B1 Area Secs                                 28 May 77

A/DG I US                                    cc: Ops Natl
                                             cc: Natl Sec

RE: Berry's World

Dear Sandy, Brian, Donna and Gary,

     Attached is Op Funny Bone.   It was done off of
a recent LRH order to myself, so needless to say
I want the actions done fast,

     What is needed is for each AG I to determine for
their own area if Berry's World cartoon is carried.

     From that point then the Op can be sent to them.
When they are determining if the cartoon is carried 
ensure that they have enough data to work with as
they will not all need the Op right away (unless we
find out that the cartoon is carried in their area).

     So please get started on this right away and add it
to your battle plan this week to get the orgs going
on finding the circulation.

     I suggest telex lines for this initial cycle.


                                   Greg (for Dick)

GS I US 28 April 77 OS-W RE: OP FUNNY BONE Dear Dick, SITUATION. Ron wanted the attached cartoonist disenfranchised. Data: The attached Op is a simple Op very similar to the successful Kensolving Op that I mocked that cost him alot of his papers. It's simple to do and should be fun for the AG I's in outter areas. Solution: Impliment the attached OP. This is OK R Approved Disapproved Love, Randy

28 April 77

INFORMATION: Jim Berry has 1.1ed Scientology in attached cartoon: It is desired that this fellow no longer has a sindicated publication. MAJOR TARGET: To cause Jim Berry to lose his sindicated publication so that he can no longer SP Scientology. PRIMARY TARGETS: All US BI Secs are on Post Operating. The worth while purpose of this action is to remove JB from his position of power, so that he cannot attack the C of S. USBI Ops Net is responsible for the overall planning of this project. Each concerned USBI Sec is responsible for seeing that the assigned targets in his area get done. Each USBI Sec is responsible for any debugging necessary on this project/working in liaison with Ops Net USBI. Each AG I concerned, is responsible for seeing that any targets assigned to him/her are done. VITAL TARGETS: That all concerned ensure that SECURITY is IN on this project. That the publications that "carry" JB's cartoons are found. That all production personnel that work on this project star rate M4 check out on this project.


funny bone

OPERATING TARGETS: 1. Do a suitable guize telephone call to the NEA - the Newspaper Enterprise Association - their headquarters are in Cleveland and NYC. Contact their L.A. office if they have one, if not get hold of the others. Find out what areas of the US they circulate JB's cartoon. You can be the enterprising amateur cartoonist who is trying to get some info on the subject and your stuff is somewhat like JB's. Or you could be a freelancer who is doing an article on syndicated business; or you can be a student who is doing a paper on the same subject. See what buttons you can get on this call concerning cartoonist. "gosh, I bet some of these cartoonists are pretty tempermental you know like artists. Do you ever have any problems with them -- I mean like JB - etc. Boy I sure appreciate your help etc". Follow this down as needed. ____________ DG I PAC 2. Write up these findings above and get them to Ops Nat. ____________ DG I PAC 3. Ops Nat is to include the above findings/buttons etc with a copy of this Op and send this to all USBI Secs concerned. (where ever public tions use JB's cartoons. ____________ DG I PAC 4. Each USBI Sec is to send out to all concerned AG I's the following targets. ____________ concerned Secs


funny bone

a) Find all the publications you can in your area that print Berry's World - see attached cartoon. Make a list of these. b) Take one of the above publications and have a trusted FSM look through as many as possible "back" issues to obtain other examples of "Berry's World". c) As the tone of these is 1.1, there should be many buttons of persons that are being pressed. e.g. a joke on Poles: a joke on Catholics: a joke on Jews: a joke on any ethnic groups: make a list of this person types or ethnics. d) Recuirt several FSM's that can write letters. e) Have the FSM's write to leaders of the ethnic groups of whatever turns up, and complain about the insulting cartoon that you just came across. Suggest that the group write letters to the publication in question and demand that the publication drop that cartoon. And to say that their members will drop the publication if they don't drop it. f) AG I, should read all letters going out to ensure that no mention of Scientology is made. The letters should not be mailed all from one place, and they should all be sent a good distance from any Org or Mission. All the addresses (return) should be different and spread around the city. g) do b) to g) to all the publications discovered in target "a".
h) As each new cartoon comes out for all the publications in target "a", have several FSM's write letters to the Editor (different types) complaining about whatever can be complained about in the cartoon e.g. shouldn't make fun about Firemen: shouldn't ridicule the poor etc. Some of these letters should state that the complainer is dropping the publication and many of his "Firemen friends/ "poor friends" are doing the same. AG I, should read all letters before going out. Return addresses should be away from the Org or Missions and not near to each other. i) Continue this above action with 30 or 40 FSM's, each week changing the FSM's, or each day/month as the publications come out. Send up to US weekly reports on the results of these actions.