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The FBI Files

FBI files on Operation Snow White

Welcome to The FBI Files, an archive of declassified documents from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation relating to the Church of Scientology secret Operation Snow White.

  1. These records, released in August 2020, are what the FBI provided initially in response to a request for records on Operation Snow White. However, it appears that the files refer mostly to Mary Sue Hubbard.
  2. The FBI described the records as "pre-processed" which means that someone had asked for this before, and this is what they received.
  3. It is possible that there is additional material on this subject at the FBI. The FBI might have only processed the first 500 pages of records for the earlier requester, and then stopped before additional material was released.

1979-08-15 To all SACS from Director, FBI
1980-08-?? Reference to Airtel 1980-08-08
1979-08-15 Different FBI Airtels
1980-08-08 Different FBI Airtels, enclosure to New York
1956-09-21 Letter from John Edgar Hoover
1998-06-08 FBI e-mail correspondence
1979-09-19 From Director, FBI
1977-11-11 Memorandum about bomb threats and news clipping
1979-06-26 Subpoena to Testify
1977-07-18 Inventory pursuant to search warrent
? Mail to US State Attorney about bomb threats
? Deleted page information sheets
1978-05-? Investigation case folder
1978-09-14 Investigation case folder
1978-05-25 Investigation case folder
1978-10-09 Investigation form
1979-02-08 Transcript of interrigation/interview
1978-09-14 Investigation case folder
1978-09-? Note about extradidtion procedings from UK
1977-07-13 List of items seized from CoS file cabinet
1978-10-09 Report concerning seizure of evidence from CoS in LA
1978-1979 Several different documents
1979 Several different documents
1982 Court orders and motions

More documents: