Did John start reading the blurbs on the front and back of t he book? Did he see that I wrote about him on page 16 and 17? Did one of his Scientology handlers try to take the book away from him? Did he give it over? Did he insist on looking at it?

Of course, I have seen my "dead agent pack" that Scientology gives to people to discredit me. What probably happened is that the book was thrown out in the nearest garbage can. But, what if it wasn't?

For sure, some Scientology official is going to be yelled at for the security breach. How could such a known SP (Scientology's loaded lingo term for suppressive person- defined as anyone who criticizes them) give such dangerous information to their celebrity? On top of this, I also appeared on local news channel 4 (CBS) as well, describing my concern that the movie was going to be used to recruit new members, and that the group is doing a "con job."

In any case, I hope to post a picture shortly to my web site, I can only hope and pray that John actually considers the mind control issue and realizes that he doesn't need Scientology. They need him. I truly believe that deep inside he knows that and I hope he finds the resources to extricate himself in the near future.

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Steven Hassan

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