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Comments from Scientologists

Date: 27.06.2003
Subject: Opinions from a Scientologist

I have yet to find a "perfect" religion. Christian or otherwise.
If we are to condemn a religion because some type of moral code
gets broken by some of its members, then why not start slamming
the catholics, protestants, hebrews, and every member of any
religion which has committed some type of "sin". I can tell you
that I have acquired a lot of successes from Scientology and
Dianetics on a personal level as well as a social level. I
realize you must maintain a biased approach when regarding your
website. There's nothing top secret about the Church of
Scientology other than a person's right to privacy. If you were
to walk in to the Vatican, do you suppose that you would be
allowed to walk right up to the pope and ask him how much money
he has in his wallet?

There are too many confusions surrounding religions and cults
these days. Our sensationalistic media probably has had a lot
to do with it.

It seems to me that you were at one time somehow attached to
the CoS and for one reason or another left. Perhaps a loved one
is or was a Scientologist.The only truth out there is the one
that states, " It is only true if you beleive it and there will
always be agreement, even if we agree to disagree".

If Jimmy Swaggart can get millions of dollars in contributions
after his sins were brought to the media and then get caught
sinning against "GOD" in the same fashion, then what does that
teach us about religion as a whole?

I would reccomend to anyone that if they want to improve their
life, go to a CoS and sign up for the "Success through
Communication" course. It's not spiritually oriented and they
may be amazed at the personal gains that can be acheived.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity. Take care.

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