Who's Who
People linked with the GO and OSA


GREEN denotes a Guardian Office victim.

ORANGE denotes an "unindicted co-conspiritor" involved in Operation Snow White.

RED denotes a convicted Guardian Office member.

VIOLET denotes a current Scientologist or Office of Special Affairs member.

Southeast US Secretary of the US GO; "kidnapped" Michael Meisner (q.v.) for several months to prevent him from going to the FBI. Named as an unindicted co-conspiritor for his actions in Operation Snow White. Now working for the body controlling Scientology, the Religious Technology Center.
British M.P., who on 7 Feb 1966 asked the first-ever question about Scientology in the British House of Commons. Subsequently became the target of a Scientology covert operation ordered by L. Ron Hubbard himself.

Source Documents:     Oral Questions to the Minister of Health
"Enquiry Rumour UK"

Mo (Morris)
Deputy Guardian for Information World Wide. Responsible for day-to-day management of the GO's intelligence operations. Was extradited from the UK in 1980 along with Jane Kember (q.v.) to stand trial for offences related to Operation Snow White. Convicted and jailed.
Mayor of Clearwater, Florida in the late 1970s. Subjected to numerous GO covert operations to ruin his reputation and prevent his re-election as mayor (the latter aim succeeded).
Journalist and author of The Scandal of Scientology, a critical book written in 1971, who was targetted by the GO in the infamous Operation Freakout. She was framed for supposedly making bomb threats against the New York Scientology organisation. She was arrested and indicted on three counts, and faced up to fifteen years in jail if convicted. The charges were eventually dropped after she passed a lie detector test. When Operation Freakout was made public after the trial and conviction of the "GO Nine", Cooper sued Scientology for $55 million. In 1982 she was a star witness in the Clearwater hearings into Scientology's activities. But in a surprise move in 1985, the Church of Scientology announced that it had settled all cases for and against Ms Cooper and brandished an affidavit in which she says her attorney, Michael Flynn, misled her into thinking Hubbard was still in charge of the Church of Scientology and had used her in a strategic campaign.
Deputy Guardian for PR W/W, who in the 1970s ordered the planting of false information in US Security Agency computers "to hold up American security to ridicule." He was a GO official for the whole period of the GO's existence (1966-83), was briefly purged in the 1980s but is now rehabilitated and is currently active in Russia. As a profitable sideline, he provides UK Scientologists with Hubbard's chemical concoctions (such as GUK) from his East Grinstead business, G&G Foods.
Deputy Guardian US, responsible for many of the GO's operating policies and for much of the planning of Operation Snow White and other covert operations. Convicted and jailed.
L. Ron
Founder of Scientology. Created Guardian's Office on 1 March 1966 "to sweep aside opposition sufficiently to create a vacuum into which Scientology can expand." Devised the GO's operating philosophy, strategy and many of its techniques. Remained intimately connected to the GO, heading its organizational structure. Was named as an "unindicted co-conspiritor" for his role in the Operation Snow White scandal. Went into hiding from February 1980 to his death in January 1986.
Source Documents:     "AG I Admin Scale"
"Project Psychiatry"
Transcript of LRH Aides Conference
(and many others)
Mary Sue
Wife of L. Ron Hubbard (q.v.), who appointed her Guardian World Wide on 1 March 1966 (subsequently elevated to Controller). Responsible for day-to-day management of the GO's operations. Jailed on 26 October 1979 for 5 years and fined $10,000 for her role in Operation Snow White. Deposed as Controller in May 1981 by David Miscavige (q.v.) and subsequently expelled from Scientology. Rehabilitated in 1988.
Heber C.
Guardian World-Wide, based at Saint Hill Manor in Sussex, England. Was extradited from the UK in 1980 to stand trial with Mo Budlong (q.v.) for her substantial role in Operation Snow White. Convicted and jailed.
GO agent and National Secretary of the US GO from June to August 1976; faked a hit and run accident to frame Clearwater Mayor Gabriel Cazares (q.v.) in 1976. Also ran GO agent "Silver" (q.v.), who infiltrated the IRS. Convicted and jailed.
Long-time Scientologist (he joined at age 14) who today controls the organisation from his post as Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center. Served as a junior cameraman at the "Cine Org" in Gilman Hot Springs, CA, but gained L. Ron Hubbard's confidence through his unusual willingness to respond in kind to Hubbard's tirades. Was promoted to effective leadership of Scientology through chairmanship of semi-secret Watchdog Committee and the "All Clear Unit", which was declared superior to existing management. Led an internal coup against the GO which led to the neutralisation and eventual disbandment of the GO, between 1981-83. Established Office of Special Affairs (OSA) in 1983 to continue work of the GO.
"Silver" See Gerald Wolfe.
Deputy Deputy Guardian US. A key figure in the plot to discredit Gabriel Cazares (q.v.). Also heavily involved in Operation Snow White. Convicted and jailed.
Deputy Guardian for Information US. Chief of US GO's intelligence operation until May 1977. Planned and implemented Operation Snow White and many other covert operations against perceived foes of Scientology. Convicted and jailed. Now working in Colombia to inculcate Scientology in that country's armed forces.
Scientology Field Staff Member (FSM, or agent) who infiltrated the IRS under the orders of the GO as part of Operation Snow White. Employed by the IRS as a clerk-typist, he was "run" by Michael Meisner (q.v.) under the codename "Silver". Convicted and jailed.