Selected GO and OSA documents

These documents highlight the activities of the Guardian Office and Office of Special Affairs between 1966 and 1995, and illustrate the similarities between the techniques used by the two agencies.


The Guardian Office


Conspiracy Theories

Covert Operations

(See also Guardian Office Operations)

Policy & Public Statements

  • A Statement Of Facts (Nov 1969)
    A press release on Scientology's activities in Morocco. In reality, Hubbard was plotting to overthrow King Hassan - an effort which nearly cost him his life. The story to which this document refers is reproduced below ("About the Apollo").

  • About the Apollo (Nov 1969)
    During its voyages around the Mediterranean, Hubbard's flagship Apollo used a variety of "shore stories" to conceal its activities - a tactic which more often than not led to suspicions that it was a CIA spy ship. In November 1969, the Moroccan French-language newspaper L'Opinion published an article questioning the ship's activities. The Guardian Office tried to "persuade" L'Opinion to retract and supplied this factually dubious article for the newspaper to print.

  • AG I Admin Scale
    A definitive compendium of L. Ron Hubbard's thoughts on the Guardian Office's role and techniques.

  • Duties of Intelligence Chief
    The role of an Intelligence Chief in the Guardian Office.

  • Intelligence Actions - Covert Intelligence - Data Collection (2 Dec 1969)
    On the last page of a secret memo on case officer / agent relations, L. Ron Hubbard redefines Scientology's overall goal - changing it from "clearing the planet" to "taking over absolutely the field of mental healing on this planet in all forms". This change has never been made public. It apparently followed on from the earlier "Zones of Action" (see below).

  • NY Intel (3 Nov 1968)
    Jane Kember is instructed to concentrate intelligence efforts on mental health organizations rather than "the local psychiatrist round the corner".

  • Primary Function (19 Oct 1974 - GO 1366 MSH)
    Mary Sue Hubbard defines the main objective of the Guardian Office.

  • Purpose of GO (26 Jan 1975 - GO 1514 LRH)
    L. Ron Hubbard redefines the objectives of the Guardian Office.

  • Re: Current US Scene (29 Jun 1978)
    Although the GO was by now on the ropes following the FBI raids in 1977 and the indictment of its leaders, it continued brazenly to insist that its growing problems were nothing more than "a few dogs yapping at a speeding train."

  • Statement on the FBI raid (25 Jul 1977)
    The statement issued to Congressmen through the Guardian Office in the first stage of its attempted cover-up of the Snow White scandal. A classic example of "attacking the attackers" so as to distract attention from Scientology's own misdemeanors.

  • Zones of Action (26 Mar 1969 - FO 1890)
    Although not a GO document as such, this confidential Flag Order by L. Ron Hubbard was of key importance in establishing Scientology's (and the GO's) secret core objectives - "to invade the territory of Smersh, run it better, make tons of money in it, to purify the mental health field."


  • Anonymous Letters (4 May 1971)
    The use to which anonymous letters can be put.

  • B1 Drills
    A remarkable 13-page document illustrating the sort of work with which GO agents were expected to cope on a daily basis. These drills were used to train agents in activities including "spreading rumors", "creating incidents which reflect on others", "third partying" [troublemaking], etc. Live targets were used by the trainee: individuals who were seen as hostile to Scientology, or those who were simply "downstat" [not useful to society].

  • Further LRH Remarks (28 May 1967)
    A despatch from Mary Sue Hubbard emphasising the necessity of evaluating intelligence gathered.

  • Overt Data Collection - Investigation
    A "write-up" of unknown date explaining how to investigate people through legally obtainable information.

  • Programme: Intelligence: Dead Agent (15 Dec 1969 - GO 121569 MSH(3))
    Mary Sue Hubbard explains the techniques of dead agenting (discrediting) newspapers and government agencies which criticised Scientology.

  • Re: Books & Entheta Written About Scientology By SPs (7 Oct 1971)
    How the Guardian Office tried to suppress critical books on Scientology. This illustrates in particular how Scientology has exploited the harsh British libel laws.

  • Re: Information Bureau Statistic (7 May 1974 - GO 1150)
    Instructions on investigating anyone connected with a person targeted by the Guardian Office.

  • Re: Intelligence (26 May 1968)
    Mary Sue Hubbard outlines the targetting process to be followed by the GO.

  • Re: Intelligence (6 Dec 1968)
    "Possibilities for collecting data: infiltration, bribery, buying information, robbery, blackmail" (sic)

  • Re: Intelligence Stat (2 Jun 1969)
    Instructions from Mo Budlong on the statistical management of GO activities.

  • Re: Int US (18 Oct 1970)
    A despatch from Mo Budlong on the problems faced by the US GO.

  • Re: NY Intel (20 September 1968)
    Mary Sue Hubbard outlines the mechanics of an "intelligence cycle".

  • Re: Security and Theft of Materials (1 May 1974)
    A "write-up" ostensibly on guarding against burglaries, but actually providing a very detailed guide on how to conduct them.

  • Re: Successful and Unsuccessful Actions (9 Mar 1970)
    Mo Budlong lists a variety of methods - many illegal and/or immoral - which the GO used in intelligence work.

  • Re: Successful and Unsuccessful Actions Addition (23 Apr 1974)
    The above despatch is updated to include the new "Combat Information Center" (CIC) and the use of front organizations.

  • Re: US Int - Industrial Intelligence Text Note (3 Dec 1969)
    Instructions on whom should be employed to conduct industrial espionage operations on behalf of Scientology.

  • Statistics (2 Jun 1969 - ED 1802 INT)
    More instructions from Mo Budlong on the statistical management of GO activities.

The Office of Special Affairs

American documents

  • Heber Jentzsch Full Hat Checksheet (Jan-July 1988)
    Training list for Heber Jentszch, former GO agent and current President of the Church of Scientology International. This document was released following a 1995 court case in the United States.

  • OSA Network Orders
    Secret OSA Network Orders - many of them Guardian Orders by L. Ron Hubbard, or extracts therefrom - were posted to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup in September 1997 by the anonymous poster RonIsXenu. They can be retrieved through this external link.

French documents

The following extracts of internal OSA documents were reproduced in Serge Faubert's excellent book, "Une secte aue coeur de la République" (1993). The titles in quotes are M. Faubert's (as most of the original document titles have not been reproduced).

Greek documents

These documents were released in June 1996 by the Greek public prosecutor, Ioannis Angelis.

  • Greece Raid Handling Pjt: 558 Pgm (26 Aug 1995, rev. 2 Sept 1995)
    Instructions from OSA Int (Los Angeles) on covert operations and "dead agenting" to be mounted against the Greek authorities and opponents of Scientology in Greece.

  • Intelligence Estimate on Miltiadis Evert (1995)
    Report from N. Costas Triantaphyllou, an OSA operative or "Field Staff Member," on the personal affairs of several Greek politicians and bankers.

  • Re: GRE ARM Handling Pgm (6 Sept 1995 - 060987 DSA GRE)
    DSA Greece reports to OSA EU (Copenhagen) that he has apparently bribed a former Greece Secret Service (KYP) member to provide information from KYP files on a prominent Greek opponent of Scientology.

Training Routines

    (These were used by the Guardian Office and almost certainly are used now by the Office of Special Affairs; see former Scientology PR man Robert Vaughn Young's article on how Scientology deals with the press.)

  • Intelligence TRs
    How to discreetly interrogate a target.

  • Reporter TRs
    Instructions on how the Reporter Training Routines can be used to deflect journalists' questions - the same tactics are still evident today.

  • Situation TR
    How to kill a press story involving an embarrassing situation for Scientology.

  • TR-L
    The infamous "Training Routine - Lying".