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Subject: Opinions...........
   Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 13:51:39 -0700
   From: Clamette

A Clamette-May '97

Hi there.
I am 'A Clam(ette)',the Freezone Scientologist that posts to Andreas's guestbook.
He has invited me to add to his 'opinions' page and I've never been one
to turn down a good offer.
(Freezone= Clams outside the Church.)
I dont really want to go into who I am-it's not important to you really
is it?.Just another name-Call me what you will and the OSA are probably
calling me names beyond whatever you could dream of.To put things simply,
I dont want to be found just yet (all that changes in less than 12 weeks
I'd like to talk firstly about 'Operation Clambake'.Andreas has been
more than fair here.He might ridicule Scientology but he's allowing us
to have the right of reply.There is NOTHING suppressive about attacking
a Church (cult) that committs demonstrably evil acts and then tries to
bankrupt anyone who dares speak out.
I am truly ashamed of the Cof$.They disgrace Scientology.
Neither is there anything wrong with exposing various beliefs,or holding
them up to ridicule.ALL religions look damm crazy to those who have not
experienced the joy of participation in what the Catholics term the
'holy mysteries'.
Which belief is truly sillier to an outsider,Christ forgiving our sins
via nailing God to a bit of wood or the whole thing being a delusion?.
I'd like to see the reaction Andreas gets if he ridiculed Islam though.
Consider this.
The Technology of Scientology is mainly concerned with taking responsibily
for yourself.Your whining,your grudges,your mental and physical pain etc.
Deal with it.It's too easy to blame others (the Cof$ does this).
I put this to you-as a question.
LRH says we are responsible for the Universe,each of us.We create reality
as we go along.Each and every perception you have you get via the
medium of your senses,you pick up a sound wave and interpret it as the words
"I love you" from a lover or "I'm leaving you"-it's only a soundwave,you
place your own emotions upon it in the end.The opinions of another matter
ONLY on how you regard the originator.If I hate you-it matters little,if
your lover hates you it matters a damm sight more.Do you begin to understand?.
You are responsible for your life and your emotions-NO-ONE else is.
This is only an example.
There is a saying."To thine own self-be true".
The Cof$,unfortunatly,has become a hateful thing that seeks to make others
wrong,as per it's own chart of abilities regained I personally doubt that
it has even achieved Grade One (be willing to experience communication on
any subject)-definitly it dramatises Grade 4 (making others wrong).
To lock a 36 year old girl alone to die of thirst (Lisa)-afraid,lonely and
frightened is the kind of monstrous act not even Nazi's commit.To then
attack and assault those who cry 'Enough'....words fail me utterly.
I cried for hours over her,I greive still.It took Steve days to help me
feel better again,if for nothing else,the church should pay for the
monstrous evil they commited here.
They have killed others.
They have ruined lives.
They routinely scare the innocent.
The Bridge to total freedom does NOT NOT NOT include behavior like this.
That's why I left.
Like it or not though,the TECH  of Scientology works.You will find many
ex-churchies in the Guestbook.Ask them why they joined the Church!
Honest ones will answer-honestly.
If communication is such a prized commodity,ask them how they felt about
the Tech before giving it up (Surprise-they like the tech and hate the
church.If they are truly honest they will admit that the main reason they
still have attention on the Church is a feeling that the Tech does work.
If all of Scientology was truly worthless they would have forgotton the
entire subject long ago and moved on with their lives).
But this is not so.
As a side note here,I have a friend who once told me that they would
never be a 'cultie'-they are strong willed and immune to brainwashing.
This self-confident git is currently training to be an Auditor.

I ask of you one small favour.I could go on and on about how wonderful
Scientology is but you've heard it all before.
Investigate the technology for yourself.
It either works or it doesn't.
Can't get much simpler than that now,can it?.
I have a meg or so on a forthcoming web-site (August '97)
I personally PROMISE to give you total irrevocable proof that the Tech
does work.
Experiments that can-cheaply-prove beyond doubt,that Scientology,as
a spiritual technology,can inprove YOUR life.
Suppose we are right.Is it worthwhile proving it one way or another?.
It's one hellava ride!
Care to join us?.


                 Sue (not my real name)

NOTE: Dear reader,It is our hope that Andreas will link our site in
      when it comes up.If so-enjoy it.

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