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Tory Christman

Tory Bezazian
Tory Christman
Aka: Magoo
In for 30 YEARS
Out since July 2000
Free at last!

Tory still a Scientologist

Tory interview

At her first picket

Tory, Mark and Stacy

Tory, Mark and Stacy

I had been a critic of the Church of Scientology (CoS) for over 3 years and seen a lot of anonymous Scientology chills come and go on the Usenet group alt.religion.scientology (ARS). Early 2000 an anonymous poster called Magoo joined ARS and started posting thousands of more or less off-topic messages, talking about "us" and something called "lie therapy". Most of it sounded too strange for me so I ignored it in the beginning. Magoo created a lot of hubbub on the group back then. After a while I got interested in the person/persons behind the nick and Magoo and I started talking on the newsgroup and continued by e-mail. To her I was The Devil because I had this site and she had reported me to OSA who replied that they were working on closing me down. After a while Magoo started telling more and more and one day she told her real name (at that time Tory Bezazian, now Tory Christman) and that she had been a Scientologist for 30 years. She was obviously struggling with her conviction and desperately needed someone to talk to.

During our talks she left CoS officially in July 2000 and is now one of my dearest friends. My biggest concern when she left CoS was that I lived in Norway and she in America. I knew all her Scientology friends would disconnect from her and I expected she would need someone close who really cared. The people at what then was called Lisa McPherson Trust (LMT) came quickly to the rescue and I will forever be grateful for them taking Tory into their hearts and home at this critical point. I hope there will be someone there for everybody in CoS who want out. I know they are many.

I would like to honor my dear friend Tory by making a little page in an attempt to introduce her story to you, hoping you might understand what meeting this wonderful lady has ment to me. Thank you Tory for the trust you gave me and for continuing to be my friend! :-)

There is life, friendship and happiness after CoS!

Andreas Heldal-Lund
Webmaster Operation Clambake

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"I have sworn upon the alter of God
eternal hostility against every form
of tyranny imposed upon the mind of man."

-Thomas Jefferson

I have sworn on the pages of ARS, and at
to fight this battle of tyranny and suppression
with the following message kept in mind:

All that it takes for evil to triumph is for a good man or woman to stay silent.
Tory Christman
aka: Magoo!

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