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Forging Letter From Minister

This one is just to stupid, you have to be a Scientologist to arrange such a disaster. I just got a copy of the Scientology newspaper 'Good News' by Express courier from USA, and I must say I'm stunned!!!

What caught my eye was this article where the Norwegian Minister of Defense praises the book 'The Way to Happiness'. I was really amazed, our Minister of Defense really praising Hubbard???

The Way to Happiness is a book written by Hubbard and they introduce it like this on their own homepage on the net:

"The world has a tremendous, and sometimes frighteningly realized, potential for violence and crime. Yet it also has a less-publicized and sometimes less-realized potential for honesty and trust. To enhance and promote this more desirable and survival potential, we have L. Ron Hubbard's The Way To Happiness, the first moral code that EVERYONE can agree upon, regardless of cultural or religious background, as it is based purely on common sense."

What Co$ didn't count on was that anybody would check up on this story about the Defense Minister, but I just did!!!

I called the Ministry of Defense yesterday and talked to Runar Todok who is acting press contact for the Ministry. I told him about the article and he asked me to fax it to him. I immediately faxed the front page of the newspaper, the actual article and I threw in a copy of the Xemu leaflet as well. ;)

Within short time he called me back, he had already talked to Jorgen Kosmo, the Norwegian Defense Minister, about my fax.

I'll quote from the article here and add comments based on the information I got from Runar Todok:

"In October, Norwegian HPRO [Honorary Public Relations Officer] Dan Viggo Bergtun visited his country's Defense Minister, Mr. Jorgen Kosmo, to present The Way to Happiness to him and show its value in improving society. Mr. Kosmo instantly grasped its potential."

They did meet, that's about all that's true. The Defense Minister remembered being introduced to this person and he politely listened to him presenting his case. In no way did he "grasp its potential".

"His promise to read the book thoroughly and to report back to Dan Viggo was faithfully kept."

That's a lie! Kosmo never did read the book and he never Reported back to Dan Viggo. Maybe "grasping its potential" was exactly what he did when he tossed it away though...

"He recently told of his lectures and seminars, in which he regularly focuses on the precepts of The Way To Happiness."

Todok told me that the Defense Minister definitely never had made any reference to The Way To Happiness in any lectures or seminars. Todok have read all lectures and seminars etc held by the Defense Minister and he laughed at the claim. He also said I could quote the Defense Minister on what his opinion was of Scientology, I don't know what words to use to translate it correctly, but it was far from flattering!

"In his last letter to Dan, he included the text of the endorsement he now gives for the book to all those he recommends it to. It reads in part:"

The Defense Minister never wrote a single word to this crazy cult! These claims are all lies! He never read the book, recomended it or commented on it!

Then comes something that is supposed to be a quote from A letter written to Dan Viggo by the Defense Minister. Since he never did write to him this is a forgery!!!! The false quote goes like this:

"These are the golden rules that family, close friends and schools tried to teach us in our youth when they wanted to prepare us for the confrontation with day-to-day life. This book showed me that, on the way, these 'natural laws' faded and, in many cases, are totally gone.

"But why? And how?

"It is not so easy to find single answers, but what is totally certain is that these basic rules must be better cared for if we expect to survive as man and as man to man.

"For me, this book has been an eye opener. It is not enough to read it through once. In fact, each chapter demands and deserves to be studied with thoughtfulness ans self-evaluation. If one takes his time with this, he wil, little by little, take the road that lies there. We just have not been in a condition to see this road and thus have not fully understood what is required of us to walk it.

"This is a book I respect and recommend to friends and to all others."

I'm shocked...... Not only do they lie about the fact that our Minister of Defense never read the stupid book, but they even start inventing letters from him and actually quotes it! HOW STUPID ARE THEY? I hope the Defense Minister sues them for this.

Another incredible fact is that they forge letters from a Defense Minister to promote a book about the ultimate moral code for everybody! Let's do human kind a big favor and make sure everybody is warned about Scientology!

The article ends with this sentence:

"Mr. Kosmo is now working out how to get copies of The Way To Freedom" to every solider in Norway."

It is of course, as the rest of the article, a lie from start to end.

I contacted the Ministry of Defense again today and I've made sure this hits the news all over Norway very soon.

Big header covering most of the front page of one of biggest newspapers in Norway. This is a translation of the text on the front page:

[on the top a picture of the article]

by sect

False interview
published all over
the world

-The Norwegian Defense Minister is going to distribute the book "The Way To Happiness" to all Norwegian soliders, it says in the sect newspaper GoodNews, which is distributed all over the world.
-Babble, says Jorgen Kosmo about the "interview" with him in the Scientology newspaper.

[picture of Defense Minister below]

"FABRICATED: -I never read the book. I don't like this church, says Jorgen Kosmo"

More on page 11

The article will hopefully be translated later.


When are you going to sue me???? Why haven't your Norwegian lawyers contacted me as you claimed they would?????? How many rounds do you want to go before you get some sense into your client and stop harassing people? When will your client learn that the lies and threats only wakes up more people like me? I'm ready to really start this the day you sue me, I hope you Are prepared. Your client is going down Kobrin, and I'll gladly go down with them if that's what it takes. For your best I really hope you one day will get free. Today's events has proven, yet again, that you are working for a criminal organization. They cheat, they lie, they threat, they conspire for murder, they ruin lives, they steal and they are a threat to our free society. And you may sue me on every claim, it will be my pleasure to drag every dirty detail to court in Norway.

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she's such a coward she didn't even dare to reply)

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