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"What the hell is your problem?????????"


An example of the people writing to me. Name and identy removed to protect the guilty.

Subject: English
Date: 31.07.2009

Hey Dude,

If you are going to address those of us who speak English you should at first learn to speak it and spell it yourself.
If not that then get a proof reader for you websites who can.
I have been a Scientologist for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to read much of your crap.
Outside of the fact that you have a damned truck load of MU's and another truck load of withholds you seem to be fairly intelligent.
What the hell is your problem?????????
I am going to assume that someone licked the color off of your lollypop so now you are going to stamp your feet and make us all wrong.
I have had rough times in Scientology as I am sure you did, but never enough to blow away what I know to be fact.
You my friend are an idiot from my point of view and will more than likely remain one.
If Scientology can take a person who is deep into PTSD from Korea and Vietnam and clean them up squeaky clean and give them their life back then Scientology has my thanks and my blessings.
You need to get your head out of your ass and wake up.


US Army retired

From: Andreas Heldal-Lund - <>
Subject: Re: English
Date: 01.08.2009


Thank you for your e-mail, but it doesn't make much sense. First you say I seem to be fairly intelligent, but then you call me an idiot. Are you really so dim that you believe you achieve anything by insulting and attacking strangers? Do I look like such a frail guy? Do you believe you can get away with generalizations? What on earth did you expect to achieve with this e-mail, except maybe venting an ignorant mind? Did you even take time to consider that - before you pressed Send?

What was your goal with this, to offer your spelling assistance??

Because, if you had actually read what you are criticizing (my site) you would have known that I am not a former Scientologist as you assume. But you didn't truthfully read my site, did you? You just did the big mistake of making assumptions and generalizations - and sent off an e-mail without even considering what you actually wanted to achieve.

What you did was to make yourself look silly and ruin whatever credibility you thought you might have.

Since 1996 I've invited anybody to tear apart my site. If there are any errors there I would like to know. I'll even post any second opinions on my site, linked directly from where they claim there are errors. So [NAME REMOVED], I hereby extend this challenge to you. Please find the errors on my site and write them down, send them to me (please include links) and I will add it on the site - or correct the error if you can document it. It's all free, I'll pay to host your exposure of my site!

Isn't that an amazing offer!? Do you believe that 20 years as a Scientologist has made you able enough to take it?

I assume you must have found some errors, since you risk attacking me and my site this way - even though you only have managed to insult and provide general comments on my spelling so far. Or was all this just made up?

And when it comes to my English, at least it is a lot better than your Norwegian. If you have a problem understanding a text because there are some spelling or grammatical errors in it, then that is your loss and weakness. Most others (wogs/raw meat that is) have no problem comprehending what I write on my site despite English being my second language. They are able to see beyond simple spelling errors and focus on the message. But not you, you had to make an point of the spelling, you had to attack me for my grammar instead of reading what I wrote. You didn't include one word on what was actually wrong on my site, you just focused on the totally meaningless...

If this is what Scientology has taught/made you, then you are the one in dire need of a wake-up call.

Take care.

Best wishes,
Andreas Heldal-Lund # #
Phone: +47 88 00 66 66 # Address: Postboks 131, N-4098 Tananger, Norway -----------------------------------------------------------------------
"Each of us does what we can do. Our obligation is to do it as well as
we can, with as much grace, dignity, integrity and honor our egos can
---------------------------------------------[Robert Vaughn Young]-----

To: Andreas Heldal-Lund - <>
Subject: Re: English
Date: 02.08.2009

Look I'm not going to get into a fucking war with you. I know what Scientology did and still does for me.
In my mind that makes all of your bullshit useless.
So rather than fight with you over this, how about you keep on keeping on being a suppressive, and I will continue to relish in my wins from Scientology.
That way we will both be happy.


From: Andreas Heldal-Lund - <>
Subject: Re: English
Date: 02.08.2009


Hey mister! May I remind you that you contacted me?! I never asked for your accusations or insults. Without even knowing me you wrote an unsolicited e-mail calling me an idiot!

And now you're chickening out? Now, after you got an unexpected reply that you can't handle, you finally grasp that you don't have a case to argue. You're not able to defend neither your belief nor your accusations against me or my site. You are indirectly admitting it was totally unfounded. If you had any credibility or real belief in what you profess you would have defended it, you would have used this opportunity to show me what a fool I am.

But you can't. You're just one more in a very long line of unable Scientologists who write meaningless e-mails to me with unfounded accusations and insults. When asked politely to back them up - with anything - they all run away like chickens.

Is this what Scientology does to you??

And this is supposed to be able beings??? I'm continuously astounded at the level of incompetence from Scientologists. I'm a reasonable man, I'm not out to make a fool of you or have a "fucking war" - as you so poetically call it. I'm actually able to participate in dialog with others, even those with different opinions than me. And when I say silly things and others confront me with that, I either try to defend what I said or I retract it and say sorry. That's the adult and civilized way of acting; that is true constructive communication.

Instead you have to chicken out, you avoid what might confront or challenge your belief. You aren't awake enough philosophically to understand that before you send off a meaningless and insulting message, and now when you are confronted with your action you can't even see or admit where you erred. You try to escape with the excuse "I don't want to get into a fucking war". That's so old and makes you look so silly. Who said I wanted to have a war with you? Not me. Do you have to make things up to create an escape route for yourself?

Why the hell did you write to me in the first place? What could you have expected to achieve with that message?? Tell me, I'm truly curious! What went through your mind when you lied about having read a lot on my site? Don't you have more pride? Was it just an uncontrolled emotion that made you do it?

Tell me where I'm wrong. I appreciate honest opinions and facts. And I like people who have the guts to stand up for their opinions. However, I truly dislike lazy and coward people who just spew out insults and ignorant opinions, and then run like chickens without defending them. I'm sitting here all ready for your expose of my site, please use your 20+ years of Scientology experience to show the world how much more able you are than me. I'm going to post it on the site no matter what the outcome is (hiding your identity, of course).

So, my friend, show me you are at least better than all the Scientologists before you and stand up to what you wrote. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt if you make amends and revisit your first e-mail to me. It's ok if you were too quick and regret your initial wording, if you only can admit it. Then we'll have a civilized dialog and maybe you can teach me something.

Take care.

Best wishes,
Andreas Heldal-Lund # #
Ph: +47 8800 6666 # Addr: Pb 131, N-4098 Tananger, Norway
"Each of us does what we can do. Our obligation is to do it as well as we can, with as much grace, dignity, integrity and honor our egos can tolerate."
- Robert Vaughn Young

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