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How the OSA Trap really works
OSA 101 - Part 1

March, 2001
By Tory Bezazian

NOTE: I am posting this to bring some truth to anyone who is interested. My intention is not to hurt others, which has been implied to me by some still in Scientology. What I have to say may hurt someone, but that is for them to work out. I cannot keep hiding to protect the lies and deeds that are done. I am through with that. You are through with me, as wittnessed by OSA trying to get me nailed with some phoney, drummed up criminal charges, which the court agreed were not criminal actions. You want truth? Here is the beginning.

Many people have asked me to explain how OSA really works. Let me start by saying there are many views of OSA, and how it works. I am going to explain how it worked for me, a public, as a volunteer. There are layers of things that can be said about OSA. This is sort of OSA 101.

First off, OSA stands for The Office of Special Affairs. It is the arm in Scientology that deals with legal issues, including the expulsion of their members when they decide the time is right.

Many people, who are critics and have studied Scientology, have heard of the GO, which stood for the Guardian's Office. The GO was run by Mary Sue Hubbard, and ended with a raid where documents were found that actually mapped out many of their illegal operations. 9 people actually went to prison over this, including Hubbard's wife.

Mary Sue Hubbard leaving court
Mary Sue Hubbar, wife of L. Ron Hubbard, leaves court house in Washington D.C. in 1978. She was among 9 Scientologists convicted of burglarizing government offices.
Photo: AP
I was in Scientology the day the raid occurred. Someone called me from what was then known as "The Manner" and said "Tory" The FBI is here, and we need someone to marry us. Can we come over and get married?" I said sure, and they did. How the "church" got through that is still amazing to me, but that is how Scientology is. They just start pumping out the black PR, in mass, and the propaganda they want heard.

We were quickly told that Scientology knew nothing (NOTHING) of what these people had done. All we had to do was look at LRH's actual references, where they all are against stealing, lying, etc. So see? The bad deeds they did couldn't be based on Scientology data. It wasn't Scientology.... these were some misguided people. (Doesn't matter that is was L. Ron Hubbard's wife, and Hubbard was sending down the orders).

Ok,,,, so that was the GO. Soon after something showed up called OSA. OSA was supposedly totally legal, and only did things per LRH. ... so none of those "bad things that those GO people did would ever happen again".

That mind think is completely ingrained in scientologists, to the point where they really (REALLY) believe OSA are the good guys.

OSA fights for "religious freedom". Never mind that Hubbard himself was totally anti-Christ and really anti-God, they push religion hard and fast. Somewhere they realized religion was their ticket to ride. In the 70's they had not yet moved into this big religious avenue. Dianetics was promoted as an "Applied Philosophy". It was a Science of the Mind. But once the FBI busted the GO (Guardian's office), things changed overnight. Literally the GO was out, and OSA was in. They are promoted as the ultimate in white hats.

Actually most of the public of Scientology is hardly aware of what goes on in OSA. They are told OSA is there to fight these bad people, to handle legal, and is there for PR. The truth is, so far every single person they have promoted to me as horrible, has turned out to be not only not horrible, they are really good and decent people, many quite wonderful. They lied through their teeth to me about these people, and it wasn't until I left that I found out the shocking truth: These "bad people" were actually the good people, and OSA was out doing bad things.

Is all of what OSA does bad? No of course not. But much of what OSA does has become bad. They send PI's (Private investigators) after people, the sue people (they tried to rope me with criminal charges and they really worked hard to bring that about. It didn't work, but it was amazing to me to see how far they will go). They harass people who speak out against Scientology, and their families and sometimes at their work force. I didn't know about these things, but as Bob Minton pointed out to me, that is no excuse. Some critics have been pretty hostile with me for "being so bad and helping OSA". I am not going to say I was right, but I also know I was being a 'good Scientologist'. That is what was asked of me. I know there are a number of "good Scientologists" who are still actively volunteering for OSA. All I can say is look at what you are doing. Is that what you would want someone to do to you?

In 1979 I started as an OSA Volunteer in Clearwater, Florida. We had moved there, and a bit earlier so had Hubbard and the Sea Org. By the time we arrived there were people out on the streets with signs saying "Save Sparkling Clearwater: Stamp Out Scientology".

I was asked to go meet with one of the executives, Milt Wolfe. Milte explained to me that Hubbard was planning to land in the south, and set up his land base. However (so the story was told to me) someone got word that the FBI were going to nail Hubbard, plant drugs on his boat, and put him in jail for a long time.

Now you might be wondering why would the FBI be after this Sci-Fi/pretend religious cult leader? Why? Well, Scientology always has answers to these kind of questions. Why? Simple. See the AMA (American Medical Association) has been after Hubbard ever since Dianetics came out in 1950. I was told the AMA were these bad, greedy doctors who wanted to put Hubbard out of business, because Dianetics could put them out of business. Now since my Grandfather was a wonderful doctor, and doctors had saved my life, this never really rang totally true to me, but I bought some part of it.

So the AMA had informed the FBI, and thus they were here after years of chasing, to bust LRH. Knowing this, and being a sly fox, Hubbard picked up and zoomed to Clearwater. Since he was pretty sure they wouldn't want Scientology there, but he had to at this point go somewhere on land,,,, he started a church with a different name. Basically he lied.

So Milt explained "because we had to lie to get the Fort Harrison, and this guy Richard Tenny who is running for City Commissioner's whole platform is about how we are liars...we cannot handle it. We need you to handle it for us."

Being a new mom, and always up for a good fight, I began. I would walk around talking to people on the street, trying to tell them what they were doing was not OK. I went to all of Tenny's meetings and would ask him questions to get the attention off of Scientology. "What about the fact that there is only one fire dept? What are your plans for that? What about the drug scene..." etc etc. Truly I would ask anything that would steer that attention off of Scientology. Now please note here that this is what Scientology/OSA does. They come pretending like they care... but what is the truth? I could have cared less. I was there with a plan to distract, and that is all.

It is justified because these people are what are known in Scientology as SP's or Suppressive Person's. An SP is one who is just there to harm others, and Hubbard wrote a Policy called Fair Game stating once someone is declared an SP, they become Fair Game, and Scientologists can lie, cheat, harm or whatever to this person. Even Scientology promotes Fair Game has long since been cancelled. I would have given you $5,000 last year at this time that there is no Fair Game. But the truth is, Fair Game is alive and just as bad as ever. I was even doing it, and didn't realize it.

Long story short, Richard Tenny was voted out of office in a landslide and we all celebrated. Clearwater was our town.

I continued to help OSA from that point until I left last July.

In 1985 there were a few huge trials against Scientology, and I was at each Crusade. I donated one year of my time to fight in these battles and help however I was needed. Again, I thought I was doing good. I knew Larry Wollersheim personally and felt he was a conn man. So I was very persistent in this fight. Let's look at how:

I arrived at the courthouse to find numbers of OT 7's lined up outside the courtroom. I was told only OT 7's could get in (I guess because they were considered the most powerful). But I wanted to be in there. So I snuck in with a friend.

I quickly labeled each of the jurors (my own idea). As someone would say something I would just note how each person responded. I.e. number 2 smiles, number 5 shakes head like saying "no", number 7 looks disinterested. OK? I left after the first day, and BOOM! A man from OSA came up to me and said "we need to see your notes". I said fine, and gave them to him. Sure enough the next day I was told OSA wanted me to continue.

This entire trial had many stories connected to it, including twice where I stood up and spoke to the judge. But I will tell you these another time.

We were told at the end this was a victory as the motto was "Not one thin dime for Woller shiem", and supposedly he hadn't received a dime. I am not sure if he still has. I think it has been awarded over and over, but never paid. I still feel the same about this person, as I knew him before this trial, and he was a conn artist then. I will have to meet him now and find out his side of the story. But that was a long and hard fight.

Mostly I did things for OSA that had to do with PR, or public relations. I worked for RPR (Ron's Public Relations Office) which is run by Mike Rinder and OSA. Here also in the 80's we were hired as contracted professionals. It was our job to set up interviews with radio stations across the USA. We did, and I found this a lot of fun. The Dianetic stats were the highest ever.

So what did the Sea Org do? Cancel the entire unit, saying the Sea Org was going to take over. Did they? Of course not. But they are famous for this kind of thing.

One time I was asked to go with someone to follow Precilla Coats and Jon Attack. I did, and we followed them to a bookstore. I felt very weird about this, and told OSA that was not something I wanted to be a part of.

Another time they asked me to head up the takeover of the Cult Awareness Network. Again, as I didn't really feel too good about that, I said no. However somehow I did fill out some papers that I was later told helped put CAN out of business. OSA will do things like that. Announce their plan, and "all you need to do is sign on the dotted line. We will do the rest."

I continued to assist them, calling up radio shows if someone critical of Scientology was on, etc. In late 1990 Scientology announced, "We are coming up to the year 2000 and getting into the Internet". The plan was simple. They had computers set up and you were to sit down and write up your success story. You could tag on any hyper-links you want, either Narconon, Criminon, Way to Happiness etc. At the end, they gave you a disk and told you to go home and put this on your computer. That way if anyone wants to contact you, they can". That was all we were told. Later I found out that was how they got what is called "the net nanny" onto each computer. This stops people from being able to ever read anything critical of Scientology. It was done secretly, and many Scientologists don't even know it is on their computer!

Shortly after this was put on, I was asked to help out on the Internet. Someone working with OSA asked me if I would surf the net, and see if I could find any confidential material and if so, report it to OSA. He came over to my house and took off the net nanny, and made ARS one of my "favorite places". I did this, and mostly I would come up with Andreas at At the time I didn't really get that Scientology was stopping all views of any critical thoughts of them. I was told this was just to protect the members from seeing any confidential data that was above their "case level" or above what they should know. It made sense at the time.

Andreas seemed to have a huge amount of negative information. I would call OSA and ask them "Why aren't you getting rid of this guy? He is the worst!" They said they were working on it. To me if there was a devil, it was Andreas. Little did I know he is the exact opposite, and would later help me greatly.

L. Ron Hubbard - Messiah or Madman? One of the most amazing things is that I never even read any of Andreas' site. I had known two people who "went crazy" and each time I was told it was from reading the Internet. Later, after I left, I found out the truth. One had been having serious doubts for years, and finally read Messiah or Madman? and a few other books, and realized the fraud he had been a part of, and left. But the other was literally driven crazy by OSA. She had been an OSA op, and had done lots of their dirty work. When she wanted to leave they gave her a bunch of reverse auditing (stuff that makes you much worse) and drugged her, and spit her out on the street. So because of this, and years of hearing how badly reading "entheta" (negative things about Scientology) can effect one, I just didn't.

This is the end of Part one of OSA 101. Part two will be my final days working with OSA.

Since all of what I did while assisting OSA was something I thought was a good thing, I do not know if I actually hurt anyone, or assisted in harming someone. I don't think so, but if I did I am truly sorry. I never wanted to hurt anyone. I hope I didn't, but if I did, will you please write to me at

OSA please don't do your usual thing and lie and say I hurt you. Just me having to ask you that is pathetic, but true.

Love to all!

Aka: Magoo~!
In for 30 YEARS
Out for 7 months
SP 5
Free at last!

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