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The Cheryl S Story


Affaire Scientologie Style/Recruitment Sea Org Style

           After work one spring night in 1986, the girl, Steve and I were the last to the leave the org, around midnight. We said goodnight to each other, got into our respective cars, and drove home.

           On my way home, I remembered something I needed to discuss with Steve so when I got home, I waited up for him for two hours. When he finally did arrive, my first question was "Where have you been?" He casually told me that he and the girl had gone out for tea. Since he did not mention it and we all had left at the same time, obviously their date was a prearranged secret. Steve tried to shrug it off by saying, "well, you would have been asleep anyway, so what does it matter?" It mattered a lot. I personally think you have to be able to trust the person you are married to.

           The next day, I wrote a Knowledge Report (KR) on this whole situation. A KR is a report written when you have knowledge of some situation that does not conform to Scientology policy. The "grits hit the fan" the same day the girl was transferring from the Public Executive Secretary (PES) post to the Hubbard Executive Secretary (HES) post. The HES was the executive secretary senior to the divisional secretary (the "HAS") who was senior to the departmental directors in charge of personnel, communications, and ethics of the org. If there is no HAS then the HES (executive secretary) is responsible for every job duty of every post in every division, in every department, in every unit and in every section below her that is unmanned.

           One of the tools of ethics are "conditions." In Scientology, all production is measured by statistics. The slant of the line on your statistical graph determines which condition applies. These conditions are named from lowest to highest: nonexistence, danger, emergency, normal, affluence, and power. Each condition has certain steps which you have to follow to ensure your production will rise to the next higher condition.

           Conditions below nonexistence are personal conditions which are assigned for various reasons such as a person's long-term low production, violation of church policy, etc. These conditions are named (from lowest to highest): confusion, treason, doubt, enemy, and liability.

           At the liability level, one has to do "amends" (usually physical, degrading work, like scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush) and then the person has to petition the group to be allowed to rejoin the group. (This means until liability is complete, you are not "part of the group" and therefore, fair game, though usually you are just scorned and treated like dirt; in the Sea Org you are only allowed to eat beans and rice.) So a person in liability does the formula steps, one of which is "deliver an effective blow to the enemy of the group you have been pretending to be part of despite personal danger," writes down what it was that got him into liability, what action was done for each step of the liability formula, what amends were performed, and asks for permission to rejoin the group. Then he has to take it to each person in the group, who must read the petition (can be a very humiliating experience) and then signs either yes or no as to whether he can rejoin the group. A majority of signatures have to be in the "yes" column or else the person must re-do the liability formula again and again until s/he gets a majority of "yes's."

           At this point, I was very upset with both "the girl" and Steve. I asked the ED to keep them out of my work space. She agreed, but her husband, the Qual Sec, overrode her. I finally became so upset I left the org without permission. To leave without permission is considered "blowing," an ethics offense.

           So the end result of this situation was that the girl volunteered to do liability (she volunteered because if she hadn't she probably would have gotten a lower condition). I was assigned liability for blowing. And Steve voluntarily did danger. (As he later laughed, two women were definitely a dangerous situation.)

           After all this, Steve and I were having pizza at a restaurant near the complex in L.A. He casually asked me if he could have permission to continue to see "the girl." I dumped the pizza in his lap and walked out in disgust. Let him find his own ride home from the complex.

           So, two of the main executives of the Valley Org of the Church of Sintology were having what appeared to be a clandestine affair, and one of them was the newly appointed head of ethics!

           I had a metered interview with the Ethics Officer (EO) and my husband came up as my "item." This meant that he was "suppressing" me and, thus, I was "PTS" to him. Scientology has several different methods to "de-PTS" a person. Education by the EO is one way. A PTS interview done on the E-meter is another. If that doesn't work, you are sold (or staff debited) an expensive PTS/SP course which "educates" one into the "mechanics" of PTSness and SPness. If these don't work, then your SP is not "in present time" so you have to get the PTS Rundown (an expensive auditing action) to locate the "past life suppressive person" that someone in present time is restimulating. And if you have a real live suppressive in present time who just won't leave you alone you get the SP Rundown (another expensive auditing action) which allegedly has the "magical" effect of making the SP reach out to you to make up.

           I had all of the above actions and yet persisted to be ill (flus, colds, urinary tract infections, etc.) The only "SP" I had in my life was my husband and "the girl." But an upstanding staff member can never be labeled suppressive. So when he came up as the "item" (the SP) in a metered ethics interview, this information was told by the Ethics Officer to her senior, the HAS ("the girl"), who started giving Steve the cold shoulder (and upset him terribly) and Steve came to me and told me that I was wrong and to go back to ethics and "get it right." (or else!) So much for the confidentiality of a session! The meter in a "metered interview" is the Hubbard E-Meter, an instrument that has been described as a crude lie detector. I found it to be easily manipulatable.


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