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This anonymous ad was put in a major Norwegian newspaper in April 1998, and probably simultaneously in other newspapers around the world.

The reason for it being suspicious is that the company that placed the ad is accused of being a front organisation for, or have tight bonds to, the Church of Scientology - the most unscrupulous, controversial and agressive international cult in modern times. Knowing the goals and methods used in Scientology (read Operation Clambake for more information) I for one do not recommended sending any personal information their way.

Woman are by the ad led to believe they are sending all their personal information to a trustworthy rich business man who will treat the information confidential. But the truth is that their letters are sent to the personell recruiting company U-MAN. At present it is not known if this alleged seeking and rich male is for real, but on request from the press U-MAN in Norway has refused to give any proof of his identity or his existence. There is no evidence of foul play involved, but I believe there are reasons for being suspicious and alarmed.

One of the tests U-MAN use for recruiting is the same test the Church of Scientology offer for free at their shops. This test (called The Oxford Capacity Analysis) is often the first introduction to the cult for many people. Scientology recruiters are often seen on busy city streets pushing this test. People who have worked for U-MAN has reported that the company is a cover-up for the cult, and that it has a secret agenda to recruit members into Scientology. U-MAN and the Church of Scientology both deny this accusation.

Please let me know if you have any information about U-MAN (good or bad) or if you know anybody who have answered this ad. In the attempt to undress the methods of this cult, every little thing can be important! Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,
Andreas Heldal-Lund


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