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The Cheryl S Story


Hubbard Ascended and My Mother Died

           On January 24, 1986, about three weeks before my mother's death, all Scientologists were ordered to the Hollywood Paladium for an "emergency briefing." We had no clue what this "emergency" consisted of, but staff were ordered to attend. There was so much "brass" (Sea Org personnel in full dress uniforms) that the place was buzzing with excitement. Something really big was coming down.

           It was announced that L. Ron Hubbard had moved on to the next OT level, the one where his body had become an impediment and he had to discard it. Steve thought this was great. I felt betrayed. This is the great "it?" You go up the Bridge just so you can die?

           There was a huge picture of Hubbard and everyone stood and applauded, literally for 15 or 20 minutes non-stop. I stood there, not applauding, wondering what they were applauding. Were they glad he was gone? I sure was.

           A week or so later, as I was going to visit my mom at the hospital, Steve casually asked if it was okay if he went to lunch with another staff member (the same girl he had been dancing with at his brother's wedding). The incident at Tom and Jennifer's wedding forgotten, I said okay. I didn't see any harm in it.

           Not too much later, since I was now at the org every day, I noticed a peculiar thing. Every time I needed to talk to Steve (who was the Finance Banking Officer [FBO], a position that interacted frequently with the Treasury Secretary), I found him in that girl's office. (She was the Public Executive Secretary [PES] and her post was not one that needed a lot of interaction with the FBO.)

           On February 12, 1986, my mom died. No fanfare. My dad called me around 6:00 a.m. and said the hospital had just notified him. We went to view her at County General Hospital five hours later.

           Despite her death, I had to report to post and was sent to Ethics for being late. This was not an isolated event. There was a woman who blew course to be with a dying parent and upon her return she was put in lower conditions. I know, because I had to read her liability write up (explained below). I now believe this practice is used to break any emotional ties you have with anyone so that your complete loyalty will be with Scientology only.


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