Operation Clambake present: Oprah

Writing to Oprah

44 Court of Greenway
Northbrook, Il 60062


Dec. 3, 1998

Oprah Winfrey
Harpo Productions
PO Box 909715
Chicago, IL 60607


Dear Oprah:


Once again you have allowed John Travolta to shill for the Scientology cult on your show.

Oprah...please. This is very serious. Stop and think about the unsuspecting people who may be lured into this cult from Travolta's influence via your program. John Travolta should be publicly caned for his shameful hustling of this cult. I am a former member of the 'Church' of Scientology and I found from personal experience that scientology is a very slick mind control system posing as a religion to avoid paying taxes. This is a very greedy and destructive cult and they are very good at using Hollywood 'celebrities' as bait for their quack courses and counseling.

Oprah, I am also a former staff member of the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). CAN was harassed right into bankruptcy by the scientology cult. I, personally, have talked with hundreds of people who have been conned, defruded and abused by this cult. Would you like to talk with some of them? I can probably arrange it. Incidentally, this is very much a woman's issue. There are women all over this country whose husbands were lured into scientology via this cult's slick management consulting front groups. The wives refused to get into scientology and they ended up divorced and scientology has most of their family money. Would you like to talk with some of these women?

I have enclosed some material from FACTNet, an organization dedicated to exposing the crimes of scientology and other destructive cults. Please read this. The last page has some web sites with more information.

Please call me if you would like more information

Jim Beebe     847-205-1134

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