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4 November 1997 Added transcript of LRH tape, "Concerning Intelligence", of 10 March 1971.

Added "A Statement of Facts" on the Sea Org ship Apollo in Morocco, 1969.

Added transcript of LRH Aides Conference of 6 Nov 1969, "Covert Operations".

Added transcript of 6 May 1966, LRH talk to Saint Hill staff on Rhodesia.

Added minute of 23 August 1971, Re: Stats by Mo Budlong.

Added transcipt of LRH Conference with the Investigators of 17 August 1966.

Size of update: 1856K.

18 October 1997 Added despatch of 3 Dec 1969, "Re: US Int - Industrial Intelligence Text Note".

Added B1 Drills.

Size of update: 283K.

27 September 1997 Added a set of OSA documents from France (1988 and 1990).

Added a link to the OSA Network Orders recently posted to Usenet.

Added Jon Atack's 1995 paper, "Scientology: Religion or Intelligence Agency?"

Added affidavits and statements from Paulette Cooper, Peter Greene, David Miscavige, Margery Wakefield and Robert Vaughn Young.

Added Guardian Information Letter of 29 June 1978.

Size of update: 718K.

31 August 1997 Launch day!