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The Cheryl S Story


Clear or Not Clear? That is the Q & A.

           I was given a "potpourri" of different rundowns, one of which was the Scientology Drug Rundown. This series of auditing questions purportedly removes any spiritual consequences of taking drugs. Since I had never used street drugs, about the only "drugs" to come up and be "handled" were sugar and caffeine. After the rundown was complete, a strange thing happened. Where I used to be relatively judicious in my use of sugar and caffeine, I started binging on them. I dutifully reported this to the C/S but no action was ever taken.

           I decided I could not possibly be Clear because of all the problems so I originated that to the Case Supervisor (C/S) and it was officially decided that I was not Clear, and I was given Dianetics. There is a rule that Clears cannot be given Dianetic processing because it doesn't work on them. I was given Dianetics and bogged down horribly. I was given yet another DCSI (Dianetics Clear Special Intensive) and it was determined that I was, in fact, Clear. Why was it so hard to determine whether I was or wasn't, except perhaps that the state of Clear doesn't exist?

           During this time, I was also training on the Academy Levels. These are the courses where you train to be a Class IV auditor (meaning you can counsel or "audit" someone up through Grade IV of the Scientology Grade Chart).

           I had a hard time with my metering and there were things that I just didn't understand. I was told to just keep going and I would get my questions answered on the Class IV internship that followed the completion of the Level IV course.

           Sometimes I was asked to stay up all night to complete my course by Thursday at 2:00 p.m. (when the accounting week ended). This made me angry because by 2:00 a.m., I no longer knew what I was reading or listening to any more, nor did I care. The end of every course of the Academy levels were a blur. And no wonder. The curse of "make it go right" was invoked whenever a stat needed to get pushed up. And if you didn't "make it go right" you got a free fast trip to Ethics to find out your "counterintention" to the forward expansion of Scientology.


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