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The Cheryl S Story


Never Trust A Scientology Registrar

           In about August of 1985, a registrar at ASHO, by the name of Frank Benjamin, encouraged me to take a stock option loan on my stock in the amount of $15,000. I did not want to, but I eventually capitulated because of the intense pressure. At that time, I was having panic attacks. Grace Huber was the Valley Org Ethics Officer at the time and she told me the panic attacks were the "nervous hysteria" precipitated by going past misunderstood words. I was literally in a panic by the panic attacks, a fact heavily preyed on by Mr. Benjamin. So he extracted the money from me.

           ASHO also gave me a technical estimate of 25 hours of auditing on OT Preparations. The first 25 hours went okay, but then something went wrong and the OT prep auditing turned into well over 125 hours just trying to fix it. Every penny of that $15,000 was put into this auditing. When I ran out of paid time and they saw they could get no more money from me, I was dropped. I was just abandoned, sicker than when I started and very unhappy.


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