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Comments from Scientologists

Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003
Subject: "Opinions from a Scientologist"
To: name is alex cantle and im a scientologist.  after
being at this clambake site i saw how rediculous the person was.
(whoever made that site)  they obviously have NO idea what
he/she is talking about.  if they had tried it for themself and
they were too stupid to understand what it was all about and
actually TRIED to make it work, then fine..i could understand
it more.  all they got was a bunch of black pr and they
published it to make scientology seem bad when really its the
greatest thing to happen to mankind.  L.Ron Hubbard was
probably the worlds greatest friend.  he devoted more than half
his life to the works and publishings of the hundreds of books
written.  john travolta, kirsty alley, kelly preston, erika
christensen, giovonni ribisi, marisol nichols, tom cruise...
they are ALL successful actors.  and you know whats weird?
theyre SCIENTOLOGISTS!!!  i have been a model since i was 14...
im 18 now.  if it wasnt for scientology, i would NEVER have
made it this far.  i use the scientology technology daily and
it makes me happier and more real.  i become more and more
great.  i think that whoever made that clambake site should
shove a sock in his/her mouth till they know what they are
talking about.  if its a fight theyre looking for, theyll get
one.  there are MANY scientologists that would blow then out of
the water.  please post that in the clam bake site.  people
need to read anything they can on how GREAT scientology is.


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