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How it is installed

From: (CLKates)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: What CSI doesn't want Scns to See
Date: 27 Jun 1998 16:15:39 GMT

The $cientology net nanny which Scientologists agree to use is hidden on the CD they receive in their packet of information about the Scientologist On-Line program. The CD contains three choices -- the first, creating your spam page using the program CSI gives on the CD, second, creating online "FSM selection slips" to email to your selectees, who will take them to the Org they go to, landing the web-page-creator 15% of his purchases there, and third, installing Netscape Communicator and setting up your web page. This third choice is, as specifically mentioned in the packet, not to be chosen until after your page has received "Issue Authority" from CSI (for the use of such trademarks as "the collective membership mark SCIENTOLOGIST").

The third button installs the net nanny, hidden in the Netscape InstallShield. It is an invisible program in My Computer or Windows Explorer and cannot be viewed by pressing control+alt+delete. It is insidious, showing up on every 32-bit Internet program on a computer, in my case, Netscape and mIRC. When entering mIRC channel #scientology, those on-channel tested the nanny. We found that certain nicks were invisible (such as "alerma" and "zinjifar") and that whatever they wrote was visible in the mIRC status bar and not on-channel. Everyone else, filter-free, clearly saw their writing in the channel screen. Certain words, when typed by myself or others, would cause me to be immediately kicked from IRC, including: Xenu,, Wollersheim, Erlich, Grady Ward, Keith Henson, freezone and several others. Many words were invisible to me when others typed them, and invisible to others when I typed them, a long, long list including most ars'ers names, and also, ARS, A.R.S., and alt.religion.scientology, and other words such as: the unbelievable deletion of the word "picket", clambake, Hemet, Gilman Hot Springs, Mark Ingber, Helena Kobrin, Kendrick Moxon, really nearly every critic and/or ex-member's name, from Roland Rashleigh-Berry to Graham Berry, and anti-cult people like Steven Hassan and Rick Ross. It was nearly impossible to converse on IRC with the filter. Luckily, using 16-bit mIRC was a quick and easy solution.

On the Web, sites such as,,, xs4all and (the AFF site) were completely blocked, whole domain names which also hosted critics' sites were blocked, was blocked. When reaching an unblocked search engines, all disliked domains would be listed as such: "", became " . . " Just dots with no words..Other words, contained in an unblocked or new page, would cause a page to stop loading. For example, about 1/4 of a web page would load, and the filter would then hit the word, for example, Hemet, and stop loading.

One of the more interesting effects was its word chopping. For example "NOTs" is a blocked word. This meant also that "not sure" became "ure", and that "not surprised" became "urprised." Any configuration of "not" and "s" was deleted. Also, in honor of ARSer "Anima", the word "animal" became, simply, "l".

Yeah, right. "Think for yourself." I hope to post a far more complete list of "bad words" later... To any Scientologists reading, of course, 16-bit programs or Win98 kill it.

Charlotte Kates

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