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L. Ron Hubbard and Clearwater - The early years


The lobby of the Fort Harrison in 1975 or 1976

At the end of 1975 the Scientology founder and a self-proclaimed "Commodore" L. Ron Hubbard moved from sea to land. Together with his Sea Org-staff of the "Flag Ship Org" and "Flag Bureaux", which were located on the Flagship "Apollo", he found a new place at the Fort Harrison in the city of Clearwater, Florida. Hubbard called his new headquarters "United States Base" (USB), which were later renamed as "Flag Land Base" (FLB). One major sub-organization of the FLB became the "Flag Service Organization" (FSO), which was designed to serve the "public" Scientologists with "Advanced Courses" and had to make a lot of money.

Although hiding from the FBI by staying in safe houses in Dunedin, Florida, and later La Quinta, California, Hubbard kept a tight grip on the FSO.

Ignoring his self-made management-structure of Scientology, Hubbard pressured the FSO-executives continously with telex-orders until 1982. Most of these LRH-Orders (also called LRH-Advices) were later shredded to conceal Hubbard's control of the Scientology-network from FBI.

Members of the Scientology penal colony, the RPF, cleaning the pool of the Fort Harrisson.

Nevertheless some of these LRH-Advices are still treated as official Sea Org-policy today: When I became "Director of Procurement FSO" in 1991 and was given my hat pack, a compilation of "HCO Policy Letters" and "Flag Orders", I found dozens of LRH-Advices enclosed in that pack. All of them dealt with the existing scene at the income departments of the FSO during the years 1976 - 1982. When I first read them during my course-time I was surprised that Hubbard obviously had been pissed off about everything and everyone at the FSO in those days. "The top tech org on the planet" was actually a mess per Hubbard's telexes.

O.K. enough talk! Here are some samples of those LRH-Orders which offer you quite a different picture of Hubbard compared to his usual philosopher - and humanitarian - profile.

Martin Ottmann


Hubbard filming in La Quinta, California, 1978.
In front is David Miscavige as a 18 year old.
He now runs the whole Scientology scam operation.

The meaning of the Scientology terms and abbrevations

A/CO"acting CO"a provisional CO:
AO 536"Aides Order 536a Sea Org policy which implemented the establishment of the FSC-Network in 1976.
AMAAmerican Medical Association
AP"Advanced Payment"a pre-payment towards a Scn-course or -service.
ASR"Advanced Scheduling Registrar"A registrar, who sells courses and services to "Hot Prospects" developed by Letter Registrars.
Assoc Sec"Association Secretary"Former title of a Scn senior executive of an org.
CF"Central Files"Archive with files for every customer or prospect of an org.
CMO Int"Commodore's Messengers Org International"Sea Org established to implement Hubbard's, later WDC's or RTC's orders.
CO"Commanding Officer"Head of a Sea Org organization.
Comm"Communicator"Secretary of a Scn-executive.
CS"Commodore's Staff"Management branch of the 60ies and 70ies, located directly under Hubbard.
CSC PC"Church of Scientology California Pacific Area"Scn-management located in Los Angeles.
Dept 5"Department 5" (FSO)The FSO Dept 5 consists of the Addresso System, the Central Files, the Letter Registrars and the ASR.
Dept 6"Department 6"The department, where the "body registrars" are located. The big money of an org is usually produced by Dept 6.
Dept 7"Department 7"This department collects all money made by the org and invoices it.
Dept 18"Department 18"This department was responsible for promotion-tours of the FSO.
Dir"Director"The head of a department.
Dir Reg"Director of Registration"The head of department 6.
Dissem Sec"Dissemination Secretary"The head of Division 2.
Dist Sec"Distribution Secretary"The head responsible for the "Public Divisions", which acquire "new public" and sell them services.
Div 2"Division 2"The division, which sells courses, services, books, and E-meters to "old" customers. Dept 5 and 6 are located in Div 2.
DPPRO"Deputy Personal Public Relation Officer"
EPF"Estates Project Force"The beginner course and status for new Sea Org members.
FB"Flag Bureaux"a Scn-management branch.
FBO"Flag Banking Officer"The Scn-executive who owns the money of an org on behalf of Scn management.
FCCI PO"Flag Case Completion Intensive Product Officer"A FSO senior executive responsible for Gross Income and Marketing.
Fdn"Foundation"A "regular" Scn-organization.
FHFort Harrison
FOLO"Flag Operations Liason Office"a management unit responsible for the lower Scn orgs (Class IV, since December '90 Class V-orgs) of a continent.
FP"Financial Planning"each division has to submit a FP and get it approved by the FBO each week.
FSC"Field Staff Member"A Scientologist who sells courses and services to other Scientologists and gets a 10% commission for that by the org.
GI"Gross Income"
HCO Book AccountA special account where all the money for E-meter and book sales goes.
Ltr Reg"Letter Registrar"The Letter Reg writes to customers and prospects, "enlightens" them for Scientology services and turns them into "Hot Prospects".
NE"Non existent"
OEC"Organization Executive Course"This is both a course and a set of 7 books containing hundreds of "Policy letters" for each division of a Scn-org.
Paid Comps"Paid Completions"The productivity of an org is measured by the Paid Comps-statistic. Each public who completes a course or service represents a certain amount of points, measured by the financial value of his completed course or service.
PL"Policy Letter"
Reg"Registrar"Org staff who sells courses and services to "Publics".
reg"to reg"to sell something to someone.
SFR"San Francisco"
SSO"Staff Section Officer"The one who is responsible for the training and auditing of the staff.
Tour Ltr Reg"Tours Letter Registrar"A letter registrar who follow up prospects who have attended a promotion event of the FSO.
Treas Sec"Treasure Secretary"The head of Division 3.
USB"United States Base"Former name of the "Flag Land Base".
Volume II, IV, VIThe books containing the policy letters for Division II, IV and VI.


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