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Greece Uncovers Scientology

Documents seized from The Church of Scientology in Greece when police raided them. Later the "church" was by a judge thrown out of Greece!

12:18 PM ET 01/23/97: Greek court shuts down Athens Scientologists

     ATHENS, Greece (Reuter) - A Greek judge has ordered Scientologists in Athens to shut down, saying the group obtained a license to operate under false pretenses, according to court documents.
     "The court orders the dissolution of the group based in Athens and orders it to pay all legal fees," said a 23-page court ruling obtained by Reuters Thursday.
     The ruling said the Greek Center of Applied Philosophy (KEFE), a Scientology group, had obtained a license as a non-profit, public interest organization but instead made money and put people's mental and physical health at risk.
     Court sources said the judge's decision was registered in judicial logbooks after a trial on charges brought against KEFE by the Athens prefect, who issues operating licenses to organizations. KEFE's lawyer was not available for comment.
     Germany has taken measures against Scientology which was founded in 1954 by U.S. writer L. Ron Hubbard. A group of celebrities recently protested to Chancellor Helmut Kohl in an open letter.

"This organisation insults the very essence of man, forcing its members to modify their personalities and behaviour,"

Terminology (short edition):

The presentation of original documents (from Scientology or related to Scientology) serves one main purpose: Inform on the true face of Scientology and of KEPHE (the Scientology organization in Greece), with the use of original documents beyond any doubt on their authenticity. THE DOCUMENTS ARE SCANNED IMAGES OF ORIGINALS, they are not ASCII text from a word processor.

Scientology in Greece hides its true identity and beliefs in obscurity. Therefore, the Greek people have had no idea on what it really is. Recently, many details come into light in the Media and help protect the public from being traped by CO$ without knowing its identity. These GIFed documents will (I hope) contribute more in this direction and beyond Greece. Scientology is not the best source of information on itself and people need to be informed.

The Greek documents:

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