HTML> LRH Aides' Conference, 2 Nov 69: "Covert Operations"
LRH Aides Conference,
2 November 69 -
"Covert Operations"

This is the transcript of a secret briefing which L. Ron Hubbard gave to a small group of key aides who held senior positions in Bureau 1 (the Information / Intelligence Bureau) of the Guardian Office. The conference was held aboard the Apollo, the former cattle ferry which Hubbard had converted into the flagship of his Mediterranean fleet. At the time, the ship was berthed in Morocco a few months after having been expelled from Greece.

The briefing reveals the depth of Hubbard's paranoia, obsessiveness and mendacity. In his long, rambling briefing, which took several hours to deliver, he detailed what he believed was a sinister international conspiracy against him led by the World Federation of Mental Health and "the Jewish Bankers", with the involvement of the CIA, the KGB, press barons, the British Home Office, German Intelligence, anthropologists and the anti-nuclear movement. He tells numerous lies in the course of his briefing, most notably blaming the psychiatric profession for the kidnapping in 1950 of his daughter - for which he was in fact responsible! Surely an example of doublethink at its finest.

He also notably fails to make any reference whatsoever to Scientology's supposedly religious status; all the talk is of money, income, companies and so on. The preoccupation with wealth creation betrays Hubbard's real priorities.

Hubbard's rather singular approach to intelligence work comes through strongly in his briefing. The theory he outlines is what he described as an "Intelligence Hypothesis" - in this case, that there was a global anti-Scientology conspiracy - which he would then confirm though his intelligence operatives in the Guardian Office. Not surprisingly, he would invariably have his wildest theories "confirmed" - for who would doubt the correctness of "Man's Greatest Friend", the genius who had "mastered 37 different fields"?

(Reproduced with original formatting and underlining; transcript forms part of Confidential Intelligence Course.)

    Alright.  This is the 2nd November 1969 and a short briefing with
regard to our general situation, and it has to do with covert operations,
covert operations.  And I was rather astonished to read in the book
"The Spy and His Masters" 1 a short course in the secret war by a
pseudonym, Christopher Felix, written in 1963 and published by Seeburgh
and Warburgh where, ah Martin Secker, ah Secker and Warburg Limited,
14 Carlisle Street, Soho Square, [London] W.1.

    Now this book is exactly that - a short course in the secret war.
I have about four very valuable books along this line.  Two of them
describe the end of the war from a worm's eye view in both Germany
and Russia in World War I, and the fact that they exist throws into
question many of the statements which were subsequently made how they
didn't know that the Germans financed the Communist take-over in Russia
& it was only discovered during the war.  This was written by the Colonel
who was in charge of counter-espionage in Russia at the time they did it
and it was published before the war.

    Another book is a book by Colonel Nikotine, NIK Nikotine.  And another
book is "Total Espionage" by Kurt Reis, R-E-I-S, which was
published in 1941 but written in 1940 which covers the entire German
Intelligence Network and its total operation just before World War I,
and this is important because the Russian organization is a dupli-
cate of it, and the German organization was built on 17 years of study
by Rudolph Hess in Japan and so its a study of the Japanese organization.
The German organization was built on the Japanese organization and the
Russian was a copy of the German organization.  All of which is very
fascinating because it gives you the extent, the fantastic extent of the
largest intelligence organization on the planet at one time, and its the
only one on the planet which has continuous operation from the begin-
ning of World War I until this very instant.  It never closed down.
It never ceased to operate.  It says in this book that they destroyed
the files, but in Kurt Reis's book they didn't.  They were - went on, they
got their officers together, they kept the files up, mostly as a la-
bour of love for years and years and years between World War I and
World War II.

                                  - 2 -

When Hitler came to power he came to power because of the files of the
original German espionage group.  Furthermore, the German, the German
Intelligence Organization at the end of World War II was run by a
General Gehlen, G-E-H-L-E-N, and General Gehlen when he saw they were
losing simply buried all his papers, files and everything" 2 saying he
only had them on Russia of course, because he was on the Eastern Front
mostly, and he buried them all, told all of his agents to disperse and
hide, that is, his officers, didn't disturb his agency networks in any
way whatsoever wherever they were, waited until the American troops showed
up, made a deal with them, was taken over lock stock and barrel by CIA
and was the beginning of the CIA.  The Gehlen Organization has operated
without any halt whatsoever from the World War II right on forward to
present time.  Furthermore Colonel Fefle, F-E-F-L-E, or F-E-L-F-H-E or
some such spelling was the operations officer until 1961 of the Gehlen
Organization who was a counter spy and who had been there all the time
for the Russians and passed everything that the CIA was doing lock stock
and barrel over to the Russians - the Russians have known everything that
was going on in the CIA since the day of its formation.  Very interesting.
This tells you merely the extent of this.  Now these are not quoted out of
the book - these are the four books which I have - and this is the fourth
one.  This book in its chapter 'Political Operations' describes exactly
what is happening to Scientology and has been happening to Scientology,
mentioning no names - but it is just the general action.  What we are being
subjected to is what is called a "Covert Operation".  And the functional
range of covert political operations - this is a political operation even
though it is levelled at an organization - ah - and so is the functional
range of covert political operations so vast as to defy listing.  It
runs from the simple obvious spontaneous demonstration in Tokyo or Caracas,
or New York though the quarrels of an international labour organization -
the speeches of an international conference of intellectuals, the resolu-
tions of a congress of lawyers, the organized manouvers of churchmen, the
patient persistent pressure of exiles, the staggering variety of publi-
cations, to the Viet Cong guerrilla hidden in the jungles of South
Vietnam and to a Cuban prisoner captured at the Bay of Pigs.  Anyway, he
goes on here on page 144 to describe a covert political operation - ah -

                                  - 3 -

a covert political operation where the World Council of Churches was
making a bid for the Rumanian Orthodox Church and it goes through with
a whole action including the kidnapping of the Metropolitan in order
to keep the Rumanian Orthodox Church from falling into the hands of
the Catholic Church, but getting it into the hands of the Church of
England - they managed it finally - the managed it.  Now this - this
picture here contains actually an absolute duplication of the situation.
The target he goes on to say here is the - ah - political warfare is power - 
that is whittle down a rival or competitors power and increase or 
preserve ones own - and he designs this and that is what is happening.
We are if you'll notice the campaign that is extended over 19 years -
has simply been attack on any increase of power by the - of Scientology
by discrediting - and these discrediting things you will find the whole 
common denominator - I studied this some years ago and I found out the
whole common denominator - everything they were doing was discredit,
discredit, discredit.  They actually did know other actions of magnitu-
dinous sort - they simply discredited.  That doesn't say that at any time
they couldn't - and earlier they did. My children have been kidnapped
once - a girl was kidnapped 3 - people were murdered in 1950 and they
started it up hot - thought they'd won and then had to resume it and they
resumed it on a more formal ground-in pattern.  It included influencing
internal revenue services against us which is normally followed by the
Health Services, which is followed by Parliamentary stir up and possible
action and it is done through false reports in the Press.  Now these
fellows go one two three, they follow through.  Now we had to find out
who was doing this, and we know who is doing this, it's the World Fed-
eration of Mental Health, Mary Sue has just had this data for some time
and hadn't integrated it and we just discovered it.  Guess what: the
British and American Intelligence Services have serving on their panels,
M.I.6 and CIA, and all the Health Ministries have serving on their
panels, and all of the Government decision level agencies have serving
on their panels, members of the World Federation of Mental Health who
are carried on the roster.  For instance there's a half a dozen people
who are listed as members of the World Federation of Mental Health -
we found

                                  - 4 -

the rosters of it and they have the home address of the Home Office 4, so
Mary Sue looked into it further and there are many members of the World
Federation of Mental Health had the Home Office in England as their
address.  All this is very fascinating, because it seems that the World
Federation of Mental Health are privy to all intelligence plans, in-
tentions, and activities of CIA and M.I.6 5, just to name two.  Alright,
there's how they got their data and there's the people they use.  Of
course if a guy is in this line of country why he can (       ?      )
you seem, he can parasite an operation on to his existing confidence,
don't you see, so he can get CIA to carry one out - he can feed all kinds
of false information into the intelligence lines and in addition to that
the God-damn stupid governments pay for his meeting with the Russian agents
every year in the United States or England; once in Vienna. These bastards
who are in charge of security in those Western countries out to simply
be electric shocked to death - I'm not kidding. Because these same guys
who are part of these panels in the intelligence organizations of the West
have meetings with Russians every year. Now for a condition like that to
obtain, your high-up must be God-damned rotten. J. Edgar Hoover would
have to be engrossed 100 percent in merely keeping his position. Your
Security Forces of course, are knocked into a cocked hat because they
won't do anything. They can't do anything, do you see? The West is done,
boy. You mean they let a whole agency network right in amongst their midst,
huh? So these guys could be variously from CIA, do you understand, or 
M.I.6, or some other Intelligence organization. Do you follow? 

    Now, our policy is this. We haven't done a thing that is either re-
prehensible or criminal in nineteen years 6: so why are we dodging? We've
done nothing in 19 years.  We probably have less crimes on the track
than any organizational group on the planet, mostly because we've been made
careful with all this. So our policy is: that we have nothing to hide of 
any kind whatsoever.  We have to keep and maintain a high security. We
ourselves have to maintain a high security.  We aren't maintaining as
high a security now as we did, but this means that there are links between
a fellow named Thompson 7 in Canada, the big newspaper proprietor who
owns all the newspapers.  He's trying to heat up the campaign on England.

                                  - 5 -

He owns English Press, English papers left and right, he owns the "Sunday
Times"  - Alexander Mitchell with his black magic story in the Sunday Times 8
on October the third, you got it?  This same Alexander Mitchell was the
guy who was spreading the black magic tales down in Corfu  9 when we were
there.  It's known that most external British newspaper reporters are
M.I.6 Agents.  That's who they are - they are not newspaper reporters.
Now what they're trying to do with false reports - by the way, every,
every testifying person who has testified to Congressional or Parlia-
mentary Committees or something like that to get us in trouble through the
Commonwealth, had been members of the World Federation of Mental Health. 10
The South Australians, for instance, at their Select Committee which has
stampeded on through, a man named Salter who is a member of the hier-
archy, the big boys; Dax, the guy in Melbourne, big boy; Rees, their
former President, comes from Melbourne, he is the pusher there, you see.
This Salter, before the Select Committee in South Australia, said that we
hypnotise and we brainwash.  Isn't it very interesting that the basic 
books on hypnotism in the United States are written by a man named
Salter - possibly a relative - but also in the World, in the U.N. the
education of psychiatrists is recommended to include mysticism.  We never
have hypnotised anybody, we are dead against it right down the
line, and yet he testifies this to the Select Committee and he says we
brainwash people and of course these local yokels with barnyard dung on
their boots as they sit around don't know it takes seventy days of
supreme physical distress to brainwash anyone.  It's a Pavlovian oper-
ation which you torture and deprive someone of something or other for
a long, long period of time.  Could only be done in an institution.
So he tells them this.  Therefore, he says, that we might harm mental
patients.  Yes, but these bastards kill them, they torture them and 
kill them, so what hypocrisy.  But then this guy is a member of the World
Federation of Mental Health in tight - do you follow?

     Now, here is an old book on Intelligence that was written, an old
book on Intelligence written by a Chinese, called 'The Art of War' 11 and
one part of it is about intelligence - names five kinds of agents, and
one of these kinds of agents he calls the Dead Agent.  That gives us our

                                  - 6 -

clue and that gives us our defense.  He calls them the Dead Agent
because he feeds false reports to the enemy, and then the enemy when
they find it out, kill him.  This is a type of agent.  This actually,
Dead Agent 12, is what describes each one of these birds who comes down
the line and that we hear of, who writes stories in Scientology - about -
Scientology - in the press.  Every one of these guys is a Dead Agent.
Why?  Because he's d-  nothing but falsity.  But what has he done in
actual fact?  He is trying to build up a library so he can then come around
with newspaper clippings so he can show that yesterday's lies proves
today's lie.  Do you see how it is?  So then he's got morgues of tremendous
numbers of clippings which the organization itself has gotten into the press here
and there, and he eventually gets all these lies together and then he
says well that's a big lie so that proves the other lies.  Furthermore
they forward all kinds of weird things to other intelligence organizations
which are false reports.  They each time bear out as false reports.  They
bore out as false reports and your Spanish boy there is a 
call-out.  You were talking apparently to an agent when you were talking
to the Director-General man up there, because he went right to London
didn't he? But I thought Spain and London were at war, sort of, huh? 13
Oh well, no, but ah ha-ha.  In other words British Intelligence is
operating left right and center in the area of Franco.  It's odd that
all during World War II British Intelligence operated hand in glove
with Franco too.  What's all this about Gibraltar?  Somebody kidding?
Now we notice that there's some kind of a secret organization trying to
take over in Spain and this secret ah secret Catholic organization and so on -
Spain is no longer under the control of Franco so Intelligence services 
are very active in there.  But this is it.  The essence of their attack 
is False Report and the Chinese called the guy a Dead Agent.  So we're
only interested in showing the falsity of such reports.

     All you've got to do is demonstrate the falsity of such reports and
the enemy won't believe them anymore.  Somehow or another we've got to
work and get out of existence all of these intelligence false reports that
have been levelled against us.  Do you see?  That gives us an opening.

                                  - 7 -

This gives us an opening, and we should simply work to have declared
as false all of these reports.  Now the press in general, which isn't
under their thing is beginning to be, get, begin to get very suspicious
of all of these reports on Scientology 'cause they couldn't find any-
thing.  The Cabinet Minister who came forward, Kenneth Robinson 14, and
gives a big false report saying there's evidence on us but never can
produce it, and there is none, and so forth, not only is removed from
that post but now he's been removed from the Cabinet. He gave false reports
so the Labour Party shot him. 15 Do you see?  This is how, in other words,
this hill is climbed - false reports.  But make no mistake, this is a
covert political operation and the motive of it is power.  Think what
would happen to Scientology over the world if it didn't have 
this constant rabble rousing restraint.  Power - do you see?  In the first
place it's the only secure agency that either England or the United
States would ever dare employ, and the Atomic Energy Commission 
once recognized this and they wouldn't let any psychiatrists or psy-
chologists go anywhere near a place in Washington which was the
atomic bomb area, but Dianeticists and Scientologists, well they're
okay there - so they had gotten the word.  Look at the power, the power
would come up, so these guys, these guys are operating the restraint
power, and they themselves are increasing their own power.  Their own
power is very great.  Margaret Mead, one of their founders, whose name
appears on their charter papers, was before a Senate sub-committee the
other day and got a world news blast because of the surprising statement
that drugs weren't harmful.  This is Margaret Mead.  Carstairs is a ban-
the bomb-er.  He goes all around with these, see?  Margaret Mead: drugs
are okay; Carstairs, England, marching, ban the bomb, disarm; you got it?
This is the type of individual these birds are, see?  All this is very
fascinating.  They operate of course through the National Mental Health
Associations and all you have to do is just start blowing in that di-
restion and press in that direction and various bad things happen.

     For instance, South African Government, God-damn fools, were sup-
porting the South African Mental Health Association in South Africa -

                                  - 8 -

supporting it with Government funds.  It was a private organization.
It was like Government all of a sudden start giving us lots of money
for no reasons.  Well they've cut all that off - he refused to sign
a loyalty oath.  Oh ho, fascinating!  He got into a fit when they asked
him to sign a loyalty oath.  Refused to absolutely.  He cut his troat
from ear to ear down there, but he's got so many fellow travellers
sitting up high and in Parliament and all this sort of thing that
nevertheless the pressure can continue, do you see?  Well we can do
things too, we're getting these guys investigated left and right.  The
public at large is on our side, it isn't on their side.  They support no
public whatsoever.  The public if left to its own devices would tear
them limb from limb; so I also make it my business to make sure that some-
day the public does.  I just keep up pressure in that line.  Now it's
the hallmark of a professional action that it is continuous.  This has
been going on without much change in pattern for nineteen years, when
they though they could do something about it - they were trying to
kidnap me and children and this sort of thing but that faded out and they
went on to another type of tactic, and they've been on this tactic now
for the rest of these 19 years - 17 years they've been on this new tactic.
That's a hallmark of a political covert operation, covert political oper-
ation, 'cause it just goes on and on; it's the professionals that con-
tinue the pressure line, continue the pressure line, continue the pressure
line.  So it's up to us to continue the pressure line.  And what we should
do is show them up as bad hats, do our own line of country, except what we
say about them is factual and can be proven, and show that they have fed
false reports to one and all.  We're winning along this line, but it's
their pressure, our pressure, do you see this?

     Now that is the background music of this except for one thing. The
CIA defines Communism as a political party which uses Soviet Russia as a
front group. 16  It is really an unfair sort of political party in that it
uses a national government to carry forward its political party aims as
a one-party action - there's no contest - there's no other party.  That's
how the CIA defines Russia, and of Communism.  Now this is the type of

                                  - 9 -

thing and we have actually penetrated, we have penetrated with infor-
mation now although some of our data - we defeated ourselves with the
O.C.P. by saying they were not members of the U.N. when as a
matter of fact they could pretend to this little nebulous thing, that
they were a, did consultive work, they have a consultive capacity.  Actually
our report is not untrue because it is probably being cancelled.  They
stink.  But Carstairs is about to become a member of W.H.O. and has moved
himself off of World Federation of Mental Health, so these guys are
increasing their power.  Now they are afraid that we will increase our
power.  Now I'll give you one more datum.

     The Lenin, Lenin's definition of power and force and his attitude
and that is this: potential power, or power, or a strong entity of any
kind whatsoever whether individual, organisation or national, if it
became an enemy - this is Lenin - if it became an enemy, why it would
be very dangerous to Communism, so therefore the only safe way to handle
any powerful entity is to treat it as a potential enemy.  This is the
woof and warp of Communism see - to treat it as a potential enemy.  And
one can't believe that he never thought the thought through that if you
treat something as a potential enemy you will eventually get an active
enemy.  But this is psychotic think in the extreme.  It could get as
ridiculous as, a ship pulls in alongside of us that has an eight thou-
sand horse power motor and that's more powerful than this ship so there-
fore it's an enemy so we should treat that ship as a potential enemy.
I mean it's this nuts, this nuts see.  The United States at the end of
World War II was more powerful than Russia so therefore it had to be treated
as a potential enemy so they couldn't deal it and then they went and
seized all their buffer states and they didn't seize the bomb, and they've
been protecting themselves madly and the Russian people haven't gotten
any production at all because all of their production to totally devoted
to external warfare, and preparedness, and so forth;  in other words the
whole country went nuts.  There was no enemies.  Alright, now look at 
that as a basic think of Lenin; look at this as a basic think of the
World Federation of Mental Health.

                                  - 10 -

    We have answers to the mind and spirit so therefore we would be a
potential enemy if we ever thought of it.  So therefore we must be treated
as a potential enemy throughout, and then gradually they kept this up -
we were not even in their line of country, we have no interest in their
line of country at all, and they eventually made us an active enemy.  That
is the cycle.  So this is very interesting - that the World Federation
of Mental Health think is a duplicate of Lenin's think.  In other words
they run by the rules of Lenin.

    What's happening in the United States and England is cultural destruc-
tion.  Of course the United States and England don't understand culture.
Culture is a technique which is created by the Government or exists
amongst the people and it is a mad study on the part of the Communists
all the time. For instance they come in to conquer an area and you get
the writers and so forth and song writers and dancers and ballet artists
and intellectuals and so forth 17, and they get all these guys together and
they say let's put together a culture.  And these guys all get very busy
with their culture.  Oddly enough Communism of course is basically German
and the word 'culture' is German and therefore, K-U-L, and it is not
actually understood well in the West as the West doesn't know enough to
protect its culture.  A very heavy study on the part of the Russians have
resulted in a campaign against the culture of England and the United 
States which began in the field of education a half century ago till
today the kid in school is told that the constitution isn't anything
that's followed any more and Russia, Communism is okay except they don't
practice it right in Russia.  Ahh.  The Public School which was the back-
ground of the English Empire, the British Empire and so on, was being,
carefully being destroyed for a very long time.  They don't teach this
sort of thing any more in the Public Schools system.  The Russian hits -
and the Soviet and the Communist hits at education, so education is his
prime target.  He now has whole generations of people which have been 
educated along his line of country.  So he's busy destroying Western
culture.  And the way he is destroying Western culture is to have the

                                  - 11 -

experts on the mind pretend to be experts on culture and he's accumulated
to himself the anthropologist, the psychologist, the social scientist they
call them, and these birds and so on in there defining what culture
is left right and centre and of course the more they define it the more
riot and civil commotion they have.  These guys are nothing more than
agents provocateur.  Now an agent provocateur if he has his orders and is
sent in to a country, he never has to report.  If he actually is getting
that country's government to support him he doesn't even have to pick up
money.  The stylized social security actions of the West don't apply.
They still think spies are people who go out and get the plans of the
battleship, that's true, that's what they think a spy is.  But they catch
them , if you want to study their case records and so on, which are plenty
available, they catch them at the point of contact where they relay the
information, and it's the point of relay of information where they actu-
ally catch their spies, or at the point where the guy is trying to get
some citizen of the country to get the plans of the battleship for him
and then the citizen turns him in, or where he is trying to communicate
back to Russia to turn in his information, and this is how security
forces are operating, so of course the guy who is simply trained, agreed
upon, he's briefed in some congress some place or another - he goes back
in and then he gives the uniform party line and these guys are absolutely
fantastic.  Right now they have a party line of they're not going to say
anything about Scientology.  But isn't it funny.  All the psychologists
and psychiatrists in the State of Texas have this as a total agreement
and it is found in New York, it is found in Los Angeles and it's found
abroad, all simultaneously!  This is a party line.  So there is a communi-
cation line, but it's normally the communication lines, they hold these
World Federation of Mental Health Congresses.  They get together ploom
ploom - the Russians are there, the heads of all of these psychiatric
groups are there, and they all get together.  Now most of the social
organizations of the super social organizations are connected here one
way or the other so the information is passed in this particular fashion,

                                  - 12 -

so they absolutely, they're walking into and degrading the West left
right and centre.  Who would be in a better position than a psychiatrist
to suborn members of the State Department who are perverts?  Yet the
State Departments of most countries are known for their membership of per-
version . All this gets very interesting.  When you start looking this
over as an intelligence pattern it fits in no other category.  So the guy
sails in and he tells a bunch of people around one way or the other that
we're bad hats and that we do this and we do that and then he proves it -
and this is important to you - he proves this conclusively by showing
that he has an intelligence report or a news clipping.  Yeh but they're
false reports.  He himself put the intelligence report in to that intel-
ligence agency, this news guy, his people put the intelligence report
through.  So you get a God-damn fool like Captain Lemon of the Office of
Naval Intelligence, who is of course - all Naval Attachés are Intelligence
Officers, ah, in Greece, in Athens, he puts all this cock-eyed infor-
mation - it's been turned in to him you see - so he puts it for the infor-
mation to his fleet, and his fleet comes up and operates in this peculiar
fashion with regard to us. 18  The whole thing is just a basic false report.
When it turns out to be false the Greek Government is very embarrassed
indeed.  The Deputy Prime Minister of Greece, now probably wouldn't be-
lieve an intelligence report coming from that quarter if they held a
pistol on him, and yet their services were before that time functioning 
well.  So these guys use up their credit.  Do you see how they do it?
They use up their credit.  Now they come around into a port and what
they've done to us now time and time again is they come in to a port
and they spread a bunch of rumours, these are totally unfounded, they
even bring out a bunch of false clippings and that sort of thing, do you
see, and then they can have fed an intelligence report in from some other
area and then they can show people, you see, how bad we are.  The only 
trouble is WE are actually in that area and just by being decent and not
trying to mask everything and trying to do this and that but going ahead
with our very decent intentions and just laughing at these things because 
they're a bunch of bunk don't you see.  Anybody is perfectly at liberty
to come aboard this ship or to go through any corporation which this

                                  - 13 -

company manages or to investigate any damn thing we're doing and they
will find these reports are totally untrue, so it's a campaign by
false reports.  Anybody can read this if he ever cares to.

    What I'm trying to tell you is that the enemy works from the World
Federation of Mental Health on the advisory panels of Intelligence
Agencies and thus they can be parasitic to any Intelligence Agency and
they can push their little favours and reports down the line, do you see,
because they've got pals.  Furthermore there is some connection between
Intelligence and the newspapers that are being brought up left and right
in England and therefore if they're connected with the World Federation
of Mental Health, Thompson is connected with the Russians.  Also Truth -
the guy who owns all the "Truth" newspapers that were fighting us so hard
down in Australia and so forth 19, he must have some connection.  We are now
tracing these connections.

     But it's very interesting that this is a technical thing, this is a
technical thing which is well known now in the world of business - these
guys have been playing it too long and too often; CIA and M.I.6 and the
rest of these guys have been playing the same game too long - now they
call it a covert operation, and that is its technical term, and its total
target is to reduce the power of a competitor or enemy and increase their
own.  Now they're reducing our power and reducing their own, so the formu-
la, they're not even working their formula right as their power is decreas-
ing.  Today, there hadn't even been a whisper about them and yet there's
a committee, a Parliament, not just appointed Royal Commission, but a
bunch of MP's are actually investigating their killing of people in
England.  They were so God-damned dumb they were killing people and bury-
ing them in the institution grounds, if they were too badly tortured and
they didn't dare get 'em to a - you know, beaten and so forth; but what
they do is fox this off, they try to blame the attendant.  Actually what
happens is psychiatrist come in and says that guy's given us a bad time,
rough him up.  So the attendants jump on to him, beat him to a pulp and
so forth and they very often kill him, but it's by the psychiatrist's
orders.  It isn't, it isn't actually just their treatment.  There's an

                                  - 14 -

investigation going on now in South Africa - you think we're getting in-
quiries - they're in a much worse position because they've got everything
to hide.  Down in South Africa they had a moratorium - I mean a mortuary
- across the road from the mental institution that was way out in the 
country.  Very fascinating, because the, the rate, the death rate and the
admission rate were comparable figures in that institution.

     We have found a Hungarian 20   grabbed for political reasons, nothing would
be proved on him and he was thrown in to an institution in New York.  We
sprung him, not very long ago.  We're picking up information, information,
information, but these guys, in New Zealand for instance they lost out.
They caused a hell of a back-fire in New Zealand 21.  Now they keep up a
steady pressure line, they are tremendously well financed, but the truth
of the matter is they are operating dishonestly, with false reports, and
there are plenty of guys who know they are false reports now, and these
guys haven't any use for them at all, the public has no use for them at
all.  If we keep up our pressure line and we do it all right and we do it
well, what will happen at the other end of the line is they will blow up.
Furthermore there is a natural phenomenon that you try to cut a theta
line it will blow you up every time.  I'll give you an example.  You find
out that Aunt Mary, that Joe's Aunt Mary, the guy finds out that Joe's
Aunt Mary has inherited a million dollars and is on easy street and is
trying to find her nephew.  "A" has just found this out and she has asked
him to tell her nephew.  And he says to hell with that guy, you know, ha
ha ha ha.  He doesn't do it.  Eventually the nephew runs into Aunt Mary,
and says "But I told "A" to find you and tell you this."  What happens
to "A"?  It's what's happening to the psychiatrist, see, you cut a theta
line, we can help you out and we can solve a lot of these problems, we
have answers to the mind and health - "Oh those guys are no good.  Actually
they're wanted for smuggling, and that aaw wow blurp blobb bluubb
bluubluuub."  Do you follow?  So what's going to happen to him?  Now
let's look at our exact existing situation here.  So our policy is simply
expose their false reports, that's all.  Just the false reports - and
they expose as false reports, and then ourselves do not issue any false

                                  - 15 -

reports, be totally truthful about it, you haven't anything to dodge,
you got nothing to dodge at all.  What are we exactly?  We get so God-
damn confused when we're hit so hard and accused of everything under the
sun, moon and stars so we tend to forget what we are.  We in this organi-
zation actually are a management organization.  We charter ships, we
train people.  We have many diverse interests actually.  We have full
technology of administration.  Today if anybody were to know administra-
tion he would have to know the most advanced mental technology there
was just to know administration what human reaction would be.  It would
be absolutely necessary.  Well you've got a choice, you've got a choice
between Pavlovian Russian Psychiatry or you have a choice between that
or aah Dianetics and Scientology.  There is no other choice because
there aren't any other subjects.  Anybody in his right mind isn't going
to take management technology from Russia which is busy going broke.
That's silly.  So it leaves you just one choice, so you say anybody who
really knew his business in the field of management would have to know
the most modern Western mental technology.  Well regardless of all of
that we are a management corporation.  We have numbers of schools, we
have ships, we have various things, that is a fact, and we keep those
things running and we keep those things running and they are big busi-
ness.  This organization actually has very large reserves, which we're
trying to build up and so on and it is whether you think we're hit or
not or might be blown out of the water or not or being argued against
or not by Russian agents the whole point of the matter is that we are
very powerful.  We're not just potentially powerful, we are powerful.

     Now, some other factor entered the situation when we started func-
tioning around in the Mediterranean area, or in Europe.  Apparently
they became somewhat panic stricken at the tremendous amount of money
and knowhow that was flooding into England because we were there.
Alright, they took action to make sure that didn't happen.  Okay.
We were helping out Spain and all of a sudden - not we, the old com-
pany, it was the H.E.C 22.  And the H.E.C. at that time was doing surveys

                                  - 16 -

of business potential and bases for schools and activities.  This is the
truth.  Alright.  They prevented about two million quid a year from
going into Spain.  But we were okay till we did that.  We were yakked
at a little bit but nothing really happened, which I think is fascinating,
nothing really happened to us - snarled at, yes, but ah no problem, and
all of a sudden a lot of money was liable to come into Spain or it was
beginning to come into Spain and instantly our throats were cut and then
the second we pulled that out why we were okay again.  But a pressure
was kept up so we wouldn't do further business in Spain.  We went to
Greece, the ship went to Greece, and they started to put in a mission
which was going to bring in a lot of money and a lot of tourists and a
lot of travel tours and so forth, all kinds of things would have happened
and we were doing a business survey at that time in Greece and the people
in that particular areas were beginning to take hope because there was
ways and means of settling it industrially, remember?  When we got that
going this covert operation stopped up, bang, cut our throats.  Now all
of a sudden we are starting to operate in Morocco and what do we find?
One of these guys shows up. But the first guy that showed up in Greece
was not really a reporter, he was a sort of a freelance 23.  He just cased 
the situation to see how it was happening so they could then send in
some heavy artillery see.  Bang, this becomes very fascinating because
a lot of administrative know-how is needed by Africa, we're actually
organizing donation contributions, an American foundation and it's going
to work in conjunction with Morocco.  We're going to show them real down
to earth administration, form a pattern of it, fix it up so more money
comes in and wham, one of these guys shows up.  Right away he's also
shown up along lines where he's got false reports, false newspaper art-
icles, big - maybe the newspaper article is actually a photostat, but
the story in the first place was false.  So what has happened here, there
is a common denominator to what is going on that hasn't too much to do
with us: where we go it's a proven fact money follows - it's not small
money, it's big money.  Four times now these birds have acted.  So what is
this?  Look, nothing happens to us after we desist.  After the old H.E.C.

                                  - 17 -

desisted in each one of these instances and ceased to push things into
the country, nothing after that happened to them.  Now this company,
nothing is happening to this company right up to the moment when it all
of a sudden starts to form a financial channel into Morocco.  So I believe
there are three or fours sides to this coin.  I believe it has to do with
cultural degradation of the country.  I don't believe they intend these
countries to have their balance of payments come out right.  Now it's of
peculiar interest to an Arab country that there is a company and a certain
set of bankers who also finance  the World Federation of Mental Health.
And we're running these leads down now.  But one of them is Loeb Kuhn, the
big Jewish investment firm.  What the hell is this all about?  You're here in
this covert operation, we all of a sudden look up and we see that although
the KGB and so forth seems to be associated with the World Federation of 
Mental Health, their other organization in action seems to go back to
Jewish Bankers.  We make no sense out of this but it's just  as far as we
have gone, do  you follow?  So they have fish to fry of some kind or

    Now you want to be very careful of ever making a confusing statement
or a defensive story or something like that because you actually are in a
position where you are honest, you're doing your job and so on but you're
being hit by covert operations.  You're actually operating in an operating
climate which is probably similar in any company trying to do business
now on the planet.  These national governments have a very vested interest
in who invests in what, where and who builds up what where and they try to
checktrade, technical skills and so on, they try to control these things.
United States does, Russia does, England does.  So you're sitting with just
about all the technology there is in this particular line of country and there's
no jokes about that, so we're the subject of a covert operation which has
gone on and on and on and on and on and which people don't believe much 
any more.  But our operating policy is we've not a God-damned thing to hide,
we have nothing to hide of any kind whatsoever, and we state that we are the
subject of a covert operation and that it, we don't know whether it is us
or our connections or people who are being hit - we don't know if it's me
being hit,  we don't know what is the direct target; they don't seem to be
too interested in me, but they've certainly - funny one - is there's only
a strike at the time a country's going to be helped, and the second there is a

                                  - 18 -

further help for that country, why the pressure's off at once.  And that
has been repeated.  They wouldn't be so cooky as to believe they could chase
the ship out so it couldn't have any ports any more, that would be absolute-
ly psychotic you see, nobody could do that.  We already found out that's im-
possible.  They can queer us in ports and so forth, but look we've straight-
ened up all of these ports but Spain.  That hasn't been straightened up yet
- it's in total political agitation at the present moment.  It probably
could be straightened up if we got a document or two that added up along
that line.  But I would tell people anything like this, um look, We are not
actually worried about these operatives, except as they operate to in -
'cause they're not going to do anything to us, already found out they wouldn't
touch us, they're scared to, but we're only worried about them running around
on a beach and telling the people a whole bunch of outrageous lies to prevent
us and discourage us from helping our clients and people to establish the
operation and so forth which we were supposed to establish, not the operation
but the business connections and so on.  And then the government acting on
false reports so that after there is a considerable investment which we would
be out of pocket don't you see, we all of a sudden are told no we can't do
business with you any more.  We've just heard that you are actually wanted
in Syria for white slave activities, ah running Caucasians for call-girl
service to the White House you know.  So we don't maintain this as Marxist.
There is another group on the planet who have a lot of false power.  They
have a lot of power with no technology.  Who they work for we're not
interested.  We could run this back but all we're worried about, what we're
really worried about, we're not worried because we're scared, we're just
worried that alright we go to a lot of work for a client, we're going to
set up a school, going to fix it all up, and we just consider because it's 
not a dodge that we have this other corporation and so on, if you notice I
was setting up that very individual - that after we've done all of the basic
work, study and so on, that we'd suddenly be out of pocket half a million
bucks because somebody had run around and said they're wanted in Afghanistan
for stealing the shoes of the Marabouts.  Because these reports, the way

                                  - 19 -

the covert operation goes can be very something or other.  But then we are
also worried about principals and so forth that we might have to do with,
all of a sudden being told that the country is going to go to pieces and 
it isn' going to last and there isn't any way of investing any money be-
cayse it's all going to go up in smoke and so on, that's where that angle
comes in.  We're basically interested in the - you got, aught to be very
politically straight forward, what we're really interested in is the
accuracy in is the accuracy and efficiency of the security forces of a
country.  Will they actually act on such an operation?  Spain?  No.  Spain's,
Spain's security forces are long gone.  The Greeks and so forth, they're
knocked to pieces.  The English can reach into Greek - I find out now that
English and the Greek Intelligence Services are practically one.  Here's
England furious with Greece, but Greece and English Intelligence Services -
well they aren't so "one" now - they almost became one - World War II, at the
end of World War II.  They're probably bunged up now.  Anyhow, do you see
what our operating action is.  In other words this is very factual, it isn't
a nebulous create an opinion.  Aah we honestly can without any doubt what-
soever, help the living daylights out of a country or an area.  We've got
the technology and so on and all we've got to do is set up the connections
and contacts.  The money would flood in to the place.  We have an end - -
There's no doubt about this don't you see.  But so we spend a quarter of a
million or a half a million and so forth setting it up, then what happens?
H.E.C. spent about a half - ah it was upwards towards half a million
dollars in Greece up to the moment when a mission was knocked out.  Now
it's open again, but notice that we have a letter which permits us to go
into Greece and yes we can probably go back there and establish all that
and so forth, but, Greek security forces have been infiltrated - quite
obvious, or they wouldn't have acted.  Now that's a bad challenge to put
up against these guys up here, but this is all we're interested in.  Can
some dumb nut calling himself Jack Lundin - that's terribly interesting
because he's a famous writer and of course that's a pseudonym - famous
socialist writer.  This guy comes in, he all of a sudden got a hold of a
Consul and he can do this, do that, yip, yip, go around and say those

                                  - 20 -

people are wanted and then, then, having fed some police agency some report
and then gotten it pulled back on to the line or actually forged it to begin
with, or filed it some place with Interpol or Spanish Intelligence or
something like that, the he can say well all you have to do is ask Spanish
Intelligence or Interpol, don't you see.  Oh yes, there is a report.  Sure
they have a report - he filed it.

     So we have the problem of going ahead in a war which is evidently
being waged to keep Africa being bled in some fashion or another of its
natural resources without actually helping her out at all.  There's some
political motive that's going on here.  We don't care anything about that
if the security forces won't suddenly turn on us.

     Now counter intelligence is the operation by which an enemy or a rival
intelligence service is infiltrated.  That isn't technically speaking against
espionage - that isn't what it means - it means the infiltration of an enemy
service.  And we don't know if it's M.I.6 or an agent of M.I.6 who has
turned, meaning doubled.  Now counter intelligence is such an art that there
isn't an intelligence service in the world that isn't totally infiltrated,
so any intelligence service in the world is liable to turn in any kind of
a report you ever heard of.

     So the question is, the question is simply this, we have absolutely 
nothing to hide, our policy is that we do what we do, the only thing that
we're really concerned about is a cover operation which is run against us
rather consistently whenever we try to bring money or something like that
into a new country.  We all of a sudden are liable to find ourselves with
a covert operation, newspaper reporters.  All of a sudden in some newspaper
we never heard of before some scurrilous story is suddenly appearing like
Hubbard is engaged in black magic a quarter of a century ago.  Now I'll
give you a typical, a typical action here.  Jack Lundin after leaving here
spent the night at the British Consulate in Casa.  He customarily lives
in Tangier and sometimes also in Rabat at hotels.  His address in Tangier is
Hotel Riff, Boulevard de Espagne.  He is known to Commissar of Police as
NOT a journalist.  His room was searched and it was found that he has all

                                  - 21 -

the documentation of a journalist, his passport is the same, and he has
recently been in Spain and in Gibraltar and there was nothing in Corfu
in his passport.  He has been in Morocco about three months,it is not
known by the Rabatt Commissar where his money comes from and he has no
apparent occupation and so and so suggests we ask the British Consul
in Rabat for his source of income.  He seems to be primarily inter-
ested in things maritime.  He said to the American Consul that the
crew is a trick but he didn't know what kind of a trick; we take drugs
and export them from Morocco to France and South America.  The Con-
sulate called Panama to check us and our identity was confirmed.  Lundin
in talking to the Consul was interested in how the crew were paid and
by whom.  Covert operator, see, 100 percent, here he is.  But he's
interested in general, his general interest and so on, so his main in-
terest, and I can tell you this, his main interest is to do something
to Morocco, do you see?  Now we've got, in other words, this is - now the
American Consul here was asking us the question "How was our crew paid
and by whom?"  You know, how did we pay the crew, you know, how did we
pay the crew?  So somebody's got something going here on how the crew
is paid, you see.  Well this is an asinine point.  We receive fees from
companies, and part of the fee we pay the crew, and for doing good work
for those companies the crew gets bonuses.  What in the name of God?
And naturally if we were going to train people for a company you see, 
if we were going to train people for a company they would give us a
fee and we would give the people being trained an allowance.  I mean 
this isn't even, even isn't difficult, see, anybody could figure this
out, but, you can start some stupid one going, so the American Consul
here(for or from) some time immemorial has had this planted see, so
he's got stuff on his intelligence lines that comes from the same
intelligence lines of this Lundin, right?

     So all this has to do, you have to keep in view and keep in mind
just this one point: we don't have a damn thing to hide, we know our bus-
iness, we are subjected to covert operations.  The covert operations very
often come a long the lines of other intelligence services, all of which
is very fascinating, such as this guy Lundin immediately goes to the

                                  - 22 -

British Consulate.  So he's probably got them kidding that he's M.I.6,
while he's really CIA, but maybe KGB.  Do you see?

      Now this is not our primary interest.  Our primary interest is sim-
ply, is this sort thing which is calculated to put us out of operation
and deny the country some money, is this sort of thing going to be
the order of the day and we all of a sudden find our throats cut from
ear to ear because this sort of thing is going on.  We don't know the
target, but he seems to be interested in maritime things.  Well that's
trade, and that is an intelligence action, right?  Now I can tell you
our basic operational policy again just to repeat it, our basic oper-
ational policy is we haven't anything to hide, all we're going to do is
blow up all these false reports.  Well what reports have you had?
'Course they never tell you what reports they've had, you couldn't get
what reports were had so sometimes it's difficult to find out what the
report is so you can blow it up.  For instance who the hell would think
that anybody was accusing you of exporting or trafficking drugs from 
Morocco to France and South America.  Well it's an outright lie, we haven't
even got an office in South America, we have no ships in South America and
we've never been to South America; and this company hasn't been to France.
This ship was at France, in France sometime over a year ago, a year and a
half ago or something, either a year or so ago, which you see is nuts just
on the face of it.  So the only thing we're interested in, the only thing
we're actually interested in is just security of operation, that is, if we
pour a bunch of money in, we go ahead and work to help the co- try quite
honestly and so forth, a lot of money starts going into the country, or
students or that sort of thing, or anything else that happens, other devel-
opment and investment action can occur, now all of a sudden is somebody in
the security forces or somebody going to say "Oh those people are actually
exporting drugs and ah so forth and we must get rid of them at once,"  And
then it happens, because we know that it's very dangerous to help a country.
We ourselves are in no danger of any kind whatsoever I assure you.  The worst
that could happen to us is "Well you'd better leave."  Well they can't prove
anything - cause we're not doing anything, and the second we cease to help -
and it's very difficult to prove you're not doing anything when you're not
doing anything.

                                  - 23 -

But what's, what's mainly, what's mainly the point; I have actually
studied this thing from the word go, what happens is, is the design of
this covert operation is to prevent us from assisting and therefore
we can, our power or strength and so on can be cut back in certain areas
we don't assist those areas and it - I don't care if you tell them I
was engaged in an educational study of Rhodesia and they couldn't get me
out of these fast enough and they suddenly found out that, that's the
only reason, you can say that's the only reason Hubbard's name comes up
on the thing.  It's because those governments down there are scared stiff
that their native populations and so on would be given an educational
administrative system and therefore they 1966, why ah they said that 
Hubbard was non persona grata in that area because he was liable to do
all sorts of horrible things.  Actually he's done nothing.  He was
simply studying the educational basis and they all of a sudden found
out that he'd do something about educating blacks - all of the blacks
around working with and so on were all of a sudden learning like
anybody else, and at that moment Boom they went up in smoke and this
just told him he was not going to have his visa renewed - he wasn't even
kicked out - just refused to renew his visa so he couldn't complete
his study.  The Rhodisians don't like him.  We don't know what action
there is then.  The Rhodisians don't like him, the South Africans
don't like him.  Well how does this fire back into other intelligence
lines?  We couldn't care less.  As far as Hubbard's concerned he retired
back then, which is the actual facts of the case, I retired from all of
these actions - all I'm interested in is this one.

     Now, I've given you an awful lot of blather blather; have I given
you any stable data?  Do you have any stable data with regard to this,
mm?  What stable data do you have with regard to this?

     Aide 1: I have one.  Our operating procedure is we have nothing to
hide, and (2) the major point that we're concerned with, are your boys
fast enough to handle this sort of trouble maker who might be trying
to upset something which could help your country.

                                  - 24 -

      Ron: Yeh.  Good.  What have you got out of all this?

      Aide 2:  Well what we're interested in is security because we
can be putting a lot of money into a country and we just want to make
sure that once we have a sizeable amount in, that someone isn't going
to come along and say, well these guys are no good, and then someone
will act on it and there's a possibility of losing that money, because 
in fact we have nothing to hide.  We're just interested in secur-
ity and also we are, we want to, you know we, we're in a position
where we can help.  We have a lot of, you know, the technology for assist-
ing administratively.

      Ron: Alright.  Very good.

      The technology that is being employed to do this sort of thing
is called covert operation and we have seen these things occur be-
we have seen these things happen before and the old company lost almost
half a million dollars in one operation which wound up with the
Deputy Prime Minister apologizing and everything else, but to get any-
body, to get any principals we were operating then, to get their
confidence back or anything back like that, it was impossible, so we're
perfectly free to operate right this minute in Greece.  We can go to
their ports, we can use their ports and all that sort of thing, we're
perfectly free, we     even have a document to that affect, but who'd
use Greece?  See nobody, nobody can be interested in it, so we have our
own protection lines.

      The other thing that is very important is these covert operations
had to do with they would put a story in some newspaper some place,
in some foreign newspaper that we don't have any trace of at all and
then all of a sudden they'll show up with a copy of the clipping, and all
kinds of ramifications here in this covert operation.  And nothing
happens to us unless we try to help somebody and the moment something like
this starts up there evidently is leaks in lines or something like that or
they've got guys in here and there and those guys all of a sudden hit us.
Here's an agent shows up.  We ourselves have no distrust.

                                  - 25 -

My own attitude, my own attitude toward the Arab and the Arab states
and so on is actually intensely friendly.  I have always gotten along
enormousely well with them.  No trouble of anykind whatosever, and ah
right now they're being hit by covert operations left right and center.
The four great powers are hitting the Arab states - four powers are
hitting them - each one of them with their covert operations and that
sort of thing.  Bum show, bum show.  But, and the other thing is,
and the other thing is, you needn't be quoting me it's my attitude,
I'm just telling you what my attitude is - Islam has just now united
and they united under King Hassan, and it - they're the first time
that Islamic action has been concerted since I don't know how long, and
they've got the whole north coast of Africa now, they've got it all 
the way around clear to the Turkish border; they're on the way up,
they're the coming winner no matter what else is happening - they're
the winner.  But that's the first time, and they're, they're coming
up because of King Hassan.  He could sit this far out and so on.  Now
he, he'd like to put in a united nations of Africa and he'd like to do
these other things.  This country, this country actually is assuming a
leadership role, and I would say that a covert operation of some kind or
another would be hit at preventing Morocco from achieving a leadership role.
So that capital and other things coming into Morocco at this time, some-
body else thinking ahead, are liable to be hitting Morocco fairly
heavily.  I myself have no unconfidence.  I wouldn't generate the idea
that we're not confident of them.  We're just showing them, look, see,
look, for the lover of Christ.  Ah for God's sakes, you know.  "And do
you know that a member of that crew actually stole a Marabout's shoes
one time in Somalia.  Oh yes.  And that Interpol actually wants all of
these girls for dancing ballet in San Francisco.  And ah they  are really
not authentic, 'cause aside from the several million dollars they
have in Swiss Banks and the other fortunes they can tap they don't
have any money.  They can't pay their bills.  (laughter)  And ah so
they're really no good."  And then to us and our principals: "Well
Hassan isn't going to last very long you know and he's going to be, and
there's actually a group ready to pull the rug out from underneath him

                                  - 26 -

at any minute and it's not a secure area to invest any money."

     Well all we've got to do is, or our concert is, all we've got to
do is maintain a solid front.  We don't believe anything bad about
Morocco and they don't believe anything bad about us.  We'll go ahead
perfectly open and above board - Morocco's open and above board with us,
we're open and above board with Morroco, we'll make hay, we'll bring
money in here, we'll help 'em out left right and centre then let 'em
get ahead of the thing.  See, that's - that's what we're trying to
achieve.  You can't, you can't box around with this.  Any questions?

     Aide:  It's pretty straight, for me.  Yes sir.

     We are not by the way, babes in the woods where intelligence goes,
we are hit and so forth, but I can assure you that the enemy is being
hit much much harders, much harder, right where it hurts.  In "Mad" mag-
agazine the other day - to show you how wierd angles we get, there was an
ad with a button; it says "Contribute to Mental Health or I will kill
you."   (laughter)  Ten years ago the public was not as well aware of
or educated to what the hell was going on, that's changed.  Alright, I
won't detain you.  I'm sorry to chew your ear this long actually.  I
just wanted to give you what background we had.  Our own security mech-
anisms it is almost impossible to infiltrate this organization.  Our own
security levels however have dropped a bit recently.  Our security pre-
cautions have a bit ah dropped.  The Spanish thing by the way, where this
English engineer, ah what was his name, that he became a steward - (Aide:
Walker's buddy, Walker, I don't remember his name) - That boy was a, that 
boy was a bird-dog, that boy was a bird-dog.  The ship at that time you
know had a Spanish crew and that guy was propositioning them and he was
sent aboard to enturbulate the hell and then spread it on the beach that
they were all perverts aboard, and the Spanish taking it in this fashion
are absolutely knockered, because this was an English officer who was
sacked by company and it was Spanish crew.  Now how the hell they
get a bunch of hippies and actions out of this I don't know - their intel-
ligence must be so scrambled as to not be believable. He went up to England

                                  - 27 -

and he was going to open his yeep, and he did not, that isn't the guy
who went on television; it was Jones that brought down the "Athena" or
somebody like that.  Maybe he did go on television, did he?  Somebody
thought he did. - (Aide: Was thinking of a guy who was called, I think
his name was Nick Robinson or something wasn't it, that appeared on
television (3 or 4 words inaudible)  This was the guy that we thought
was a pretty good Scientologist and I saw him in a televised interview
telling how he was on the Flagship and everything.  I saw it in the
States.) - You did. - (Aide: On TV nine, yeh.) - Oh great.  No, this
isn't the same guy.  Anyhow he was going to put it out and he was
going to - this, this bird that came on in Valencia see, this bird that
came down with this, original delivery of the ship as an engineer act-
ually and was made Chief Steward.  This guy went back and he was going
to clobber us and do his usual, see, but he though he could get some
money out of it somehow or another and all of a sudden why we move in
on him from all four sides and he was about to go over the jumps for
perversion - did he shut up!  And he never made any other former move.
But that's the report of a Spanish crew going to the police and complain-
ing about this guy, but that guy was an operator;  and it was Spanish
crew, it had nothing to do with anything.  I'm sure that the guy up there
at the Director General de Tourisme - you know those guys are the intel-
ligence agents don't you? Tourism. (Aide: Mm. He was well informed.) Huh?
(Aide: he was well informed of exactly who to go to that was the guy
that would do something for us, and he would just - no vias, just a bee-line,
he said 'that's your guy'.) - Yeh.  Then anyway, the net result of this,
is they, there was a lot of stuff fed into their intelligence files, do you
see what I mean?  Here's false reports in their intelligence files.  The
guy they were complaining about was not a Scientologist and the people who were
in trouble with him were Spanish crew.  This guy was an English officer and 
our complain against England with regard to Spain is that England cuts up
rough. Okay? I see something has crossed up here, what is it? - (Aide: No, I'm
just recalling that guy.) - Yeh well that's, that's the report they've got
and that somehow or another proves that everybody on the ship was hippies,

                                  - 28 -

if there were any hippies on the ship then they must have been Spanish.

     But there is the operating policy.  All we're trying to do is, all 
we're trying to do is - we'll believe you, you believe us, you can
investigate us any time, everything we're doing is totally above board,
we won't believe anything bad about you, we'll prevent our principals
and so forth from believing anything bad about Morocco and so on.  Let's
just glom on to these guys as they come in and give them the deep six.
And we can go right on and everything will be fine and do business with
them.  None of this is a threat.  We're trying to get an operating
understanding.  This is the operating climate apparently of Morocco and
anybody who tries to help.  Right.  That's the target that we're trying
to achieve , is simply we could go on and assist Morocco, bring in money,
make investment and that sort of thing, run schools, help them with
administration so on.  We're not asking the government for a thing.
It's just a climate in which we could do business, and if we can do that
why everyone will win, that's all.  Think of anything else?  (Aide:
No sir except that - we are also a rival to these intelligence services
since we have the only technology that prevents security breaks and
things like that.) - We can actually do that.  I wouldn't, I wouldn't 
mention this particularly, but we, aah, part of administration is
security, and we do have security technology as far as it applies to
the internal area of an organization, and we can spot insecurity rather
rapidly.  It's part of administrative technology - that's why we're so
seldom infiltrated.  Okay?  But I wouldn't make any stress of that.
Yes? (Aide: I think we're doing pretty cool and I'm wondering if this
thing might have come about as of yesterday's meeting with the
Chamberlain's brother because he said he was going to see the Chamberlain
right after he left us.) - No, I'll tell you how this came about.  This
was a piece of policy on my part - is, good bad or indifferent you go
to see the cops.  (laughter)  And they were going to come in and they
were going to shake this guy down, and just talk to him along with the
Consul and, the Panamanian Consul and that sort of thing, and I said

                                  - 29 -

"No you don't, you go get the secret police."  Instantly and at once.
Let's put them right on this guys tail.  This guy's been spreading lies.
Now let's try to get the - they didn't, Peter didn't make his target un-
fortunately, which was to - he actually answered questions and so on -
he shouldn't have.  All he should have gotten the guy to do was admit
that he had said these things to the Panamanian Consul, do you follow?
Now, the Panamanian Consul actually saw this guy and his cover is cover.
And the Panamanian Consul doesn't know it, and I'm actually exposing
his cover to some degree so I can keep that in security.  Okay.  We
don't know, this is one of these things that we don't know, but the
police have been on to it from this end and we don't talk about this,
but they have been.  No we, we, we put them on to that.  So the report
which you will get in from Rabat will be this report.  Play it with the cops
as long as you possibly can.  You will find the average cop is honest,
the average secret police people are honest, do you see, they're usually
trying to do their job.  In Spain I don't think they're honest any more.
I think they expect France to die and the world to go up in smoke as
far as they're concerned, so they're feathering their nests.  I think
the political operating conditions in Spain are fantastically bad.  She
hasn't joined NATO, which she shook down the Americans for a fantastic
payment to keep the American bases there.  Soon as she got that she
instantly made a deal with the Russians so the Russians could use her
ports.  The second she made the deal with the Russians, the Russians,
in the United Nations obviously, got the sanction against Britain for
Gibraltar.  This gives Gibraltar to the Russians, the use of Gibraltar
to the Russians - that closes the Mediterranean at both ends.  They
can't affect this without treason in the Spanish Government.  Morocco's
affected by this.  Morocco ought to kick those God-damn Spaniards out
of Ceuta and Melila just like that.  They shouldn't let them have any-
thing to do with it.  They should 's used this United Nations Sanction,
somebody right 'way should have gone in and said, "Okay, let's have the
sanction against Melila and Ceuta."  (laughter)  "We need that."  They've
got to have Melila, they got no port down at that end.  They, they
need the port at Ceuta to defend the place.  They're getting the dirty

                                  - 30 -

end of the stick.  Spain trying to extend her coast limit out to twelve
miles and so forth, includes a piece of Morocco - it includes Morocco's
waters - so there's no love lost between Spain and Morocco, these guys
are just being quiet just now, they don't see their opportunity.  But
Spain's going to lose that area se.  I'd say the operating climate in
Spain - I wouldn't, no matter what Spain has told us I'm likely to
have very much to do with Spain now.  Franco's liable to die any minute,
then you're liable to have a cold complete Communist revolution.  He
never even got rid of the old Communists you know, they're still walk-
ing all over the place.  I've talked to them.  Okay.  I'm sorry to talk
to you so lengthly.  I was just trying to give you the background.  This
is the, the most factual up to date background that I could give you
on this secret war.  Everything I have given is absolute fact, there
is not one piece of propaganda in it.  Mary-Sue has got the name, rank
and serial numbers of the guys who serve on the councils and committees
and advisory councils of the intelligence services from the World
Federation of Mental Health.  We also have the entire rolls of all of the 
members and attendees of their God-damn congresses which include them.
They go to these conferences and there's their Russian friends "ngaa ngaa
ngaa ngaa ngaa this is the plan something nga nga how are they proceeding
over these in M.I.6."  Do you get it?  Bah.  If Western Intelligence
is that bad we had better make very firm, a very firm economic base in
Africa, because those countries are not long for this world.  The main
trouble in Africa is if they have too much of a dependence, which if they
haven't generated themselves and if they don't have people here, tech-
nicians and so forth to help them, they're liable to find themselves out
on the limb because Western actions may change, Western control of the
situation and so forth in Africa and so on, it will slip - as Africa
gets bled of all of its raw materials, is saddled with heavy loans, and
gets nothing in report - and we don't agree with that.  My point is
that it's a damn dirty trick, and I don't know whether the Moroccans
know it or not, or whether Africa knows it or not, but I think it's a
dirty trick.  U.S. loans and so forth - that money never comes into

                                  - 31 -

the country - it's paid directly over to the Ford Motor Company for a
few tractors and so forth.  What they need is people here who build
tractors, see, they don't need somebody who imports tractors or exports
tractors to them.  They've got a limited space of time in which to build
up a civilization and that is to say, an industrial civilization, and
an industrial complex is sorely lacking and Western policy is not going
to give them one, it's going to give them an agricultural natural re-
sources complex.  And one fine day when the Western Governments go boom
where does that leave Morocco?  It leaves here bled of her raw materials -
her phosphate and other things - and a big debt.  I don't agree with it,
not for one, not for one minute.  Okay.  That's everything I've got to
say as far as, as far as, I have nothing but the greatest respect for
this particular government.  The Panamanian Consul told us they're a
bunch of swindlers and all that sort of thing and so forth.  I don't,
I don't buy him, not even vaguely, don't you see.  This guy's the coming
guy of Africa that's for sure.  Okay.  That's everything I got to say.
Thank you very much.

     (Aides: Thank you sir.)