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The Cheryl S Story


Miscellaneous Things

           The following is a list of things I observed while on staff. They are not in any particular order:

           One of the top executives of Valley Org was Colleen Rice. She had a very serious medical problem, possibly multiple sclerosis. Sometimes she was in such tremendous pain she had to crawl on her hands and knees. One time she was in such a position when she called me from her office to come and help her. She could not get time off to deal with her medical problem and the usual "PTSness" was ascribed to it. When her stats went down, it was leaked that she had been a prostitute and the man she was married to had been her pimp. Whether this was true or not is unknown. But the fact is that this information was allegedly gleaned from her confidential counseling folders.

           Another staff member was Nancy Stansbury, who was posted as a registrar. At one point in time, she had been looking white as a sheet for quite a while and was obviously extremely ill. When I was acting as the temporary ethics officer she came to visit me. She told me that the Executive Director (ED) had been following her everywhere she went. I was doubtful. She appeared to be very anxious and told me how sick she was. We were doing a metered interview which necessitated an "In Session" sign being placed on the door. Despite this sign (which means "Do Not Disturb under penalty of heavy ethics"), the E.D. threw open the door and harassed her. I told him to close the door. He stood in the door staring at me and I held my position. He finally reluctantly did so. Nancy said "See?" I saw.

           A number of marriages came unglued just in the year I was on staff. That is where mine started to unravel. Lu and John Robertsons' marriage blew apart, and so did Lori and Paul Redmond's. It was becoming commonplace to see a woman with three married last names: Linda Cain Dobbe Goodman Kloeffler; Joyce Martin Cook Rogers Sola; Lu Ann ___ Hayes Robertson _____. And Scientology says it has the technology to keep marriages together. Hubbard himself had three wives and was married to two of them at the same time.

           I attempted to recover former Treasury secretary Karyn Merrill. She had married some guy posted as the Flag Rep Valley Org whose name escapes me. They blew together. She refused to come back because of the abuses.

           I knew Kelly Donahue from before I married Steve. He had been married to Nicki, a hairstylist who did my hair for my wedding. Kelly became a paraplegic due to a brain aneurysm and Nicki dumped him. Personnel at the Valley Org promised him a cure but he had to follow Hubbard's policy and get off disability so he could get auditing to "handle" his condition. I was acting as a temporary ethics officer and Kelly asked me what to do. I told him to stay on social security. There was no way auditing was going to cure him. At best, it would make him "feel better" about his condition. Kelly was disappointed in my advice because he was really pinning his hopes on a cure. But I think he realized I was speaking the truth.

           Kelly had a seizure when he was at the org one day and the E.D. "handled" him in the bathroom. No one was allowed to call 911 because it would create a flap, an out-PR (out public relations) situation for the org. I never saw Kelly after that so I do not know what happened to him.

           The Key To Life (KTL) course was coming out in 1985/1986. Personnel were recruited from Valley Org to form a team so Valley Org could deliver KTL, as it had to have its own special courseroom. These staff had to go to the International Training School (ITS) to train to deliver KTL. One of the staff was named Cecilia Origel Roldan. She attempted suicide while training at ITS.

           I knew Arleen Dawson since 1978. A most wonderful person. What Scientologists call a "theta" person. I believe she was on NOTs auditing (OT IV and up). The story is she suddenly had a very severe sore throat. She called her husband, Chuck, and he said he would take her to the doctor when he got home from work. When he got home, he found her lying dead on the floor.

           When I was on staff I complained about the smoke. Many staff smoked and the ventilation was poor. I notified everyone that I was allergic to smoke. Colleen Rice told me that "Ron said 'if you can't handle one thing, then get two of them.'" So on that [bad] advice, I started smoking. Within a few weeks I developed a cyst in my sinus cavity. I spent two weeks on medicine designed to shrink the cyst and pain medication. The doctor told me that if the medicine didn't shrink the cyst that they would have to surgicially remove it, which would have resulted in a surgical scar on my face.

           I complained of a return of electrical sensations down my head and back that I had suffered from ten years earlier. I was told by a staff at the org (I forget who, an auditor I think) that it was an "implant in restimulation." Years later demyelination was detected in my brain which could have been the cause of the electrical sensations and a potential serious health condition which the "implant" explanation could have masked.

           A different E.D. at Valley Org told us one time during a staff meeting that "upper management considers Valley Org a LARGE org." This floored me. At the time, Valley Org had a handful of full-time staff and about 20 part time staff.

           Also during staff meetings, on several occasions, I saw boxes of recycled Dianetics books with B.Dalton stickers on them. Staff were encouraged to go out to B. Dalton's and buy Dianetics by the caseful and "give away to friends" to "help push Ron's books onto the bestseller lists." If Hubbard was truly a bestselling author, why did we have to "help"?

           A Valley Org public person, Joe Modica, went to Flag. When he came back he said the service was just as bad as at every other org he had ever been at. He said that "Flag Results" was a myth.

           Valley Org had nannies to watch the kids of staff so their parents could be on past. One nanny was an alcoholic. When my kids were with her several things happened. Joe went down the street and set fire to a palm tree, and Vinnie (who was 2-1/2 to 3 years old at the time) was found wandering around by himself at a strip mall at a busy intersection up the street from the nanny's house. This same nanny moved a homeless drug addict into her home who was always hanging around when the kids were there.

           My ex-sister-in-law, Jennifer, was a nanny. One time she broke her leg and was casted from toe to hip. Her senior dumped 20 kids on her and told her she had to be on post whether her leg was broken or not.

           I had an org nanny at my house. Joe hated her so bad that when I left one night he broke a window as he tried to open it in a panick when he saw that I was leaving. I researched the laws of home day care operations and informed Valley execs (including the DSA) of the illegality of the nanny situation multiple times (via Things That Shouldn't Be Reports"), providing state laws on daycare homes. The information was ignored every time.

           My ex-brother-in-law, Tom, was trying to route off staff. Steve came over and screamed at Jennifer in her backyard that she was a suppressive person, she was trying to take Tom off staff, etc. He called her by her maiden name to emphasize that he did not consider her part of the family.

           My son, Joe, signed a billion year contract with the Sea Org when he was maybe 10 years old. His father gave the "parental consent." I knew nothing of it, even though we have joint custody of Joe. Despite the SO recruiter knowing that Joe was learning disabled and could not read well enough to pass basic training, Joe was inducted into SO. Joe was routed in just prior to 2:00 p.m. to count as a statistic for the week, and he was routed out that night because he couldn't read.

           When I received the $50,000 settlement from the bad car accident I had, ASHO registrars were tipped off by my own husband and were all over my attorney, Duane Stroh, to extract the money to buy my packages before Mr. Stroh was legally authorized to release the money so they could get the money in "before Thursday at 2:00 p.m."

           After ASHO had taken so much of my money, and the fact that I was not working and the bills were piling up, we were in dire straights financially. To pay the rent one month, I had Steve "sell" me an e-meter at ASHO which was debited from money I had on account at ASHO so he could get the commission and we could pay the rent.

           Steve was in charge of the money that was setaside to meet payroll and other taxes at the org. However, if a financial Hill 10 occurred at the org, the money was "borrowed" and put back later. Since Steve was in charge of the petty cash account, he would also borrow money from it to float us til payday.

           Every quarter Scientology has a big sales event, usually at the Shrine Auditorium, as described in the prologue. Every org has to "volunteer" several staff to help run this event. Usually it was the "downstat" staff that were "volunteered."

           We lived in a rundown old house and drove rundown old Datsun 510 wagons while we were on staff. The grass in the front yard grew to be 3-feet tall. There was never enough money to pay bills. I had to go back to work.

           My ex-brother-in-law Tom fulfilled his five-year contract. There is a policy that says that you cannot leave a post until you have a replacement. Tom's contract was up for six months and he still did not have a replacement, so he walked. He was harassed and told he was "blown" and that he'd be declared. He moved about 50 miles away from the org for a year or so, then he suddenly moved to the East Coast. I infer that he has left Scientology quietly.

           Since Steve was the FBO, he worked closely with the registrars. Sometimes he would use our credit cards were used to loan money to others to buy their services before Thursday at 2:00 p.m. and then we were paid back and we would pay off the credit card. One time we loaned Chris Nulph $4,000 and something happened. Chris became very upset and almost didn't pay us back.

           Staff were always cannibalized to buy books. You could offer any excuse but the Bookstore Officer would always have a solution. Can't afford it today. Put it on your credit card and pay it next month. My card is max'd out. Fine, write a check. Forgot my checkbook. Okay, we have Counter checks. I don't have my checking account number memorized. That's okay, we can go to Treasury and look up an old invoice with the number on it. Do it and die. Don't do it and you can go to Ethics.

           I broke my wrist. The doctor told me it would take three months to heal and, consequently, I would be off work for three months. An ASHO registrar told me that my wrist would heal faster if I bought two intensives (25 hours) of auditing and, therefore, would lose less income by being able to go back to work sooner. I charged the two intensives ($4,000-$5,000) on the American Express card. My wrist did not heal any faster than the three months that the doctor had said. Of course, the American Express card came due long before I returned to work and I couldn't pay the bill.

           Scientology has a policy that you cannot be late to post, course, session, nothing. If you are, you get sent to Ethics. The threat of ethics is enough to make one break every speed law there is to make it on time. My ex- drove like a maniac when he was late. It was interesting to note that for anything outside of Scientology, my ex- could never be on time. Also when he was on post, he would promise to be home by a certain time and he never made it and usually didn't call at all, and if he did, it was hours beyond the time he was supposed to have been home.

           Staff work all holidays. No exceptions.

           I knew a number of staff whose teeth literally rotted until they fell out. Either they didn't have any money for dental work or they ignored it as a "body thing."

           One day at a staff meeting the E.D. told the staff that he had had a "cognition" while auditing OT III. He said that the room turned a blue color and he realized that L. Ron Hubbard was "god."

           When I was post as the SSO, Terrie, the EO, came by and inspected my statistics. My graphs were hanging on the wall and were good. The current week was slightly down, but I was on a 6-week affluence trend, which was good. She called my stats "turtle dung." As the saying goes: "Scientology is the only game where everybody wins." Ho-ho-ho.

           "Make it go right." "When the rules get in the way, to hell with the rules." "If his stats are up he can commit murder." Staff heard these slogans so many times that it became ingrained that no matter what, even if you have to break rules and even murder, you do whatever you have to in order to ensure that your stats are up.

           The E.D. went on witchhunts (those with "other fish to fry") seeking out the "suppressives" that were keeping Valley Org's statistics down. One night, he confronted Paul Redmond and threw him out of the courseroom. I had to do metered security checks in the courseroom. Salem Witch Hunts revisited.

           In the Sea Org, if your stats are down or you get into trouble, you are assigned to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF). RPFers must address everyone as "sir," must run everywhere, can only sleep 6 hours per night max, only get beans and rice to eat, are dirty, and wear black with black armbands. I saw this around the Hollywood "complex" all the time.

           I paid thousands of dollars for courses, whether as a public person or by reason of signing staff debit invoices and subsequent freeloader debts. Nearly all courses need you to twin with someone. It was so rare that I ever had a competent twin. Sometimes my twin was a kid.

           When Steve was appointed corporate Secretary/Treasurer I observed him sign an undated Resignation as Officer form before he was allowed to assume the title.

           My then-husband Steve told me, during the time that my mother was dying, that he would take me out in the desert and shoot me if I became [diseased] like my mother. It was not a gesture of compassion, such as euthanasia. It was said with contempt.

           Scientology executives at Valley Org commented numerous times that all the landlords and other people owed money by the org were "SPs".

           Interestingly, when dissatisfied customers requested their money back they, too, became "SPs." They were put on a "routing form" and literally had to "run the gauntlet" to get their money back. They were sent to just about every post in the org to "route out" and were usually treated with contempt. Most people didn't finish. They just never came back. Which, apparently, was the intention of the routing form in the first place.

           It was told by several executives at Valley Org that former Valley Org staff member Randy Goodman molested his daughter Serenity.

           Terrie, the Ethics Officer, had been on staff a very long time. When the SCS missions finally got sorted out corporately, old time staff were awarded OT levels. So Terrie was awarded OT III. Not long after her completing OT III it was "disclosed" by Terrie that she had worked in a mental hospital, and therefore was not, nor had ever been, qualified for HCO or staff. She routed off staff very quickly. The questions raised were (1) how had she made it through OT III with a withhold of that magnitude (as the policy was very well known), and (2) did she concoct the story to get herself off staff without a replacement because the OT III level proved to her the ridiculousness of Scientology?


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