From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: RVY re What "justine" is really serving
Date: 3 Jan 1998 09:09:48 GMT
Message-ID: 68kv8s$ugv$

Let me offer a perspective what this "justin" account is doing. My view is
based on nearly 20 years in Dept 20 and senior to it and watching this
sort of activity. And no, they don't change.

Here's how it works.

When there is a problem area (such as ARS), there are daily reports sent
"uplines," meaning from OSA to RTC and to DM. In this case, they will
watch for and report on the activities of various people, such as me,
Lerma, Erlich, Minton, Ward, etc. And they will report various
counter-measures being taken.

This is where the "justin" account comes in. "Justin" is a "stat." Here's
how it might be reported:

    Today 34 pro-Scientology posts were made to ARS on the following
        What is Greatness by LRH
        Why LRH books sell well
        How Scientology gets people off drugs
        Why L. Ron Hubbard is a Genius
    Also 23 handling posts were made to ARS on the following topics
(and I am making up some names to better use some real topics):

        Susan Smith Lied to the IRS
        John Black Steals from His Father
        Bill Brown is a Nazi
        Mary Jones beats her children

These go up to DM and DM sees these subject lines and smiles. It makes him
feel good. (Of course the actual subject lines in the "handling" posts are
taken from approved OSA programs to push various buttons and issues and
themes. So DM is getting pure bio-feedback. Garbage in, garbage out.)

The first list is the "theta" list and the second is the "entheta/enemy"
list and if you can get into how the first list turns you on and the
second one does too, then you get into the mind-set that is running this
show. He gets to read of the topics and get a little (very little) woodie
because it is feeding HIS prejudices. You see, LRH said, "If it isn't
written, it isn't true." So seeing these little hate lines about the
imagined enemies and thinking that this is being read and absorbed (for
want of a better word) by millions of people reinforces the prejudice.
(The other LRH maxim at work is that "reality is agreement." So the more
people who agree, the more it is real. Thus since it is going out to
milions, millions are agreeing...or so they imagine.)

Many or most of you are assuming that the "justin" account is writing this
for the benefit/education of people reading ARS.


You may even assume that just because it is going out on the Net - as I
just described - that therefore it is meant for those people.


How about for Scientologists who might drop in? Isn't it for them, so they
are reassured?


How about critics of Scientology? Maybe it is for them?


Then who is it for?


Yup. It's that simple, folks.

You gotta live in that element for a few years to realize how this works.
When DM is happy or placated, you can get some sleep. It may only mean you
get to go to bed before the sun comes up - you still have to be at the 9
a.m. muster - but at least you got some sleep! What this means is that
your first "public" to placate/address is DM. So when he gets to read all
the little topics, he is happy. That means you have done your job.

What DM DOESN'T get to see or learn about is what happened with the
"justin" account made its posts. Let's expand these stats just a tad to
get a better picture, the picture DM isn't told.

Let's list the posts made to attack "enemies" and then lets hypothesize
the reaction, and how it might appear in the report, if they were telling
the full, true story of what is happening on ARS:

        John Black Steals from His Father
            37 attack responses
            LRH stole money
            MSH stole money
            OSA stole money
            How Scn steals money
            Scn is a sham
            LRH is a liar
            etc for another 20 posts

        Susan Smith Lied to the IRS
            45 attack responses
            LRH lies all the time
            OSA always lies
            Dianetics is a lie
            Scn is a lie
            etc for another 41 posts

        Bill Brown is a Nazi
            27 attack responses
            Neo-nazi connections to Scn
            Marcellus and Scn
            Black magic and Nazis and LRH
            and so on...

Get the idea?

It all looks very nice until one were to list all the responses that
robo-"justin" is prompting. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, I will bet you
all the Deutschmarks that pour into Minton's bank account and then into
the ARSCC Treasury that DM is NOT BEING TOLD.

How do I know this? Because that was how we treated LRH and that was how
DM started to be treated. He was not being given the bad news because the
last thing you want is DM pissed off and nothing pisses him off more than
a flap/bad news. That is why he was not being told what was going on. To
tell him causes a flap. He yells. He screams one profanity after another -
usually forms of the word "fuck - and you lose sleep, you lose your day
off, you end up doing conditions and you have to come up with some idea on
how to "handle" the situation, which is usually a situation you can't
handle. So you fudge a bit. (laugh)

And that is what the "justin" account is doing. It is placating DM, making
him feel all warm and cozy inside, that those evil, corrupt Espees are
being driving out the bottom with tons of theta and entheta.


In your dreams, DM.

Or should I say, in your dreams, Rinder. He's the one that orchestrates

And remember, it is not for ARS. It is for DM and his little woodie.

Now someone will have the question, "But doesn't DM read ARS?"

I have no doubt that he has the capability and on occasion might drop in
just to see for himself. DM does do that and I will give him credit for
it. He does go out and personally inspect some situations. And that is
when the proverbial shit hits the fan. Ouch! That is also how one learns
to tell DM that the scene he just found has just happened. (Right!)

However, is he an avid reader or even a regular reader of ARS? I think it
highly unlikely that he drops in more than once a month and then it would
be very quickly.

Why not?

Simply because there is a LOT that he has to do. Scientology is a
mega-empire. He has flaps in Greece; situations in Bolivia; he has to
worry about the income in WISE; and then there are films and tapes at Gold
and promo, not to mention hunreds of other tiny things he attends to. In
short, he sticks his nose into so many areas that he can't really
concentrate on any of them. And I've really not known DM to spend much
time in "entheta" areas. He doesn't like them. He insists that others
handle them. He will watch a bad show (like "60 Minutes") when it is
important but he doesn't bother with the other material. He wants to be
told about it but he doesn't go looking for it.

That works to Rinder's advantage, not to mention other aides. They can
massage the material, soften or smooth it out a bit so it doesn't get DMs
attention too much. Meanwhile, they work their butts off to get the
area/scene in better order before it explodes and lands on his plate.
THAT's a flap!

So really, folks, that's all "justin" is, a little something for DM's
woodie. He gets to read all these wonderful subject lines and feel
the overall scene is improving. (Can you say, "delusion"?)

He just isn't told the consequences of the "justin" postings, that it is
prompting everyone from Barwell on to new lurkers speaking out against the
cult. He doesn't hear about the people dumping NOTS, LRH biographical
lies, Snow White crimes, etc. If he did, "justin" wouldn't be doing it,

And the fact that DM doesn't know the full damage report is one of
Rinder's little MWHs. (That's "missed withhold" meaning a dirty little
secret, eh guys?)

Are we having fun or are we having fun?

Robert Vaughn Young    *  The most potent weapon of the oppressor is  *      *  the mind of the oppressed.    - Steve Biko  *