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OSA 101 - Part 5

April, 2001
By Tory Bezazian

As I have posted, I was asked to cruise the net and look for any "OT" material on the Internet. This was where I came upon Andreas' site, I think I was first asked to do this in 1997 or so.

In 1998 a friend of mine, and someone I totally trusted (my auditor, and longtime friend, Bill) called and asked me to do a favor for OSA. He told me it was very important. I told him I would come over and find out what it was. He gave me a bit of money and asked me to go to an address on Wilshire Blvd. at a certain address. He said to just walk up to the door, and tell the man you want to "open an ISP". He gave me a name to put it in, and said to give him the money. At the time I knew basically nothing about computers, so I had no idea what this all meant.

I did what he said, and although the young man looked pretty confused, and at first told me to just send it in... Bill had made it clear it was very important to get it signed up right there. So I passed on this urgency, and he said OK and took my (OSA"s) money.

I returned to tell Bill what had occurred. Shortly after he called me to tell me, "You have made Internet History". Not knowing anything about computers or the Internet, I had no idea what he was referring to, and was just happy it seemed to be a "good product". Little did I know what this really meant.

Soon after I was invited to do more of these. Again, not having any real clue about them, I was just told by Bill that it was key to handling the critics and religious bigots who were trying to destroy Scientology. Before I could really begin this project, Bill told me to meet him over at OSA INT. Now remember I was already working with the VP of the C of S with the Scietnology Parishioners League (SPL), so I was used to OSA INT. However they always keep their projects separate and this was no different.

OSA INT is in a building on Hollywood Blvd. Near Vine. It is called "the HGB" which was the building's name pre Scientology. The Hollywood Guarantee Building" I think was it's official name. I arrived there and a guard who is always at the front gate greeted Bill and I. He called up to OSA INT, and a man came down. He was medium height, and had brown hair. Bill introduced him to me. "This is Gavino". Gavino is Italian, and although I had never seen him before (ever) he seemed to know me. We went back up the elevator to OSA INT, to the reception area. They no longer let public in to the internal areas of OSA. So we sat in their conference room, next to the reception area. I was told I would have to sign something, as this project was top top secret.

Gavino gave it to me to read, and I will never forget my surprise. It may have been one of the huge cracks in the Truman Show.

Here on this paper it said something to the effect of, "I promise not to tell anyone about this project. This would include forever never telling any auditor, any of the exec's of Scientology, not any ethics officers, etc. I think it even went on to name Heber and a few other well-known execs as people I would never tell. The price was $10,000 if I ever revealed anything to anyone about this, ever. I stood there sort of in shock.

Remember back then I was still planning on going back onto OT 7, which has rigorous sec-checking about everything. How could I not tell my auditor? Bill looked at me calmly and said, "Don't worry. They have very special auditors at Flag for you. It won't be a problem."

Since I trusted Bill completely, I signed it. I shouldn't have, as there was this queasy feeling I had in my stomach, but I wanted to help out, and I truly knew Bill would never, ever do anything bad or harmful. I forgot to factor in that people do get sucked in within this group, but of course at that point I wasn't thinking of that.

So now I was part of this top-secret Internet project. The head OSA INT person for this was (and probably still is, the very secret Gavino... no longer secret. And to those feeble minded who feel this is "bad" to out someone who did something of this nature... try looking at the whole picture!) If Gavino ever called me on the phone, he was known as "Jack". Gavino is Clear, and I don't know how long he has been in Scientology, but he was/is the I/C of this very secret Internet project. I was told, although it was totally secret, it was 100% legal. I will tell you more of this as we go along.

And to Gavino... remember when you said "I told you about her Bill"? Well, I am sure you are feeling just so right at this time. You knew... or so you thought. The truth is, you are endangering your "church' and yes, I am telling these people about it. You and your OSA mafia have sworn on ARS that C of S had "nothing to do with the spamming". Well you and I know differently, and at the very least, I say they are owed the truth.

In any battle, people do what they feel is best for their group. I want you to really take a hard look at what exactly this OSA mafia group has been doing. Read over what Hubbard himself said about the Guardian's Office back when they were busted, and re-evaluate what you are doing.

Don't you honestly think it is time for a new game plan?

Think it over.

Tory/Magoo~dancing in the moonlight~
In for 30 years
Out for 8 months
SP 5
Free at last!

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