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Who is the real Mike Smith
OSA 101 - Part 3

March, 2001
By Tory Bezazian

I know many of you have read things from Mike Smith for years.

How do I know? I know because he has told me for years.

Meet Mike Smith.

Mike is a man who is handsome, 5'10 or so, and around 50 years old.

He has been in Scientology for all of his adult life.

Mike was in the SO for I think 20 years or so.... and was originally on the Apollo with L. Ron Hubbard. He has been on staff for most of his adult life, one way or the other.

Mike is a Class 8 auditor, (trained to do NOTs, so Class 9) and a Senior C/S and OT 7. I think he is also OEC, FEBC which just means he is highly admin trained too.

Mike has been declared twice and each time worked hard to make his way back into the fold.

Mike is what in Scientology is known as a "techie". He is an auditor and a C/S... and in fact, he is still on staff to this day.

Mike works at The Enhancement Center in LA, CA as an auditor and as their Senior C/S (even though he is ex-Sea Org, it was OK'd for him to work there).

So what in the world is someone who is so highly trained doing on ARS?

Mike has been posting on ARS longer than any other Scientologist in good standing, at least that is what he told me last year. He began I believe at it's inception. He has told me Mike Smith is your favorite identity.

Who is Mike Smith really?

Here is my take on Mike Smith:

Mike's real name is Bill Yaude. Bill is a Class 8 (trained to run NOTs also), Senior C/S who was in the Sea Org with LRH on the Apollo, is an OT 7, and I think is also OEC, FEBC (admin trained) although he is mostly known and thought of as a "techie" or someone who works in tech.

Bill loves to play games. Pre ARS, Bill could be found almost every night on his computer playing computer games, often war games. I honestly think ARS is to Bill just a better game than the coolest computer war game. Combine it with he is "fighting for religious freedom", and it makes it a very serious game.

Bill has always played hard. Here on ARS, he has been many different identities. He is usually on in the morning, and each evening, and on the weekends, as well as IRC. I am not sure which one, as when he was showing me, I had no idea what it was. But I do remember he showing me "real time ARS stuff." It is serious business to Bill. I think he really believes he is getting rid of SP actions, while having fun wiping the "entheta" out. This includes posting tons of psych posts too. He takes this whole thing way more seriously than you can even imagine, and he always plays to win.

Bill is a very smart person and normally is extremely observant. (That isn't 1.1 Bill, that is true). I really (REALLY) wish he could step out of this game and see it for what it is. But when you have played this game all of your life (and remember, he has been a professional auditor and C/S for most of his adult life)....I know it is next to impossible. But I will say this, Bill, people higher up than you and with more time in have left and found a very happy life outside the "church".

Bill used to be one of my very best friends. There are few people I loved more than Bill.

I still love the guy, I just don't like this stuff he is doing. Pre ARS, he has wonderfulness about him that each of you would love, if you ever had a chance to meet him. People generally love him after just a short time with him, as he is very caring and interested in others. You may have experienced this with Mike Smith, I don't know. I never read those posts, so all I know is what he has said. Has he changed doing this OSA cycle? You bet! Bill used to be a 100% tech person; there to help each and every person he met. As you know,,,people on ARS who are part of OSA have a much different "plan". They are here to put you all down, distract you, and divert attention onto other things, and occasionally "enlighten you" if they can. Sure, to them they are protecting their religion against you all who are pointing out many truths they either don't want to look at themselves, or they don't want others to see. Bill does feel passionately against the psych's, so his posts do have some meaning to them. However, honestly for the most part here they are "fillers" as obviously this is the wrong public for that information, as posted by many of you.

So that is who Mike Smith is...or was as of July of this year. Remember, I haven't spoken to him since then...although he promised he wouldn't disconnect from me, he has.

I know Bill has gone through my folders (he was my auditor for OT 4-6) as he flew to Clearwater to talk with me when I first went to Stacy's. He heard my state of Clear had been invalidated while mid OT 7, so he quickly went to see for himself. He returned to tell me "that is the worst case thing that could happen to anyone, and "we will fix it for free". I appreciated the offer, however since I had long since decided I was done with NOTS, I told him "no thank you" as it was over for me. I was sure now he has something to explain "what the Hell happened to Tory?" That isn't what happened, but unwilling to confront what actually is, I could tell Bill felt better with this piece of "tech". It is amazing to me now that I am out how when you are in the "show" you can so easily find things to make your reality right. Here are just a few examples:

Yeah... Lisa was killed by Scientology, but not really... yada yada... re the courts. Take a look, a good hard look at the autopsy photos!

Yes... OT 7 has been squirreled and there is even an HCOB written by Hubbard to say so, but Bill even had that explained! Talk to the Barnes who were declared SP for sending the original 12 page HCOB of Hubbard's (cut down to 5 pages now) into their C/S's. HUH?? That doesn't matter? It doesn't matter that there are tons of people like myself who were not really winning on OT 7, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, and were not only not helped, but were harmed due to out tech?

No matter that people are dying like flies on OT 7 and 8 (you laugh Bill, count um!)

Listen to Maria's testimony (real Class 9) about the deaths and people she audited. Was she hoodwinked too?

No matter that you and I together know four kids who are dead due to suicides, with the one common denominator being disconnection.

Ok, you will say there were other factors and I do not disagree... but each one had one thing in common: disconnection!

No matter that all of the original Class 12's have left, the Senior C/S Hubbard worked directly with (and there is different data than you and I had re this), tons of exec's, all 3 of Yvonne's kids, and the majority of the techie's and exec's who were with Hubbard. But you are going to stay and bring the ship completely down? Have you ever stopped to look at the effects of DM with this group? Can you honestly say none of the above matters? Not when you are in the show... and no one I know is more in the show than Bill. But of course they said that about me, too, I am sure.

Bill, I know you love this group. So did I. I love the people in it, our friends, and I love the concept of freedom. But I will tell you this, what you and I love isn't there. If it was ever, it sure isn't there now. Golden Age of Tech is one of the biggest con's I have ever seen, and I wrote that to DM the night he announced it. I got a fucking form letter back.

DM and his regime don't give a rat's ass about freedom. I have met many of the SP's and "really bad" people you and I have sat and talked about. Many of these people (minus "Thaaaayyy") are some of the nicest, kindest, and well-meaning people I have met in a long time. It is an honor to know them, and I mean that. It is different Bill than you think.

I know you have read everything you can get your hands on, but it just isn't the same as really meeting them, and I don't mean in some pretend identity that means nothing really. All emotions are shut off there.

I know how you sit and laugh when "out tech' is spoken or people are mentioned that you are sure are this or that. The amazing thing is many of them you and I had never ever even met! Now I have, and wow... it is different than you think. And for sure me saying all of this is funny to you. Well, it ain't funny to me, pal. I don't like losing all of my 30 year friends over some bogus SP declare... when all I did was leave Scientology (supposedly a Church!) go see some of my friends, and talk to the Boston Org about Communication. You go look at that video. That is Scientology these days. Communication? These guys can't communicate with a bug. They are so out tech it is pathetic. And you are backing them?

There are tons more examples, Bill, but they are only important if you are willing to LOOK. I know you read everything. (Bill is one of the most up on things person I know. If it is out there, Bill knows about it.) The unfortunate part is you are reading it through a totally fixed view. How can you possibly see what I see?

All I would like to say is, Bill,,,,,wake the fuck up!!!

What will actually happen re what has been done on this newsgroup and OSA, I do not know. But I do know lying and deceiving people isn't right, and just like the GO, if people do need to go down, you will no doubt be put at the top of the list my friend. Me writing this may get you in some temporary trouble...but doing nothing and supporting these people will bring you way worse harm.

You all may be mad at Mike Smith, and Travis Sergeant (also Bill, until July of this last year when he said he turned that over to someone else) as well as many others he has pretended to be, but keep in mind he is doing something he thinks is very important, and is helping safeguard his religion. I am not saying he is right, he isn't. He is dead wrong. All I am saying is he thinks he is doing right. But I am asking you to stop doing this crap on ARS. Leave these people alone. Stop altering their communications, lying to them, pretending you are different people for years and years. COME ON~~~GET HONEST AND STRAIGHT.

You can promote I am deluded, that I have been hoodwinked, am "out of valence" etc. But the truth is, I am free Bill. I am. I feel better than I have felt in years. But you need to look at what you are part of, and really take a hard look at what you are doing.

Remember the GO? Sure you do! And what happened at the end? Hubbard announced that the entire thing was out tech and there was no tech saying to do such harmful, and illegal things. Take a look at what you do here: You cut people's comm., alter it, pretend you are someone you are not, and basically waste lots of your time and theirs. You are not getting a product here. I remember hearing you speak of ARS for years, before I ever got on. There was always an excitement in your voice about it. I think you really believe you are "handling the SP's". You are not! When you began and first showed me ARS, it was almost impossible to find. Now it is one of the top news groups read. Why? Because of what you have been doing! It creates (CREATES) conflict, and people love to read conflict. It may be a game to you, but if you stop and look for one minute at what you are really doing, it is no different than the GO. Scientology is dwindling, and a major reason for it is the Internet. People are used to checking something out before they get into it these days. Once they read a small part of the truth (and I am talking about court doc's, affidavits, etc) they say "no thanks".

Pre your OSA scams, ARS was a tiny little newsgroup that a handful of people knew about, and only you of our friends. Now it is one of the most read newsgroups being read today. We know Helena had a big part in this, as she brought on the critics. Now one would think someone making as big a mistake as that would learn from it. Did OSA? Hell no! They just pulled in all the slashdotcom people who are even angrier, this week! Way to go!!! You all just don't get it do you? There are people around the world out here ready to stand up for freedom of speech. You are trying to stop it... you will never, ever win. Ever. So you have very much helped create this stop in Scientology, Bill.

I have to say I can hear you laughing right now. Use your tech, look at the stats. ARS is bigger than ever. Bill has been saying for the last few years, "they used to have much worse stuff on ARS, but we have gotten them way off of the real dirt, and blown many critics off of ARS altogether.

Bill's win last year was how distracted many of you were, and how off of the hard corps news he has brought you (at least that was his take). Has he? Have this band of OSA volunteers really distracted you from your purposes? I don't think so, but then I wasn't on here 7 years ago, and some of you were. Let me know... what do you think?

Did Bill pretending to be different identities expand ARS or make it contact like he thinks.

You let Bill know.

Bill, I wish you well. I hope you get out of this conn and back to doing what you love.

I know this is a game, but OSA, which you are a part of, is seriously hurting many people. You are always promoting "taking responsibility"... well, how are you taking responsibility? I could point out many Hubbard pieces of tech you are violating by what you do on ARS, but for everyone I would state, you would have one to back up what you do.

Bill was part of the OSA scam where your words were twisted, changed into recipes, or jumbled, etc. So was I, briefly, having a small roll in opening some phony accounts (until I realized what the real effects were and then I quit). I will tell you more about that later, but he was/is sort of the I/C of the volunteers for that.

Bill is much better as an auditor, although I think he finds this much more exciting. I think it is time he hears from each of you. Tell him what it has meant to you to have someone lie to you, twist your words; make fun of you, etc.

Hopefully one day you will wake up Bill and see that you are in a cult, and it is a very tricky one. It is a better show than most, and thus much harder to get out of. I know you think the only reason I am out is due to out tech. That is not true. I am out because I woke up... actually the little conn you ran with me really helped wake me up a lot. I kept thinking, why must you alter people's communications? My father always taught me to put all of the cards on the table. Let everyone speak his or her mind, and the truth will prevail. Suddenly my good friend and auditor is running a lie shop that is stopping free speech. Yes, that did mean a lot to me, Bill. What could they possibly be saying that is so bad, that you have to lie and deceive them, and pretend to be someone you are not? Well, I found out. Way more than you, at this point, Bill. I can only hope you lift up the Plexiglas and see for yourself.

You may be mad at me for telling who you are... but you had to know this day was eventually going to come. You are lying... why should I hide the truth, when I know it? When you are part of a group that is Actively trying to put me in jail??? It is time to change some conditions here, Bill, and number one is you getting out of this if not illegal, immoral "game". Say I am in Treason if you like. I am in Treason to an unethical, lying, deceitful small mafia inside of OSA that is hiding from it's own staff members. This is correct. If you consider that bad, it is time you re-evaluated what you honestly believe in your heart. They are not protection religion. They are not! The picture is way different than you think, and no, they won't show you. You are their Number One Guy.

So I will leave it with your peers, those you have lied to for year after year, pretending to be someone you are not. Let's have them tell you how your 'works' have affected their lives, and how they honestly feel about what you have been doing over the last 7 years.

Take care my friend, and I hope you join me on this side soon. You are sailing in a sinking ship, and your lies are driving it down faster than almost anything else around.

I hope you come join all the original Class 12's, ex-exec's, and the wild critics.. they are fun people!

I wish you well.

ARS..... you're on the air~

Tory/Magoo ~dancing with my old friend, Bill, and the critics~
In for 30 years
Out for 7 months
SP 5
Free at last~

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Operation Clambake