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Church of Scientology Members Speak Up

During the end of 1997 and beginning of 1998 two anonymous posters on alt.religion.scientology tried to handle the newsgroup. Or as Robert Vaughn Young so insightfully reported: to up-stat the reports to the leaders of the cult.

This is my way of reporting what happened and how Scientologists work.

It would be a lot of work to report on all threads that evolved from the posings by Justin and wgert. What I've done is to save all the posts made by these anonymous posters on ARS (which was in my newsreader January 3rd 1998). I do not include any of the responses made by critics of Scientology. The tactics used by Scientologists are scary in many ways. In foras for open debate like this newsgroup they tend to be their own best enemies. That's why I only use their posts here; they speak for themselves...

If you want to read the follow-ups and the debate, you can search for them on DejaNews or just join alt.religion.scientology.



Justin was the most eager one for a short period, and also looked most frantic. His posts was huge exaggerations and with no will to enter any meaningfull debate.

He started hundreds of meaningless and undocumented threads in the channel. His behavious fits very well with what Vaughn Young wrote in the post mentioned above.


wgert was the one who managed to get Tidepool to close down the account of critic Grady Ward. He stirred up a lot of bad publisity because of that, a lot of new people learned about this fight just because of that stupid stunt.

Grady got his account back by the way, with an excuse. :)

wgert has not learned yet, he is still our prime example of a Scientologist who really have had to many auditing sessions. I suspect he's spent so much money on this fraud that it now is impossible to admit he was duped. His malignant personality does not seem to change.

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