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Just like Hitler and Stalin

Just like the most famous dictators of our time, the Cult of Scientology tries to edit history. When reading their web pages, books and propaganda on L Ron Hubbard we are presented with an image of someone resemble a new Messiah. Checking what is written about Hubbard outside the cult will reveal a very different story. Hubbard was involved in fraud, bigamy, lies, wife beating and the occult OTO sect - just to mention a few. Here is an illustrated example of the cult methods. Only one questions: Who are the ones removed from the picture?

The original picture

This picture comes from a booklet titled "How Big Was Old St.Hill?". This was distributed to staff in 1985 as part of the game in which all orgs were to become the size of St.Hill in the 60's. This is the requirement in order to get OT 9 and above released.

People removed

This comes from one of the monthly "magazines" that orgs send out. This particular example came from the San Francisco magazine #315. New prints of the book has been told to have the "new" photo.

Who came first, Hubbard or the egg?

No Hubbard One Hubbard
Click images to see full size. Below is a merge to better show they are the same image.

Animated comparison

Who really did this auditing session? The cult felt the need to manipulate truth again.

Extra long arms?

Notice anything strange? Too many or extra long arms maybe?

Also check out how the cult manipulated the press pictures and claimed they packed 14.000 in Los Angeles Sports Arena for their millenia celebration. And of course Narconon's Disappearing Advisory Board.

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