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Grady Loss Of Service stops free speech

Zane Thomas wrote to alt.religion.scientology (ARS):

"Wgert and one or more other scientologists have managed to have Grady Ward's connection to the net terminated solely for the content of posts to ars. Once again the true nature of scientology, its intolerance, and lack of respect for free speech has been made clear.

"Regardless of your opinion regarding the contents of any of Grady's posts there is only one opinion regarding free speech - either your for it for everyone, or your against it. Over the coming years, as smaller ISPs are gobbled up and corporate interests gain further dominance of the medium, free speech will be challenged again and again.

"We need to stand up now and hammer those responsisble for each and every attempt to prevent the free flow of information on the net. The person primarily responsible for removing Grady from the net is Let him know what you think about content-based censorship. A copy to probably wouldn't hurt."


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