Legal papers on the Guardian's Office

The Snow White Trials

  • United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979
    As part of a plea bargain in their trial, Mary Sue Hubbard and her fellow defendants agreed to plead guilty to one charge of conspiracy, and to sign a "Stipulation of Evidence" admitting their actions. The following is the Stipulation, broken into three parts:

    Stipulation of Evidence - part 1

    Stipulation of Evidence - part 2

    Stipulation of Evidence - part 3

  • United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Appellants, Oct 1981
    Following their conviction for conspiracy, the Guardian's Office criminals sought unsuccessfully to appeal their sentences:

    Transcript of appeal

Other Cases

  • Mr. Jakob Andersen vs Church of Scientology Denmark, March 1981
    In a libel case brought against Scientology in Denmark, the former head of the GO's Social Coordination Bureau Europe, Vibeke Dannan, gave an interesting testimony on the inside workings of the GO.

    Transcript of testimony of Ms. Vibeke Damman, Oslo

Affidavits and Statements

  • Paulette Cooper statement
    The target of Operation Freakout gives a harrowing account of her harassment at the hands of the GO.

    Statement by Paulette Cooper

  • Carol Garrity affidavit
    Former Guardian's Office agent Carol Garrity gave this affidavit detailing her knowledge of GO covert activities. The affidavit was used in LaVenda van Shaick vs Church of Scientology of California, May 1982.

    Affidavit of Carol Garrity

  • Peter Greene debrief
    One of the original Mission Holders, a long-time Scientologist purged in the 1980s, describes his experience of the GO's activities.

    Debrief of Peter Greene

  • David Miscavige affidavit
    David Miscavige, the Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center and de facto head of Scientology, gives his version of his role in the disbandment of the GO.

    Affidavit of David Miscavige

  • Margery Wakefield affidavit
    Another former Guardian's Office agent - Margery Wakefield - describes her work for the GO.

    Affidavit of Margery Wakefield

  • Robert Vaughn Young affidavit
    Former Scientology PR and GO member Robert Vaughn Young gives a detailed account of the philosophy behind the activities of the GO and OSA.

    Affidavit by Robert Vaughn Young