Secret                       DATA #1
CS-G Asst Info                                   15 March 76

cc: DG I WW                                      cc: G WW
                    Priority                     cc: DG US
                                                 cc: AG I Base
                     RE: Mayor Cazares 

Dear Jimmy and Mo,

     Here's some interesting data that has just come to my attention and
which I am sure will be of use in our handling of the Mayor.

     On 13 March Cazares went to a DC National Mayor's Conference.

     On either 13 March or 14 March, the Mayor picked up a young woman.
On 14 March in the evening and after a few drinks, he had her take him for
a ride on a dark and lonely road near DC.

     On the drive, the Mayor was quite amorous with the woman and had
serious intentions of going to bed with her.  The woman was driving
while holding him off.

     Suddenly the car they were in struck a man at approximately 25 miles
per hour.  Neither the young woman or the Mayor stopped to help the man or
even find out if he was dead or just seriously injured.

     The Mayor was quite upset and didn't speak for several miles at which
time it appears that he asked the woman if maybe they shouldn't go back to
see if they could help.  The woman did not stop and the Mayor didn't press
the issue.  Only one person observed the incident - a man who was following
the Mayor.  Neither the Mayor or the woman knew they were followed, though
the Mayor expected we would be following him in DC.

     The man who was hit is perfectly all right.  And no one but us knows who
he is or that he is all right.  The man has agreed to keep the matter totally

quiet. The young woman took the Mayor back to his hotel and dropped him off. Unexpectedly the Mayor checked out of his DC hotel room this morning (15 March) presumably to return to CW. There is of course much use to which this data can be put on B1 lines and I am in fact reviewing the data and planning our actions to make the most use of this. Oh, additionally we tried to trace the license plates and the girl without success. And the Mayor himself does not know for sure who she is. We will continue to look for her until we find her and then see to what use she can be put in our actions. I know for a fact we can find her if we really need her. I should think that the Mayor's political days are at an end. I'll keep you posted. Love, Dick