Critical Essays on Scientology

A collection of critical writings on
L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and Dianetics


Scientology under the microscope

Africa, Clear Continent - Scientology tries to take over South Africa

Bodies in Pawn - Clams, Marcabs and Galactic Invader Forces

Hysterical Radiation and Bogus Science - L. Ron Hubbard's scientific howlers

Narconon and Scientology - Drug reformers or Scientology front? An in-depth investigation

Piercing the corporate veil - The truth behind Scientology's baffling corporate structure

Scientology's fight for apartheid - The secret history of racism in Scientology

Scientology versus the IRS - The unresolved questions of Scientology's tax exemption


Dianetics - Martin Gardner on the rise and fall of Dianetics

El-Ron of the City of Brass - L. Sprague de Camp on Hubbard the writer

LRH the man - A.E. van Vogt on Hubbard the person

Scientology's Relationship With Eastern Religious Traditions - by Professor Stephen A. Kent

Wonder's Child - Jack Williamson on John W. Campbell and Dianetics

Yes, There Was A Book Called Excalibur by L. Ron Hubbard - Arthur J. Burks


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