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From: "SunSurfer"
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Andreas Heldal-Lund- Ive taken your 'challenge' do you keep your word?
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 21:25

Some time ago you made the following challenge (cut/pasted below) and an offer to host my response on your website, well, do you keep your word once given? Are you worthy of trust? If so, I would expect you to post my reply to your challenge (which I have also cut/pasted below) While I am not challenging direct 'data' errors, my challenge is for your websites claim-bake larger data error that *Scientology is bad.* So, as it says in the "Way to Happiness" - "Be Worthy of Trust" and "Keep your word once given" When and where can we expect to see my challenge, the one reposted below on your website???

"Andreas Heldal-Lund -" wrote in message
> On Mon, 9 May 2005 14:27:19 -0400, "SunSurfer" wrote:
>> is a great source of DIS-INFORMATION about the
>> Church of Scientology.
> After 8 years, finally someone to take on my challenge to
> list the errors on Operation Clambake - I'll even
> host your revealing report on!
> I'm so happy, give it to me!!!
> Best wishes,
> Andreas Heldal-Lund # #
> Ph: +47 8800 6666 # Addr: Postboks 131, N-4098 Tananger, Norway

Where does one begin? Practically every page on hotdog, I mean, "operation clambake" has an issue connected with it, but I'll start with your own personal sentiments about all this: "...The goal of my involvement (Operation Clambake etc) is not to convert existing Scientologists. I don't believe I'm that good at debating. My motivation is first and foremost to try to prevent new people from being recruited into this cult by making critical information easily available. ..."

So you don't try to "convert" existing Scientologists, because they have the accurate knowledge of how it really is and they are a tough sell. Granted there are those who 'leave' the church, and go practice in the 'freezone' but they are still Scientologists - and would give an assist if need be. So your target suckers are the uninformed because that is where your advantage lay. Most people are NOT scientologists therefore it is EASY to make them think that YOUR VERSION of Scientology is THE VERSION - and hey, how are they to know the difference? They won't. Then there are the "ex-scientologists" which is a kind of oxymoron, since they have the knowledge (mostly, but usually not the auditing tech) and since knowledge is 'fungible it can be applied into other areas of their living, they have understanding of ARC, KRC, cycle of actions, the tone scale etc. - their 'case' has been 'as-is'd' and so they are free to walk away with the benefits without the responsibility!
This is Tory Magoo. She was a professional PC, she knows the comm. cycles, and the personnel, she knows a lot about it, its strengths, its perceived 'weaknesses' but she doesn't know the tech. She can't audit anyone else out of a paper bag.

So if you *consider* Scientology deceitful then it is? No. I can tell you, as one who has studied and worked many hours and many years with the tech, it is not a fraud - the problem, if any, lies with the situation we find ourselves in, and of which all human beings today are somewhat responsible - we are in a naturally flawed condition, which is only understood with an understanding of Dianetics. These difficulties are very SIMPLE mechanisms that have been discovered in Scientology and since discovered can be eliminated and thus rendered "null and void." - Thus we become unflawed and to greater degree and thus better able to survive and achieve happiness. Anyone can easily test its workability for themselves with the "Self Analysis" book for instance.
So therefore, we believe we have the knowledge and the benefits and most important, the RESPONSIBILITY. Tory and ex'es have the benefits of Scientology without the responsibility. There's is a kind of fascism of knowledge. You, the intentionally unknowing, enforce unwarranted conclusions upon innocent readers, which is intended as you admit to '3rd party' scientology and scientologists - and create difficulties.

That is the big picture.


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