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The Silver Bullet

To all current and former Scientologists,

It is time to produce the silver bullet to slay the vampire.

On the 29th of June, Norman Starkey executor over the Hubbard estate and the individual who presided over stealing the Hubbard family legacy (an inheritance estimated at 400 million dollars) will be in deposition with Factnet ordered by the court.

Weight of Justice This particular last Factnet deposition and Factnet case may be the one of the last chances, if not the last chance, to effectively challenge the Hubbard estate fraud. We have assembled enough information to make this an issue in our copyright case, but we need more to seal Scientology's fate and get the Hubbard Family inheritance returned to the family members and grand children.

What we need is additional information regarding:

  1. Phony notary signatures on the estate transfer documents.
  2. Phony Hubbard signatures on the estate transfer documents.
  3. Information regarding Hubbard family members being forced to sign estate transfer documents either without being allowed to read them or without independent legal representation outside the church controled lawyers telling them to sign.
  4. any other information or documents that would show that the Hubbard estate transfer and or copyright transfers to Miscavige and his umbrella of shell corporations was a fraud and or achieved by means of fraud and undue influence over any or all of the participating parties.

I know one of you current or former high level people have this information and are afraid to bring it forward because of retaliation. But, you can do it anonymously and change the future of Scientology with one silver bullet. Send it to me at:

Factnet now
PO box 3135 Boulder Co.
or to

Time is running out so please forward this message to everyone you know who may have this information. Particularly, to the Hubbard family members and all former high ranking executives.

Power is much more than certainty as Ron said. It is when opportunity and courage meet to do the right thing. This time you have a chance to really change things for the better and make Scientology reform.

On the 29 th of June Starkey and Miscavige should be prepared for some horrible surprises in their worsening situation.

I know we will get the additional pieces we are looking for and this message will get to those who have this information with your help.

Do it Now!

Lawrence Wollersheim

Legal coordinator for the Factnet case

This was posted to alt.religion.scientology June 17th 1998

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