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Magoo's Timeline with OSA

Last updated January 2003

(Note: I know I've said this before, so it is a quite a bit of a repeat. However, I wrote it so from now on, when people are confused, or ask me about things, I can just ask them to read this Timeline.)

As people ask me about me volunteering for OSA, or state what they *think* I was doing, I am amazed at how often I have to repeat the same misunderstandings re what I did when.

So with this in mind, I'm writing this to try to set the record straight regarding my timeline with major things that occurred in the last few years. This way if someone says, "When you were posting as Magoo for OSA" .I can just say, 'Please see my article on "Magoo's Timeline with OSA", as that isn't true.

Please keep in mind that yes, there were some dual 'hats' being worn towards the end.

Ok, first off let me clarify in 1989 and 1990, Bill Yaude was my auditor for OT 4, 5 and onto OT 6 and 7 at Flag, in Clearwater, Fl. He had been a longtime good friend, and then my auditor.

So when I returned from doing OT 6, home to LA to Solo Audit OT 7, Bill continued to be my friend here. Often we would go over to their house to just hang out. During these early '90s Bill seemed to be 'working on a project for OSA".

I had been an OSA volunteer for years, and had actually probably got Bill volunteering *not sure on this but prior he'd always ask me for years about what I was doing. Soon I found out he was also helping out.

Ok, so Bill started to show me how he was "Posting to this newsgroup where these critics of Scientology are". I was clueless to the Internet at this time, so I saw it as just some weird deal Bill was doing. This went on for years.

About the mid '90s I think Bill asked me to "Do a favor for me and OSA?" I asked what, and he told me he needed me to go open an account which would be anonymous". Ok, I did this, and this has been posted. After doing this, Bill told me, "Tory, you have changed the history of the Internet, forever".

I remember saying to him, "How could I change the History of the Internet when I don't even know what it is?"

Around this same time (mid '90s) Bill came over to my house, and said he wanted me to help him with this Internet project. He was working to "Handle these SP's who are trying to hurt out Church".

I asked him how? He said, "I just need you to surf the Net and see if you can find any Confidential Information". Ok..this was all Greek to me, but he explained it further. He also said he needed to do something to my computer. He explained "The Net Nanny" (which until that time I had *no* idea existed) and he removed it. He added I think "Google" or some other search engine to my favorites and showed me how to type in "NOTS" and watch what came up.

At that time, came my great surprise. Ok, that was my "job" and that was all. I'd occasionally type this in, and hunt for confidential information. All that ever came up as site. During these years, I was also auditing on OT 7, so security was extremely high.

Over the years, I continued to visit the Yaude household as they were good friends, and always Bill would show me what his latest "Identity" was, and who he was fooling. It seemed quite odd to me, but as I didn't understand the internet, and I trusted Bill fully, so I thought nothing more about it. If Bill was doing it, it ~had~ to be OK.

In '97 or '98 Bill asked me to come over for a meeting. He and Gavino explained how successful Bill had been at "Handling the SP's on the Internet" via that one account I had opened and possibly others.

During this meeting I was asked to go open more accounts to help "handle the Internet". I agreed, after they (Bill with OSA Int/Gavino) explained what I now realize is just lies they have been told, or their own beliefs of this "important project".

I was then taken over to OSA Int, where Bill explained how I had to sign this ever so secret agreement. This was "TOP SECRET". Ok, so having been on OT 7 for years, what else is new? The waiver said "I promised never to ever, ever tell anyone. Not my 2D (husband), friends, I couldn't tell any auditor, any ethics officer, The President of C of S, RTC, DM, NO ONE". If I did, I promised my fine would be thousands of dollars.

First off, to me this sounded super weird, and I told Bill "This sounds like the old GO (Guardian's Office) stuff". Bill responded, " know me. I would never, ever do ~anything~illegal or immoral." Well, true.he was my auditor (or so I considered, even though I had been on Solo Auditing for years, and he had not been auditing me since 1990.he was still "My auditor" and one of my best friends.

Secondly, what about the Security Checks at Flag? Being on OT 7, I had to go to Flag every 6 months, And their Sec-checks were intense. Since on OT 7 you are always dealing with other entities, (BT's/Clusters) how could I say what might come up or not, and thus how could I possibly promise "Never to tell"?

Bill explained all of this: 'We have VERY special auditors at Flag. They are some of the very best and they will help you". Ok..ok. I remember feeling this is weird, but since this person whom I trusted with my life was promising it was Ok, I did it.

This OSA Int Secret Mafia (as I now call it) got weirder and weirder during this time, and more and more mafia like. It consisted of a very small group of Volunteers, Gavino from OSA Int, and Lynn Farney was supposedly "Monitoring ARS" daily.

The volunteers consisted of Bill Yaude (The I/C of the volunteers) and it grew as we went along. At first it was Bill and I, that I knew of. Soon these other people started to join in:

I was not during this time ever posting to ARS. My hat was merely to "Open Internet Accounts". The full description of this is at I wasn't told who was doing what with these accounts. Bill explained "These Sp's are sooo bad and would love nothing more than to just trap you and depose you forever. So this way you can honestly say, "I don't know". It made sense to me at the time. (Little did I know that is exactly what C of S does!)

I was flown to the following cities to open accounts. (This lasted for about 4-6 months total, if that). I went to Chicago, Dallas, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, NV, and Phoenix, AR. Since Chicago was a bust (no one would let me in).I rented a car, and drove all around Wisconsin, opening up accounts.

OSA (Gavino or Bill) gave me money in cash always. Bill also would type out various ISP's for me to go to, and a map from Map Quest. They paid for any Hotel rooms, airfare and food. I was also given about $500/week for doing this, while opening the accounts.

When I returned, Liz was working now out of her house in Glendale, and Bill filled me in on "The new plan". By now they (OSA and Bill) were really getting weird. They were super paranoid, and told me "Never say our names on your phone! Bill had one name and Gavino was to be called, "Jack". This was ~~much~~more serious, and stressful. All this time I could not tell my husband any of what I was doing.

I just told him (my husband) I was on a "Special Project for OSA" with Bill. He said, "Fine" and never asked more. Bill had also showed him ARS and would often laugh with him about various posts, when we were there as friends visiting.

Prior to this project, and even when Bill had asked me a few years earlier to "Surf the Net" we were best of friends. All was good between us. However, during this time where I was opening up these accounts, things began to change. Bill was so different than the Bill I had known before.

Also during these years, off and on, OSA Int (different area.Public Relations) would call me also and ask me to "Come over and handle the critics". I would go talk to them, and I always had good results from that. Now realize this OSA Int had NO idea I was working with Gavino on this other ever so secret project. Remember, it's very similar to Terrorism: The right hand never knows what the left hand is doing.

Ok..So now with the new plan, I would go over to Liz's house. We always used 'phone cards" (just as when opening up the Internet accounts, I always used Cashiers Check). We would do the following:

  1. Get a phone book of an area we were calling and call a Mail Box place. We 'd say we are opening up a mail box for our father, soon to move to their area. We would be sending a Cashiers Check, and just needed his address.
  2. We'd call up an ISP, give them a phony name and the new address, and a phony phone number picked from the phone book, and tell them we needed to open an account for our father soon to move there. Here is his address, phone number name, etc. We'd send the Cashiers' Check, but since he's moving and we want to stay in touch, we needed a password that day. They would give it to us, and we would pass it on to OSA Int, secret Mafia Unit.
  3. We would repeat 1 and 2.

Things seemed to be getting more and more secret, and more and more tense. I began to wonder if this Gavino guy wasn't possibly a ~real~mafia man hired from Italy. (Hi Gavino/Jack ? I felt extremely alone during this time, as I realized my one friend and comrade who had gotten me into this was in so deep, he could not see out. I decided I ~had~to take my life back into my own hands.

With that, I got on the Internet. I began to read ARS with the intention to try to figure out what these people were doing with these accounts they had asked me to open.

To my great shock, I found tons of spam and connected the dots to realize this IS what they were doing with these accounts. Having all my life been a strong advocate of Free Speech, I decided I had to quit. I called up Bill, and told him I needed to quit, and get a 'real' job. This was at the end of 1998.

He said, "Fine. We just need you to come over tonight and tell us what all you've been doing, de-brief, etc". I innocently thought that is really all he meant. I arrived at Liz's apartment, which was pretty dark, and filled with all men who had been working on this project.

Suddenly Gavino came storming in, yelling "I told you Bill..I TOLD you about HER". I looked shocked and asked, "You told Bill what about me?" He ranted on, then asking over and over, "What could possibly come up in your auditing at Flag!" Huh? First off.who said anything about stuff coming up in my auditing? Secondly, didn't I make that perfectly clear with Bill that things WOULD come up and he promised me 'we have the best auditors in the world to help you"?

I looked to my auditor and best friend for aid here. He was gone. Not only was Bill, as my best friend and previous auditor gone.he'd totally turned on me too! "Yeah.Tory.what COULD come up in your auditing?" asked Bill. Since Gavino (the OSA Int Exec) was only Clear and didn't know about the other Top Secret thing: BT's And Clusters which were part of OT 7 and my life...I couldn't say what Might come up, as that would be a High Crime! None of the other "OT's" would help at all, either.It had a very similar ring to stories I'd been told of the old GO days.

I finally left crying upset with Bill I didn't talk to him (except formally) for about one and a half years. Yes..we'd still meet socially and remember my husband didn't (*nor any others including Bill's own wife) know any of this. So it was weird.

I had also quit OT 7 during this time, due to the Insane "Golden Age of Tech" BS. Yes, this was one more secret in my life, as one cannot just say "I quit" in Scientology. I had tried The GAT Student Hat, and found it to be a nightmare too, so now I realized I could no longer (or didn't want to) do auditing, and now I really wasn't going to do what I had planned my entire life to do: Train to be a Class 8 auditor.

I was telling my friend who also recently left how lonely it was at this time~! I felt like I was a part of one of the "Stepford Wives" Movies only I was waking up and realizing what was going on. Now what was I going to do with the rest of my life and Scientology?

Well, around this time, 1999, Janet Weiland called and asked me to join her in a meeting. She told me they just needed my input. Again, remember all during this time, periodically, I was being asked to "Come over and handle the critics".so yes..this I did too. I never had any OSA or PR training for any of this. I was a trained auditor, and I felt those were the only tools I needed.

At the meeting she decided *I* needed to be the head of this group that was going to "Handle Black PR on Scientology". Ok, Ok..fine. I'll try it.

For a few months I was the "Executive Director of The Scientology Parishioners League". Janet told me to think of it as our own "Anti-Defamation League". This was OK for awhile, however being a strong advocate of Free Speech, no matter what someone says, I wasn't too happy with this, either.

Now all during the '90's I had tried my hand with the WISE companies, and had been screwed royally at all 4. Also, my husband was screwed out of $50,000 by Mr. Bill Bowen and his lovely If- there- ever- was- an -SP, it is his wife! OSA can cry this is 'being a victim'.but if you read what actually went down, it is disgusting, 'out tech', and criminal.

Also OT 7 ended.with me realizing I Never, ever want any auditing again. I was so done I was like a cake that was supposed to be cooked for one hour, and got burnt for 7 years. SPLAT! I'm done, honey. But again.this is just Tory's secret.who can I tell? ((I'd tried to tell RTC and wrote to DM personally, but they didn't care. My only solution was to pay up another $25,000 and go back to go, which I was not going to do. The party was over with that one!)

I'd also gained 100 pounds while on that wonderful "OT" level. This had begun to turn around with Weight Watchers, thank God, and I've since lost 60 of it. We were also $60,000 in debt. My husband had done OT8 and was SO screwed up, I paid to have him go to the Freewinds to do a "De-bug". The EP? (End result): He came home and while I was at Flag on a 6-month check, he TOTALLED my brand new car, and nearly killed himself.

We stuggled along, literally. Now, as the ED of the Scientology Parishioners League, I realized this wasn't right for me either. I had watched Oprah and realized how many people were doing great who had never done one OT level, and here we were, most OT's I knew, totally screwed up. Something was wrong! I'd downloaded this quote from Oprah that says, "You can transform your life,,,,you can: JUST LIKE THAT!" I listened to it every day.

On the NY's Eve of 1999 I decided in the next year, I didn't know how, but I was going to totally transform my life. I vowed, sitting in the Shrine Auditorium on NY's Eve (while my husband was out talking with the critics) of 1999 that this next year was going to totally change my life.

In 2000, Battlefield Earth came out, in I think March of 2000. As I had helped train John Travolta years earlier when he first got "in", I felt bad that his PR was SO bad. I'd never read BE so I didn't know how awful it was. One of my friends from Author Services called me to tell me John was getting creamed on a Yahoo Message Board, and could I help out at all? I wanted to help John, so with that, I popped on the BE Yahoo message boards, and there were the critics! I created "Get Real 101" and off I went.

I had met Mark Bunker earlier in the year and had asked him not to post any of the video of me on the Internet. Yaude I guess had taunted him on line, Mark had gotten mad and so he posted it anyways. With that, both my husband and I (who had liked him before) decided he was just another critic/creep. (Sorry, but that was then :)

Suddenly here on Yahoo I see "XenuTv" Now if you've never done OT levels, you cannot imagine the secrecy and responsibility one has to keep all of this information confidential, but it's HUGE. So seeing this most confidential word, I began calling Mark "The Fat Tv Guy". Don't ask me now..did I think he would go "Oh, ok.I'll change my name"? Did others order me to say any of what I said? No. It was all just me, being weird, very weird. Finally I got tired of it all, called Warner Brothers and told them how tacky it was to have all these anti-religious posts up that had nothing to do with BE. The next day someone called me from New York/Time-Warner! He told me they had a meeting and agreed with me, and they were taking the board down!

I was quite surprised. No, I wasn't working for OSA at the time re this (although yes, I was the ED of SPL, but this was separate.different department). I had gotten the Yahoo message board down, all by myself!

Now a few days went by, and I found that I missed the critics! I wasn't sure why..but at the time I remember secretly thinking, "Maybe I can get them to shut down ARS?" At this point, this was totally me. I actually missed the critics. I couldn't say that, or even think it, so I had to think in terms of "Handling them". I wasn't working for OSA re this. It was just me, wanting to play ping pong with them, and see how good I could play.

I created "Magoo" In honor of my father who I used to call that. I sort of posted in a guy kind of way, and I guess it worked, as many people thought I was a man, and later a team of guys. Some thought I was DM. I laughed so hard! Here was my secret..*I* was chatting with the critics.and NO ONE knew!!!!

I became manic on this, as any of you who were there know. I almost always get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. My husband was out of town 3 out of 4 weeks each month, so I began posting day, nights, week-ends. I made 4,000 posts in 4 weeks! And all of it right out of my dining room~! I didn't call any friends during this time, and when my husband would come home he'd ask: "Do I have to make an appointment with you to get you away from that?" Like I said, I was manic and I was on my own mission. At this point I wasn't sure where I was going.but I knew I wasn't turning back.

To Hell with OSA and Bill Yaude. These slackers are criminals who I'll never deal with again re the Internet! I can handle these folks all by myself, or so I thought.

Then, days began to pass..and one day a man named Andreas ..the person I had decided years earlier had to be the Devil due to all the 'lies' he had up on his Web site..began to help me.

As I woke up, more and more, things got weirder and weirder. I even had a meeting with Janet Weiland the Monday before I left. She told me I needed to get the SPL stats up. I told her, "I'm working on my own Internet Project". She never asked me another thing about it.

Sometime towards the end, Sten-Arne and the Cardinal got me at 3 Am and told me to get on Lightlink. I remember thinking they were helping me, then I went to get coffee (They thought 'he'd' gone to bed) and SA said, "GET HIS FUCKING HEADERS!!!" I called Bill for advice, we chatted about Magoo briefly, and he told me 'lightlink is run by the critics, don't get on it. They just want to monitor you".

The night before I posted "Magoo Left the Building" I got a call from Bill's wife. "Bill needs to see you". Uh Oh. I by now had read of OSA taking people for long bus rides (Roxanne) and I didn't want to see Gavino ever again.

I told his wife I'd meet them in a public place only. Remember, she knew Bill was working on some project, however she had no idea what it was or what had gone down with me. We agreed on KooKaRoos on Ventura Blvd By their house.

We ate, sort of talking about the weather, me scared to death OSA was going to show up and grab me, she just chatting.

At the end she said, "Well, Bill really wants to talk to you at our house". I told her all about the spiritual/gang bang at the apt prior, and how I was NOT going through anything like that again.

She said fine. I told her "IF Gavino, or OSA shows up, I WILL call the police". She promised they would not, "It's just Bill".

Now remember, Bill and I were not friends really since the big upset in the apartment. Yes, we would talk briefly if we were together .but our real friendship as I knew it had been over for more than one year.

Suddenly he opened his door, and there was my old friend, with all his charm and friendliness I hadn't seen in over one year. "TORY!!!"

He began talking, "So YOU are in Communication with Andreas? Do you realize you are the very first person ~ever~ to be in Communication with him?'

I remember answering, "Well, you'd be surprised. He's actually quite easy to talk to." As we sat, suddenly I thought, "I'd done..forever with this BS. It 's O V E R. I'm free and I'm going to post it, tomarrow!". As I thought that, I got a huge smile.

Bill (esp being my auditor knows my indicators or when something means something to me)..looked at me closely and said, "What's THAT?"

I said, "Nothing". He said, "No's not nothing, what?"

I just said (as I knew he posted first thing in the Am).."Let me just say this, Bill, YOU will be the first to know tomorrow".

The next day I made the post: "Magoo Left The Building". That night, Bill and his wife came by to try to talk me out of it. The next day at LAX..I was met by the Vice President of Church of Scientology, and was followed all across the country, met at Tampa Airport by OSA, a gang of "OT's", The Cops, Bob Minton, Stacy Brooks, and Jesse Prince.

The rest is history!

But please, if you think I was "working for OSA" when I was posting as Magoo..please re-read the above. I, Tory, was on the one side (SPL).but certainly not as Magoo. The important side of me was waking up, looking for a hand, hoping for help.Yes, the posts were totally weird. Even I didn't know I was waking up, for a little while. But I did know there was something I had to do. A transformation was taking place and I needed to be on-line for it to happen. Once offered, my life changed forever.

Thanks to all that have are each forever in my heart.

To the OSA ops, please wake the F up. History repeats itself, remember? Think GO. Think endless Sec Checks. Think Jail. Take back your life. All these people out here cannot be SP's....COME ON! You're not ~that~dumb, are you?

Much love,

Tory Christman
Aka: Magoo!~
Burbank, CA
(818) 841 3632
In for 30 years
Out for 2 years and 5 months
SP 6^ with Cumulative Cluster
Free at last!

X-OT 7
X-OSA Volunteer after 20 years
X-Grad 4, Sec Checker (Trained and Interned at Flag)
X-Scientology Minister
X-OSA Secret Internet Mafia
X-Ed Scientology Parishioners League (run by VP of C of S)
X-Sea Org (briefly)
For thinking and speaking my mind, I am now Declared and Expelled from C of S.

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