From: "Spacetraveler"
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,,nl.scientology,
Subject: Is Andreas Heldal-Lund attempting to avoid delicate situations...?
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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 07:22:41 GMT

Since early nov last year I have had 2 particular posts, I have been
reposting them with various intervals, and I have been in particular nudging
Andreas to get a reply from him on them. It is about this page where he
talks about Fair Game and a SP/PTS pack from 1989 he claims that he has.

I had found some inconsistencies on that page. They are laid out in detail
in the following latest 2 reposts:

Fair game again....conveniencies and leaving out data....Armstrong, Rice & Heldal-Lund.

Course manual "PTS/SP COURSE - How to Confront and Shatter Suppression" 1989 edition

He also failed to finish our discussion which you will find [here]

Is he not responding because they are uncomfortable to them? It is my
experience that the critics running around the ARS do not have much of a
stand against someone who knows what he/she talks about. The general
displayed behaviour is that these 'critics show up to spout their entheta,
their ridicule or various empty claims or questionable associations of some
data. And when they then face oppropriate opposition of something, they
either joke about it, or they may say that they now have spent enough time
on this (for example) crazy 'Spacetraveler' and they will killfile. Or they
may disappear into thin air away from that discussion, only to show up
somewhere else doing the exact same thing they always have been doing,
spouting, ridicualing, attacking.

In fact Barbara considered the ARS being a 'snakepit', I have changed my
mind about that now. It is not a 'snakepit', it's a 'rathole'. You see,
snakes kill to survive, to get food, just one bite and you are not aware of
anything anymore. Rats however will bite you whenever they can, and wherever
they want, and as often they please, and you will 'feel' these bites. If you
are hurt, they will just continue, they will not stop...

Back to Andreas...  Does he not respond because he may have seen what
happened with various of the ARS critics when they started to into battle
with me. The latest exposure was Tory. You know, people want to on top of
the other ones. Of course you have to keep away from those who may be a
threat to you being that.

Andreas will be nudged, and emails will be send to him directing him to
these posts, and then we will see what kind of wood he is made of... and if
he does not respond then we will also know where we stand where it concerns


My reply on ARS.