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Comments from Scientologists

From: "Lisa [not real name]
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004
To: <>
Subject: my exprecience as a scientologist

My name is "Lisa" and I am a scientologist. I attend courses at a mission, wich is a step down from an org. I have been involved in Scientolgy for about 2 years now. The mission is pretty new, so the community is small. I very much enjoy the people, and staff in the mission. The literature appeals and makes sense to me in a way no other religion or belief has. I do agree that the prices for Auditing sessions and courses are outrageous. My course instructor also believes this. In fact, the price is detrimetal to alought of people, wich is very sad as Dianetics is very effective. I started out on the Self Efficency course, a very good introductory course by the way. It's main goal is to introduce you to the basic but important aspects of Scientology, and it also focuses on improving your "recall" or memory. It has a rather lengtgy exercise towards the end of the book, that works towards this goal, but is well worth the time. Before this course my memory tended to be vauge and hazy at best. Afterwards I could get clearer visuals of things, recall colors, and more exact events. Currently i'm working on the Volunter Minister course. A monster of a course, both in size and cost. My course instructor suggested it to me becuase I wanted to know about all the different courses and little bits of this and that, and that particular one is pretty comprehensive. The course is well over 200$, and I don't have that kind of money upfront, I almost didn't take it becuase of the price. My course supervisor sold me his personal copy of the book, practically brand new for a much lower price than he should have. He also allowed me to pay the actuall course fee over time as I had the money. He is not supposed to do that and could get in trouble with the higher ups. The main point of what i'm saying is not all of the staff and managers are greedy hardened people. There are some truly good people involved. I went on for much longer than I intended, and thank you for reading my views on the matter.


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