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Comments from Scientologists

This was last posted to ARS April 18th 1997, the invitation has also been offered to many public Scientologists and all Scientologists over the past years who have contacted me (submissions at the end):

A Second Opinion!
Since this site was conceived Scientologists have been invited to add their opinions. In addition to this page, they can also add comments anywhere on the site. When you see this symbol on this site it will link to such comments - when they exist.

Hi Scientologists,

Some of you may know about my pages on the Net called Operation Clambake. Since I am critical to Scientology the pages are of course biased, it's supposed to be.

Even though I haven't received many negative comments to Operation Clambake, I suspect many of you have opinions about my project.

Therefor I invite you as Scientologists to review my page and send me your opinion. Be honest and write exactly what you feel from your point of view. I will collect the contributions and make them available on Operation Clambake so that visitors to my page have access to your views too.

To better understand you position I would appreciate if you included some introduction about yourself, but you don't have to. Study what I have on my pages and what I claim there, comment on the issues you want. Remember that most of the audience has no knowledge about Scientology, try to avoid typical Scientology language etc.

Everybody are welcome to contribute, even Kobrin and Miscavige. If you honestly believe my criticism of Scientology is wrong or to biased, this is your chance to set the record straight.

This is what I promise:

  1. I will publish on Operation Clambake whatever you write. Max size as a text file is 50kb, but if you want to get a message through it would be smart to use as few words as possible. The max limit for all posts put together is 1mb.
  2. Each person get one posting. It has to be somewhat related to Operation Clambake and/or what I have there. Links inside documents are allowed, but no images.
  3. You also have to give me some slack if you in your text have abusive language or comments about others and they asks me not to make it public. If something like that happens I will explain why the posting was not used.
  4. I will not make any comments in the text or add comments to it, it will be put on my page like you write it. What I may do is quote from it to debate it on ARS, but your text will stay unchanged on my web site. If quoted on ARS I will include a link to the whole text. If this invitation becomes a success and leads to a interesting debate on ARS it could be I also put postings from ARS on my page, but those will be held separated from your text.
  5. I will hide your identity and e-mail address if you state such a wish. The same protection of identity goes for you as for any other person posting to me. I can't prove to you that I am sincere in forehand, you have to trust me on this (I do take pride in being honest and keep my word). If you want to stay anonymous then please supply a nick that could be assosiated to the text.
  6. I will remove your post if you at a later date request so (request must come from the same address as the original message).
  7. The introduction to the comments from Scientologists will be polite and objective, that means no mean or sarcastic comments. There will be a link from the main page of Operation Clambake called "Comments from Scientologists" with a sub text saying something like "These are comments from Scientologists after they reviewed Operation Clambake. A request for such comments were posted by me to ARS in April 1997. No comments are edited or replied here, they serve as complemental additions to Operation Clambake which basically is a page critical to Scientology. I feel it's important that you as the reader have easy access to different views. In the end you have to make up your own mind."
  8. The text you supply must be your original writings, if you just copy from Scientology literature it will not be used.
  9. This offer is open until May 31st 1997 [extended indefinitely]. The project plans to stay on Operation Clambake as long as it stays in the form it has now and at this address.
  10. Use "Opinions from a Scientologist" as the subject of the message when mailing it to me.

I'm looking forward to what kind of respons this gets.

Best wishes,
Andreas (

These I have received so far

For more comments from Scientologists, see some of the e-mail exchanges I've had.

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