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OCA results

These are the results when SL did the Oxford Capasity AnalysisTM (trademarked and rigged by the cult to make you buy their courses). Get back to the story here.

Age: 25     Gender: male

  1:+ 41:- 81:+ 121:M 161:M
  2:+ 42:+ 82:+ 122:M 162:+
  3:+ 43:M 83:+ 123:+ 163:+
  4:+ 44:+ 84:+ 124:M 164:M
  5:- 45:+ 85:- 125:- 165:M
  6:+ 46:M 86:M 126:+ 166:M
  7:M 47:- 87:+ 127:+ 167:M
  8:M 48:M 88:+ 128:+ 168:M
  9:M 49:- 89:+ 129:M 169:-
10:M 50:+ 90:+ 130:+ 170:+
11:M 51:+ 91:- 131:- 171:+
12:- 52:+ 92:M 132:+ 172:+
13:+ 53:+ 93:+ 133:+ 173:M
14:+ 54:- 94:+ 134:+ 174:M
15:+ 55:- 95:M 135:+ 175:+
16:M 56:+ 96:- 136:- 176:+
17:+ 57:+ 97:- 137:+ 177:M
18:M 58:M 98:M 138:- 178:+
19:+ 59:- 99:- 139:+ 179:+
20:+ 60:M 100:+ 140:M 180:+
21:M 61:+ 101:- 141:- 181:+
22:+ 62:- 102:+ 142:M 182:-
23:- 63:+ 103:M 143:+ 183:-
24:- 64:- 104:+ 144:M 184:+
25:+ 65:M 105:- 145:+ 185:+
26:+ 66:M 106:+ 146:M 186:+
27:+ 67:+ 107:M 147:- 187:+
28:- 68:+ 108:+ 148:+ 188:+
29:+ 69:+ 109:+ 149:+ 189:+
30:+ 70:M 110:- 150:+ 190:+
31:- 71:+ 111:+ 151:+ 191:+
32:+ 72:+ 112:M 152:+ 192:+
33:+ 73:+ 113:M 153:+ 193:M
34:M 74:+ 114:M 154:+ 194:+
35:+ 75:+ 115:M 155:M 195:+
36:+ 76:M 116:M 156:+ 196:+
37:+ 77:M 117:M 157:- 197:+
38:+ 78:+ 118:M 158:+ 198:+
39:+ 79:- 119:M 159:+ 199:+
40:- 80:- 120:M 160:+ 200:M

A: -100 B: -100 C: -86 D: -76 E: 24 F: 8 G: -80 H: -93 I: -46 J: -78

Evaluation Script:
MANIC B: The ring around point B on your graph indicates that
statements about your happiness on the accompanying cards do not
apply at all times.  Your level of happiness is unstable and you
have periods of being happy and cheerful followed by periods of
depression and dejection.

MANIC E: The ring around point E on your graph indicates that the
statements on the evaluation cards regarding your activity do not
apply at all times.  This factor is unstable and you are active for
a period and then inactive for a period.  This indicates that you
feel that many of your activities are forced upon you - you have to
do them rather than you want to do them.

A4: You are extremely unstable in character. Your memory is bad and
you cannot concentrate on concerns at hand, or your attention is
always fixed compulsively on something. You are hypnotic and
therefore your decisions, judgments and opinions are unreliable.
People have a hard time understanding you because you are so
impulsive and untrustworthy.

B4: You are extremely dejected, depressed and unhappy. You look to
the future with complete pessimism and lack of hope. You are
difficult for your friends and family to be with because you blame
other people, situations and things for your melancholy outlook. You
see no real reasons to live as your life is full of problems and
difficulties and that your despondent attitude prevents you from

C4: You are in a complete state of nervousness. You have no reality
to control yourself even under ordinary circumstances. You cannot
relax or be calm for any length of time. Your nervous habits and
state of agitation badly upset those about you. You are very
irritable and can become hysterical or violent in your actions.
Almost anything sends you into a condition of distraction.

D4: You are totally undependable and lack any self-confidence in
yourself. You are completely uncertain of your past, your present
and your future. You do not know what you believe, what you think or
what you should do in life. You have an unrealistic approach to life
and this is made worse by the fact that you do not really know what
you want or desire in life. You have no assurance about yourself.

E2: You are active but not able to accomplish all that you could or
you would like to accomplish. You have a little difficulty getting
the job started and after you have done this you have some trouble
completing it. You either decide to do more than you are capable of
doing or you find it a little difficult to decide what to do.

F3: You are inhibited and submissive in your relationships with
people and because of this you are not being capable in your life.
You are too docile and indirect with others because you are
basically afraid of what they will either think or say or do. This
fear of others keeps you from honestly and forth-rightly handling
your job or profession, your family and friends.

G4: You are completely irresponsible. You accuse others of having
ruled your life and made it what it is but this is actually your own
fault as you at no time have really accepted your share of
responsibility. You frequently feel sorry for yourself and feel that
life has victimized you.

H4: You are an extremely critical person. You lash out verbally or
mentally at those about you and the environment, making you a person
almost impossible to be around. You may consider that you are being
constructively critical or realistic. However, you are being
basically malicious and mean. Because you see little good in people
or life your opinions are of little value.

I4: You are quite cold blooded and heartless. Your complete
inability to project yourself into another persons place or
situation and thus better understand that person causes a great deal
of difficulty for you in your associations with people in your life.
You place too much importance on yourself and opinions to be able to
be considerate to others.

J4: You are badly withdrawn. This could be as a result of the fact
that you are either shy or you dislike people or both. Also the fact
that you are so out of communication with people reveals there are
certain things about yourself that you prefer others not to know and
which you wish to hide. Your inability to communicate freely is a
very great hindrance to you in life.

Additional Syndromes (not to be read to the testee):

A, B and C low: Neurotic.  Stuck heavily with past losses.
Frequently indicates an abandonment in childhood.

A and J low: If remainder of graph is reasonable, indicates that the
person could be in a 1.1 environment where his reality is cut and he
cannot communicate because it will be twisted and used against him.

C and H low: Present time problem.

D, G, H and I low: Doesn't grant beingness.

Low A, C, D, G, H, I and J: Poor employees.

E higher than F: Person is doing more than he can comfortably and
capably handle. Optimally D, E, F should be in a straight line
indicating that the person is handling his activity with capability
and certainty.

Brought to you by:
Operation Clambake