One opened, more to go... Operation Clambake presents:

To David Miscavige...

Released on ARS May 21st 1998:

Captain David Miscavige
Supreme Commander
Pacific Area Command ("PAC")
of the Church of Scientologyv
and Chairman of the Board of
Religious Technology Center
1710 Ivar Avenue
Suite 1100
Los Angeles, California 90028

Via Facsimile
(213) 960-3508/09
Church of Scientology International
Office of Special Affairs
1331 Hollywood Boulevard
Suite 1200
Hollywood, California 90028-6329

Dear Captain Miscaviage:

        We represent Michael Phillip Pattinson, who was recruited into the Scientology Organization nearly twenty-five years ago. Since then, he has expended much time, trust, labor and money, in excess of $500,000 in cash alone, on Scientology training and auditing. At the time, Mr. Pattinson joined the Scientology Organization it was represented to him that Scientology was a peaceful, law abiding, bona fide and legitimate religion, acting in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Mr. Pattison has recently discovered that these representations were false, and that the Church's and corporations of Scientology perpetrated further fraud upon him by way of material non-disclosures and upon which he reasonably relied. As recently as May 2, 1998, the Church wrote to Mr. Pattinson in his O.T. Ambassador capacity and continued the perpetration of this fraud.

        Contrary to the pertinent representations, and consistent with the material non-disclosures, Mr. Pattinson has learned that the Scientology organization engaged in fraudulent conduct in order to procure its tax exempt status in the United States, and that it continues to breach and violate applicable tax laws, regulations, and rules, and the express terms of the IRS Exemption Letter, and Secret Closing Agreement, entered into in 1993.

        In addition, and again in pertinent part only, Mr. Pattinson has discovered that the church in which he attained the highest possible levels of training, has used his membership, monies and trust, to embroil agencies of the United States Government, in violations of, most simply put, the separation of Church and State provisions contained in the United States Constitution.

        Again, and in pertinent part only, the Scientology organization has also engaged in unlawful activity (contrary to the Tax Code and other laws) to "persuade" the President of the United States, his National Security Advisor, the Secretary of State, the United States Department of the Treasury, the United States Department of Commerce, the Commissioner of the I.R.S. and the United States Trade Representative to interfere in the internal affairs of foreign governments, including but not limited to the governments of Germany and Sweden. For example, the Scientology organization has convinced the United States Government, through the United States Trade Representative, and the State Department, to place the Nation of Sweden on a 301 Special Watch List, preparatory to the imposition of trade sanctions being imposed by the United States Government upon the Government of Sweden, because of that government's refusal to remove the Church of Scientology's so-called sacred scriptures from being available from certain public information repositories in that country.

        Unless a written stipulation is received in my office by 3:45 p.m. today, agreeing that the Church of Scientology will immediately cease all activities such as are described above, legal proceedings will be immediately filed seeking, among other things, declaratory and injunctive relief against both the Church of Scientology and various officials of the United States Government in order to ensure the cessation of the unconstitutional and unlawful use of the monies, labor, time, membership, and trust Mr. Pattinson has reposed in the Church.

        This letter is written without waiver of any of our client's claims, rights and remedies, all of which are expressly preserved.

                                Very truly yours,

                                BERRY, LEWIS, SCALI & STOJKOVIC

                                Graham E. Berry

Brought to you by:
Operation Clambake