GPgmO 1114                               22 April 1977

CS-G Asst Info
AG I Flag
Br. I Dir Flag
US Sec B1 WW
Gdn Pgms Chief WW
Mjr Pgms Supe US
B1 Pgms Off US/WW

Supervisor:  B1 Pgms Off US


                        ORANGE JUICE


                        Psychological  Practices
Florida State Representative/Frank Williams of Starke, Florida,
is currently sponsoring a P.P. Bill for Florida.   From data to

hand it does not appear that Williams himself is heavily connected

to mental health, so he is obviously being pushed by some

mental health individual.

To handle the Bill we have to locate the WHO pushing for the Bill

being made legislation, identify the Bill with the individual and

take out the individual.  This will result in the Bill being killed.

Major Target:

To identify the P.P. Bill with its originator and by taking out

the originator kill off the Bill.

Primary Targets:

1.     DG Info US is overall responsible for the rapid completion

       of this programme.

2.     SEUS Sec and AG I Flag are to push the targets through

       to completion.

3.     Personnel as assigned to execute the targets.

Vital Targets: 1. Security must be maintained throughout this programme so that the C of S is not discredited. 2. The programme is to be completed rapidly in order to stop the Bill before it gets passed. Operating Targets: cover 1. Under a suitable guise contact under ^ Representative Williams and establish who is the person who is pushing him to get the Bill passed. 2. If Williams gives an organisation as the main pusher of contact under cover suitable the bill, the organisation under a guise and establish who the individual is who is pushing the Bill. The idea is to find the individual behind the Bill. 3. Utilize an existing FSM or recruit a new one. The FSM should have at least rudimentary credentials to join a professional type group in Florida that is in some way affected by the Bill. This could be a nurse, chiro- practor, cosmotologist, dentist, or whatever. 4. Get the FSM set up with an address and a phone, preferably in the North of Florida, e.g. Jacksonville or Tallahassee. 5. Get the FSM to join a professional group. This should be a fast action so go for whichever group is easiest to do. 6. Brief the FSM thoroughly and make sure he knows exactly what to do. 7. Ensure the FSM's background is worked out so that it does not trace back to the C of S. 8. Starting with Tallahassee and then moving on to Jackson- ville, Miami, Tampa, Etc. the agent is to ring around survey and do a ^ on the Bill. The patter is something like: "Hello, I'm Bloggs and a member of x group. I'm doing survey a private ^ on the "Doe" (same found in OT 1 or 2) Bill,
what do you think of the "Doe" Bill?" When asked what he is talking about the FSM explains that the "Doe" Bill is being pushed through the legislature and it will affect the person called and his group. The FSM should act surprised that the person has not heard of the "Doe" Bill. The FSM should third party the Bill to the person. The FSM is also to act surprised that the person is doing nothing about the Bill. 9. The FSM is to be drilled on this to ensure he has his calls down pat. 1O. Make up a list. of all people and groups in Florida who might even vaguely be affected in the Bill. Include Press, TV, Radio, professional people, etc. 11. The FSM is to start making his calls. He should note the response to the call in each case and obtain from the person called new names and phone numbers to call about the "Doe" Bill. The new names are to be added to the list.. 12. The FSM is to make calls all day long ringing anyone even faintly affected. The main purpose of these calls is to make the Bill known as widely as possible as the "Doe" Bill. It is only the secondary purpose at this point to third party the Bill. 13. In his explanations on the phone, the FSM can mention that Williams himself is not really behind the Bill, but is being pushed into it by "Doe". 14. The FSM is also to write letters to the editor of various newspapers to get them printed. The letters should not come out too heavy on the Bill but should be controversial. Again the idea is to get the Bill known as the "Doe"Bill. 15. In his calls, the FSM should get interested people to write to the newspapers to get their letters printed too. This way the FSM will not stand out as a lone individual. 16. Meanwhile a full inv. is to be done on "Doe". ODC and embarrassing CDC. Get any and all crimes and ^ points possible. Get these documented.
obtaining 17. Make sure that ^ these documents and this data is not traceable back to the C of S. 18. Mock up and send to WW for approval, operations on "Doe". 19. Execute the ops once approved. These should be executed by the time the FSM has finished his calls. 20. Once the ops have been executed, the FSM is to start recalling the persons called, especially those who were opposed to the Bill. Get these people to write to their representatives demanding that the "Doe" Bill be dropped. letter writing 21. B1 is to assist in the campaign but the letters should be sent from real addresses where return mail can be received and answered. We should try to get between 100 and 200 letters written in all and they should be from all over Florida. Use in security Org and Mission public as resources for the addresses. All letters should refer to the "Doe" Bill. 22. The FSM is to urge people to go and see their representative on the "Doe" Bill. Letters are effective but body traffic should put on more pressure. 23. The FSM may be a resource for the execution of the ops depending on the data found and it's use. If so, the proposed ops should include this info. 24. At the same time as the FSM starts ringing the interested individuals and groups (OT 10) a second FSM is to start calling all religious groups in Florida. These would include Baptists, Christian Scientists, Episcopalians, Methodists, Lutherans, Mormons, Jehovas Witnesses, etc. etc. 25. FSM No. 2 is to draw their attention to the "Doe" Bill. He should state that whereas this Bill may not affect the ordained ministers, all lay activity such as preaching, running kid's schools and camps, etc. would be illegal under the "Doe" Bill. 26. FSM No. 2 is (unreadable)
the Bill (unreadable) Get them really stirred up so they act. 27. Get the religious groups and individuals in them to send steaming letters to their representatives from all over Florida to kill the "Doe" Bill. 28. Keep the pressure on the religious groups to keep them stirred up and active. security 29. B1 Flag is to mock up in ^ additional ops on "Doe" as applicable and get them approved by WW. 30. Execute the ops when approved. 31. Do a full inv. of Williams,ODC and CDC and get any and all discreditable data. Get this documented. 32. Should Williams start backing "Doe", mock up and propose ops on him based on the data obtained. Get the ops approved by WW. The ops should tie Williams in with "Doe". 33. Execute the ops on Williams when okayed. Production Target: This programme should be completed within 6 weeks upon receipt. US Sec WW for DG Info WW for The Guardian WW