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OSA 101 - Part 2

March, 2001
By Tory Bezazian

This is from my experience once who is who in OSA. As of July, 2000

When I began in 1979 I worked with a lady named Shirley Young. At the time she was in Clearwater, FL and later came to LA. She ran the PR end of OSA in LA for most of the 80's. Sometime in the 90's Shirley got pregnant, left the Sea Org, went to Mace-Kingsley Ranch. When I met Shirley in Clearwater she had just given birth to her son, who I later found out was born without legs. UCLA had kindly offered to supply Eric with legs for I think the rest of his life. Sometime around when she got pregant again (in the 90's) young Eric had become a bit of a wild man, so they went to the M-K ranch. I am not sure if she is still there.

A few different people took over Shirley's post. Mostly a lady named Cat Tibar took over her post (after a short stint with a man named Alan Lazar who used to be Shirley's assistant). Cat is the OSA PR for LA, as far as I know.

I also worked with Pam Shannon who is the DSA (Director of Special Affairs, the name of the OSA staff member at lower orgs) over at LA org. Pam runs a lot of the LA cycles. Pam Shannon is I think in her late 30's early 40's (my guess, sorry if I am wrong). She works with the Parishoners group and other OSA local things. She was the person who wanted me to take the signs over to someone's house and picket outside. She is always at the events and is basically there to handle local OSA cycles, as well as the critics if they come to town. She is one of the people who would call up asking if I could come to the next event to handle any of the critics.

OSA at LA org used to be on the 4th floor and quite open. Now it is still on the 4th floor, but I was never in the last year or two allowed even in their office. Everything is very "tight security" everywhere.

Next is Pam King, who is from OSA Int. which is located in the HGB building on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood on Hollywood and Ivar. (Pam King is in her 40's I would guess). Both Pam's are nice people who I am quite sure have little or no real idea of the overall picture of what they are a part of. They are doing their job, thinking they are "helping create a safe enviornment so people can go free", I am sure. Of course at the HGB public are never allowed in by themselves. You arrive at the door, greeted by a security guard who takes his work very seriously. He takes your name and asks who you are calling. He calls whomever that is, and tells them you are there. You are never allowed to go up to any floor alone. Someone will always come down, and get you. They escort you upstairs. As I was only going to OSA, that is all I will tell you of. But in OSA, again I was never really allowed in OSA. I was always brought to the conference room where we would meet. The rest is all behind closed doors.

Above her is a lady named Kirston, who people rarely see but she is always running OSA cycles. Pam King is senior to Pam Shannon, and Kirston is Senior to Pam King. Kriston works out of OSA Int, at the HGB building in Hollywood. She is actually quite young, but high up as far as who is who.

Lynn Farney works out of OSA Int and is one of the people I knew who worked (and probably still works) on the Internet stuff.

There is the secret Internet Mafia, which I will explain more soon.

There are many other people who work in OSA, but these are the people I knew and worked with. Actually I do not know if there are THAT many more people. I know they would like you to think there are lots more, but I don't think so really.

Of course there is OL Blue himself, Heber as President. And Janet Weinland, the VP of OSA INT and the C of S. (HI Heber and Janet :)

So there are most of the key players.

Oh yes, in PR there is Mike Reinder, who may be OSA INT and higher up these days. And on the East Coast there is Sharron Runyon who runs PR. Oh yea... and Kay Connally who runs RPR (Ron's Public Relations Office) in LA.

Now what is RPR? RPR is responsible for LRH's personal image. Let's look at how that works.

In the 80's as I said, RPR hired some of us to set up radio interviews around the country about Dianetics. If there are even radio or TV shows that are negative, expecially if they mention Hubbard's name, they are to be "handled" in I think 24 hours.

Books? No problem... we will just send out hordes of OT's to buy bunches of books to jack up the book sales.

Entheta article? Go pick up the papers in bulk and throw them out.

Earthquake? OSA was there, passing out the Way To Happiness booklets, and Food and clothing. OSA basically takes every advantage to build a communication line or "safeguard" the area. This might include food drives, toy drives, Xmas parade etc. The sad part is they are there to help, but really all most anyone cares about is the STAT. Did it get noticed? Is there any recognition from some high up people? If so, Who? Did it get into the papers?

Of course there is legal, and invest... but I mostly worked in PR, so that is what I am telling you about. I think the others have been pretty well covered in earlier posts by others who were there.

The beat goes on...and these puppies play to win, even if they are killing themselves doing so.

It is a very serious game.

Hope that helps some more...


In for 30 years
Out for 7 months Free at last~

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