In this Pack you will find a series of brief articles about Scientology from a critically challenging perspective. 


Who needs this information?


      People who are concerned about loved ones who are in the Church of Scientology or thinking of joining it.  Before you talk to a Scientologist about Scientology, be sure to read the Info Pack article, "How to Talk to a Scientologist."


      People who are being encouraged to take training seminars based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard.


      Educators who have been approached by individuals or organizations promoting L. Ron Hubbard’s "Study Technology."


      Parent-Teacher Associations or other parents’ groups.


      Clergy and interfaith organizations.


      Business or professional people who have been approached by consulting firms that promote management technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.


      Members of town councils or other civic leaders.


      Mental health professionals, especially those who deal with drug abuse.


      People who are interested or involved in human rights work.


      Media journalists.


      Scientologists who are questioning the truth of what their church is telling them and seeking alternate views.


How do I use the Info Pack?


      Adapt the Sample Cover Letter to your situation or create your own cover letter.

      E-mail the letter, with links to Info Pack items.  Or, for standard mailing, print out the applicable Info Pack sections and enclose them with your cover letter.

      Since the Info Pack pieces contain many internet links, when doing a standard mailing it would be a good    idea to reference www.xenu.net in your cover letter and suggest that the recipient visit the website and click on "Info Pack" for a complete reading of the material.


For questions or comments about the Info Pack, please contact the editor at: infopackeditor@cox.net