Scientology's Secret Service:
the Hubbard Communications Office,
Guardian Office and
Office of Special Affairs

We had to create a militant and protective organisation that could shield the church so that it could proceed peacefully with its principal aims and functions, without becoming embroiled in the constant skirmishing with those who wanted to annihilate us.

[Guardian Office member quoted by Omar Garrison, Playing Dirty, 1980]



In December 1953, Scientology was first incorporated as a religious body in Camden, New Jersey. Less than 18 months later, the new Church had its first intelligence agency - a remarkably swift evolution considering that the Catholic Church took 1500 years to create its own Inquisition. Since 1955, Scientology has had a highly organised mechanism to gather intelligence and administer "Justice and Punishment" to its perceived foes. This has been achieved through three agencies within the Church of Scientology. The following short essays present a historical view of each and exposes the inner workings of Scientology's secret service as it has developed over the last 40 years.

1. The Hubbard Communications Office (1955-1966)

2. The Guardian Office (1966-1983)

3. The Office of Special Affairs (1983 to present)