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OSA 101 - Part 4

March, 2001
By Tory Bezazian

There is a very definite thing that you can count on with OSA:

If someone starts posting truth, you will find suddenly there will be many posts about this person, slandering him or her. They may not be totally obvious, but suddenly you will just have this "odd" feeling about the person.

That is called Black PR. Black PR is taking something, anything really, to turn on a person and make them look worse. You can use their words, and turn them around so they mean something different. An example of this is perhaps I say I think Joe is working for OSA. He has been attacking me, etc and it just feels weird. If he is really with OSA, here is how they might handle it:

"OH YES sure...Joe is with OSA! When does your paranoia quit? Can you not just have a nice conversation with someone who may have *some* critical thoughts of you without you going into a complete immature upset? Grow up!"

See? Always attack back. That's Hubbard, and straight OSA.

They may attack how you look. EXP: Saturday one of my "handlers" came up to me and said loudly, "Gee Tory, Your eyes sure don't look that good". Now unfortunately for him, he was talking to me. I have always hated that routine, even when I was in the "church" and always told people not to do it. So I told him that, and that for the last 7 months people have consistently told me how much better I look, so I know what he is saying is just BLACK PR, and nothing more.

They may try to start a smear campaign.... spreading little lies here and there, trying to get just one person to go against the person they want to Black PR. If they can get one person posting against who they want, they are happy. Sick, but true. See, if they can just get one person to buy their Black PR, there is a good chance someone else will buy into it too.

How can you tell if it is Black PR?

Well, look. Look at what is said, and then look at the person they are speaking about. If you know the person, but you do not know who the poster is, and the poster is saying something even a bit off re someone you know, make sure to stand up and say something. Some people are really good at this. PTSC is excellent at this... and so is Sten-Arne and of course Andreas. Bunnyann is often good at this, and so is Barbz. Actually now that I start thinking of people, many names come to mind. Warrior, Arnie and Tilman are very good, Beverly is excellent, and so is Bid. Patricia, Greg Barnes, Tommy, Phineas, are all great. The list really goes on and on. Ahh hell, too many to name, but it really makes a difference. Thank each and every one of you for taking a stand against this kind of thing.

I know from working with OSA that their intent is to distract people, to put them down (if they have credibility and know any inside scoop). They will go to unbelievable measures to Black PR someone like this.

Make sure you watch for it, and continue to nail them.

I am sure because I am posting some very true facts, OSA is extremely mad at me and has begun their smear campaign at me. Look at what I have done, and look at whomever is saying things. See if they have actually done things that show the truth about Scientology. Usually the OSA volunteers of course have done nothing. They cannot. They would never pass their Eligibility although maybe now they will try that too. I hope so, as that may be the beginning of the end for them.

There is one easy way to spot Black PR: You were feeling good about a person, and for no good reason now you suddenly are feeling not so good about them.

Pull the string, as they say in the cult. Look. Find out what was said, who said it and what are their actually actions. Mostly you will find they are just like the Wizard of Oz....just lots of wind.


Tory/Magoo ~dancing in the light~
In for 30 years
Out for 7 months
SP 5
Free at last!

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